For the haircut,
Every friend has a section
The blood and tears of haircutting in Australia!
The barber will never get our ideas.
Obviously, thinning hair is good,
But Teacher Tony forced you to cut it like this,

And like this,

Turn you into aTwo fools...

Really, in Australia
Hair cutJust likeHome cooked food.
Every time I cut my hair,
It feels all oncegambling!



In Australia,
A haircut makes people burst into tears...

a lot ofCome to AustraliaFriends, especially the little brother,

I have this in my suitcaseessentialsRight?

If not, please bring it quickly!

No matter how bad, I have to bring itThinning shears.

If you want to cut your hair in Ao Village, why is it so hard to say?

First of allPrice.

A $10 haircut has long been a thing of the past.

Boys cut their heads, nowadays they generally want20-30 Australian dollarsIt is about 150 yuan.

For girls, the price will be higher!

However, some insiders said:

Just pay 85 Australian dollars!

About RMB 425!

This price is placed in the country,

please4 Tony teachersSurrounding you, everyone cuts one side is more than enough!

Let’s look at what the Australian Chinese said:

"Said that 85 dollars were sent at once,

I saw promise not to kill you. "

Second, in Australia, with barbersDifficult to communicate. . .

I believe all my friends have a special experience!

The haircut is expensive, but the most unacceptable thing is

The barber puts the headPeel as potatoesof. . .

I usually cut my hair with fluffy and thick nuts.

Suddenly changed to Chinese, they would not be able to cut! I can't cut it!
Maybe because of the hair qualityHard hairI was so stunned.

Talking more to the local barber in Australia,

stillcan't get our idea!
You show them the photos:

However, they do not follow the routine,

The final style is like this. . .

You said it would be better to cut it a little bit shorter,

Then found that


You just said the most useless thing in the world. . .

Cut a bang,

Became watermelon Taro,

Dyeing and blowing,

It is also very likely to be on the wild side. . .

You said not to cut too short,

He cuts your ears;

You said you want to break your bangs,

He will level the sea for you;

Say leave it thick,

He shaved you only a trace of sideburns;

You said you don't want the sideburns, but there was a cold breeze on the sideburns. . .

Do you think Mr. Tony is playing cool knife skills,

But this is actually the case. . .

Seeing that the knife fell in his hand, I was afraid that his head would move in the next second. . .

There are also the following barbers, the style is more refreshing!

Fancy haircut, light the hair directly, looking scared. . .

And take the Australian "old godmother" Nutella,

Come to make hair dye. . .

Full of chocolate flavor~

Hey, after watching the accident scenes of these haircuts,

Find out it's better to learn haircut by yourself!

At least I wouldn't want to kill if I cut it out. . .

And the best way to save money and not "disfigure" is

Don't cut it at all!
Let your hair grow freely!

So, in case you see long hair fluttering around you,

It’s not necessarily pretending,

Maybe justDon't want to risk your own hair. . .

It is no wonder that some international students summarized:

International students return home,

The first thing you do when you get off the plane is to run to the barber shop!


Australian Chinese Haircut
Survival guide

After watching the above scenes of various haircuts and car accidents, what should we do in Australia?
after all,The cut is irreversible!
My hair was cut bad, and in the next week, I had no face to go out to play. . .

And summarizing the history of blood and tears of the predecessors, may make us less detours.

1. Don't try barbershops run by local Australians.

Otherwise, the cut effect can only be resigned.

2. Choose a barber shop opened by a Chinese or Japanese or Korean.

After all, the aesthetics are similar and communication is easy.

Observe which barber cuts the most to your liking! It's him from now on!

3. Go out to rely on friends, find a "professional" friend for a haircut.

If you are lucky enough to meet such classmates:

They can push the inch, cut the bangs, and roll the waves-just get married!

4. Try to cut your hair in a familiar barber shop.

after all. . . You may. . . Can't afford to lose!

5. What should I do if I accidentally cut it?

Buy a hat!


Common English vocabulary for haircut

Some vocabulary often used in the appendix haircut, in case the barber will misunderstand.

Hair in various parts:

bangs/frings bangs
back hair behind
front hair

Various words for cutting hair:

make my hair layered
make my hair thinned
trim off trim off
dye hair
fix one's hair fix one's hair

Common hairstyles for boys:

buzz cut

brushed up

crew cut flat head


The hair on both sides is shaved short, leaving the hair on top of the head

slicked hairstyle

the side part

Common hairstyles for girls:

middle part

deep Side Part

Bob Bob head

beehive honeycomb head

wave hair big wave

pixie cut

middle part bangs/fringe

side part / side-swept bangs/fringe

baby bangs/fringe short bangs on the brow

blunt bangs/fringe Qi bangs

choppy bangs/fringe broken bangs

lash-grazing bangs/fringe

Waist-length hair
Shoulder-length hair

For friends living in Australia,
Haircut has always been a tricky business.
I can find someone who understands you
The barber shop and Mr. Tony,
It's harder than reaching the sky!
And getting a haircut in Australia,
Still a very dangerous thing!
I was cut to the point where I couldn’t bear to look directly
The moment of heartache after losing my hair,

Everyone can understand! !

In case one day,
Your good girlfriend is not sick but did not come to class;
Say "I don't want to see anyone" without being depressed;
Do not worry,
XNUMX% just went for a haircut last night...

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