Different perspectives and different effects

An object has three hundred and sixty degrees, but "viewed horizontally as a ridge with peaks on the side, the distance is different." Looking horizontally is very different from looking sideways, seeing from a distance is very different from looking up close, and looking from a high place is very different from looking down. Different angles show different things.

It's the same with speaking. The same subject, different perspectives of expression, show different things. Theoretically speaking, a mouth with a degree of XNUMX degrees can be cut at any point, but some mouths are easy to cut, and some are not easy to cut. Just like climbing a mountain, theoretically there are countless ways to reach the top of the mountain, but not many can walk through, not many can go to the top of the mountain quickly, and even more can go to the top of the mountain quickly and see the beautiful scenery along the way. not enough.

The same is true for the speaking perspective. Not only should the listener quickly understand what to say, but also the listener should feel that it is very rewarding after listening, and the process of listening is very good, which requires finding a suitable cut according to the characteristics of the subject.

To maximize the effect of expression, the perspective of expression must bePeculiar and wonderful.Strange and wonderful perspectives refer to perspectives that others have not seen, others have not discovered, and others have not felt.. No coincidence is not a book, no coincidence is not pleasant. When I cut in this way, I will be shocked, people will be astounded and impressed, and they will not be able to copy and surpass. But if others say so, and you say so, there is no new idea, no realm, then naturally there is no attraction.

Let's take a look at the following example to compare the difference between regular and unique perspectives. Agent is a name often heard in business activities and business society, and different people have different understanding of its role positioning. The following is the understanding of their roles between the two agents. Let's call one a conventional perspective and the other a unique perspective.

Conventional perspective: Agents are among brand owners and retailers. Many people compare him to sandwich biscuits. Brand owners push down on agents, and retailers push up agents. Agents have a hard time in the middle, which leads to neither up nor down, and up and down are not people.

Unique perspective: Others compare an agent to a sandwich cookie, and I compare him to a bridge. A bridge connects the two ends, and only with a bridge can there be a distance. The road is far away, but the bridge is very important. Agents connect brand owners and retailers and become a hub at both ends.

If you were a listener, who would you think is good? Who do you think has a higher pattern and realm? The answer speaks for itself.

If you are a brand owner, how would you feel? If you were a brand owner, who would you choose to be your agent?

If both of you are already your agents, who will you support to grow bigger, and who will you eliminate? The answer is obvious. The same is the understanding of agents, different perspectives, and the realm and pattern conveyed are worlds apart.

The first perspective is complaining, which is what ordinary people think; the second perspective is optimism, which is also a unique insight. After listening to it, it is clear which is higher and which is lower. Who can succeed and who cannot succeed, you will know by listening.

Some people will say that they all know that the angle of view should be wonderful. Needless to say, the key is how can there be so many unique angles, and how can there be so many angles that others have not thought of? Actually otherwise, it's not that we haven't found it.

Take a look at the following short story.

It is said that Xiao Daocheng, the great ancestor of the Southern Qi Dynasty, was an emperor who was good at writing and martial arts. He was especially skilled in calligraphy, and he also loved to write a few strokes in ink. Taizu himself also felt lonely and self-appreciated.

I heard that there was a famous calligrapher named Wang Sengqian. Taizu always wanted to compare with Wang Sengqian to see whose calligraphy was better. After a day of free time, prepare papers and pens so that people can invite Wang Sengqian into the palace hall and write a regular script. The two of them finished writing in a small amount of time, and the officials came to watch.

Someone put the two characters in one place, and everyone was full of praise! At this moment, Taizu asked: "Who do you think writes better?" Everyone said in unison, "It is also good for Taizu of course!" Taizu asked Wang Sengqian again: "Wang Aiqing, you Which one of us is better?" At this moment, everyone in the hall was speechless, all turned their eyes to Wang Sengqian and sweated for him.

Wang Sengqian thought: "As far as pure calligraphy is concerned, the emperor's writing is certainly not as good as his own writing, but he is the emperor, the emperor, who can be better than him." When he was in trouble, he suddenly became wise. Wang Sengqian calmed down and said with a smile: "The calligraphy of the minister is the first among the ministers; the calligraphy of your majesty is the first among the emperors." After hearing this, everyone shouted, Taizu laughed and laughed at the king. Sengqian's answer is impeccable.

The emperor asked: "Which one of us is better?" From a conventional perspective, it seems that there is only one answer. But there is a dilemma. To say that the emperor is good, there is a taste of flattery, and there is also the suspicion of open eyes and nonsense. The lack of the nobleness of a scholar may be despised by the emperor and his colleagues from the bottom of their hearts; tell the truth, say your own good , The other party is the emperor, the ninth-five-sovereign, can't offend, accidentally decapitate. Then answer from another perspective, and the answer is: the calligraphy of ministers is the first among the ministers; the calligraphy of your majesty is the first among the emperors. Fortunately, he can figure out that the two "firsts" are absolutely perfect, and they justify themselves.

Everything has a unique perspective, but it has not been discovered. Therefore, to have a wonderful and unique perspective, you should usually think more independently. If you think about the same question a lot, a brilliant perspective will naturally come out.

Let's look at the speech of the 17th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court at his son's graduation ceremony.

Usually, the speakers at the graduation ceremony will wish you good luck and send blessings. But I will not do this, let me tell you why.

For many years to come, I hope you have been treated unfairly. Only in this way can you truly understand the value of justice.

I hope you will be betrayed. Only in this way can you realize the importance of loyalty.

Sorry to say, I will bless you to feel lonely from time to time. Only in this way, you will not take good friends and good friends for granted in life.

I wish you bad luck during your life journey. Only in this way can you realize the role of probability and opportunity in life, and understand that your success is not entirely destined, and the failure of others is not justified.

When you fail, from time to time, I hope your opponent will gloat for your failure. Only in this way can you realize the importance of a demeanor and competitive spirit.

I wish you will be ignored. Only in this way will you realize the importance of listening to others.

I wish you the pain of the skin. Only in this way can you feel empathy and have a sympathetic understanding of others.

No matter what I think, these will inevitably happen in life. Whether you can benefit from it depends on whether you can comprehend the message you want to pass on from your misfortune.

This speech by Justice John Roberts caused a screen and discussion on American social platforms. The Washington Post commented: The best work of Chief Justice Roberts this year is not the verdict of a certain case, but the speech at the graduation ceremony of his son.

The core keywords for choosing a perspective are "absolute" and "wonderful", The angle that came out like this is described in the current buzzwords: high-end, grand, high-end.

It can be seen that when dumping materials, not only must the theme be clear, the perspective must be locked, but also a wonderful perspective must be selected. Because the viewing angle directly affects the expression effect.

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