Immigrating to Australia

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With its high-quality living environment, top education level, and perfect social welfare system, Australia is favored by the majority of Chinese immigrants. In addition, Australia’s income is much higher than that in China. Many Chinese will want to work in Australia. Xiaoliang will combine his own experience to share with you the real situation of Chinese immigrants seeking employment and working life in Australia.

Many Chinese have a superficial impression of Australia, so when they first arrived in Australia, they were full of "disappointment" in Australia and found that everything was only what I imagined. The real Australia is not as good as I imagined.

So after experiencing a period of freshness➡️lost period➡️low tide period➡️restoration period, Chinese immigrants gradually learn to face reality after coming to Australia, overcome their negative mentality, and begin to follow the customs and settle down.

When it comes to survival, finding a job is of course the most important thing. The first stop for many Chinese Australians to survive is to find a job. Most of them will change jobs after three to five years, or get promoted in the same work unit and raise their salary, and a small part of them use work as their accumulation and springboard. Established and developed his own business.

When my wife and I immigrated to Australia in 2014, they were not too worried about finding a job because I applied for a job in an Australian branch before I came to Australia. There is no problem with my salary to maintain my daily life, but considering that there is only one I was afraid that the job was unsafe, so my wife Joie also started looking for a job.

When she was in China, she was doing the market in a European company in China, but Australia is a country that places great emphasis on local experience, and I work in a small town in the interior of Queensland, with less than XNUMX residents and economic structure. It is also very single, so there is no job related to her domestic work background at all.


Acquaintance introduction is an important way to find a job in Australia.

Joie hired a job in the second month after arriving in Australia, not through job advertisements, but through the Internet (acquaintances introduced). Later we learned that this way of finding a job is actually quite common in Australia. In fact, many positions do not need to be published in the newspaper or on the recruitment website to recruit people. The recommendation and introduction of the employees in the company can solve the problem. This method is actually very beneficial to job seekers and employers, and can leave a lot of unnecessary trouble for both parties.

I went to work directly on the third day of my arrival in Australia, and my wife was fine at home, so she rode a bicycle to wander around the town. One day when she was tired from cycling, she went to a coffee shop on the street and drank and saw that there was a girl who led the table by the same person, so the two of them chatted.

The other party is an immigrant from India. Her husband works as a chef in a restaurant in the small town, and she works as a nurse in a kindergarten. It happened that their kindergarten was recruiting people, so she introduced my wife to the interview. After a simple trial job, my wife was hired the next week.

Therefore, after new immigrants arrive in Australia, they must contact more people, contact all kinds of people, and know more people, so there will be more opportunities.

Photos of Joie and I participating in House Racing in Roman Town, Queensland

Australia is less stressful at work? Easy?

The Australian environment and the relaxed attitude of most people when they are off work can easily give people an association of leisurely working in Australia. This is not the actual situation.

Most work units in Australia are very nervous when going to work. The reason is simple: labor is too expensive. The minimum job in most states in Australia is now around $19 an hour. On the other hand, Australia's protection of workers' rights is relatively comprehensive. The boss pays such a high salary, and the employees have various benefits and can take leave at every turn. This leads the boss to ensure that as long as the employee is at work, he gets the maximum output from the employee.

Therefore, in Australia, in jobs that are physically demanding, men are basically used as "livestock" and women are used as men. Employees also recognize this kind of work culture because they know: No matter how hard I am at work, no matter how tired I am, I can leave immediately after work, and I can clearly distinguish between work and get off work.

But many Chinese immigrants who have just arrived in Australia are not able to adapt to this rhythm. The domestic work culture is that the work intensity is not necessarily high at work, but the working hours must be prolonged. The bosses of many companies even know that employees are actually working hard, but I don’t care whether you take it seriously or not, your time has to be spent in the workplace.

Chinese immigrants who are new to the Australian workplace need to adjust their mentality, make full preparations before going to work, ensure adequate rest, make daily plans in advance, and pay attention to accuracy when communicating at the same time. These can help everyone adapt to the Australian workplace. culture.

Joie became more confident after starting a business

Don't engage in low-skilled repetitive tasks for a long time!

New immigrants are looking for jobs. Due to language, academic qualifications and professionalism, many people will start with some low-skilled, repetitive jobs, such as Childcare mentioned above. This is understandable, but such work can only be used as a last resort to earn a living. If you want to have better development, you must find jobs with high added value as soon as possible.

And most low-paying jobs may feel more "stable", but why are they so stable? Because not many people are willing to work; but this kind of work pressure is not necessarily small, and this pressure is imposed on you, and because this is the most basic work, you have no way to go back, so in many cases, although the pressure is high, But it can only endure.

"Deception" phenomenon

Take the kindergarten assistant job as an example. I believe that many female Chinese immigrants who have just arrived in Australia have engaged in such jobs. This job does not require very high English, and can earn about 20 Australian dollars an hour, and on the surface it seems to be dealing with children. Many people think that they are singing, dancing and playing games in the kindergarten, but they actually started working. , I found the gap.

Singing and dancing in the preschool education industry is the job of kindergarten teachers, not kindergarten assistants. Kindergarten assistants sometimes also maintain order in the classroom, but more often they do dirty work. For example: tidying up toys, washing dishes, mopping the floor, emptying the trash can, changing diapers for children, etc.

Who does the dirtiest and tiring job do? Of course it is for newcomers. Generally speaking, Chinese immigrants just come to Australia, their English is not good, and they don't like to speak for themselves in character. They are usually bullied by local colleagues in kindergartens. Moreover, their "bullying" is invisible, and does not necessarily involve race, and generally does not speak badly at each other. These are all too obvious and unnecessary.

They are actually not malicious towards you, let alone "intrigue". After all, a kindergarten is not a palace. There are no handsome emperors, only bear kids crawling all over the floor. Their purpose is very simple, that is to do the dirtiest and tiring work for you.


adjust your mindset

From your point of view, you will be very wronged, because this is obviously bullying the newcomer. But from the perspective of an old colleague, this is just a simple work assignment problem. The principal of the kindergarten doesn't care about how the employees below you assign tasks. As long as the work is done, who among your assistants does more and who does less, she won't bother about these bad things.

Moreover, neither the old staff nor the principal is not afraid of your resignation. Because whoever has a better choice, who will do this kind of work? Your coming to work here means you have no choice. There are two types of labor gaps in Australia: one is high-tech, such as doctors, scientists, etc.; and the other is the work that local Australians are unwilling to do to introduce immigrants.

You have come to do work that others don't want to do. I'm afraid you will not do it? What if you just quit? There are so many new immigrants who want to earn this money, because after all, being exploited and squeezed is better than having no income.

What do you do? Either you get a veteran qualification and then bully other newcomers, you get a degree as a kindergarten teacher, or you can only change jobs.

You may ask: Why can't colleagues be friendly and have to exploit newcomers?

Really can't get up. Because old employees who have been working as assistants for a long time will not earn much more than new employees, one or two dollars more per hour, and this type of work, if you do not work hard outside of work, there is no room for improvement. Since wages cannot be increased anymore, I can only achieve psychological balance by working less. So old employees will have a consensus in their hearts, that is to squeeze new employees.

Joie became more confident after starting a business

Face cruelty

Cruel is not cruel? cruel. Fair or unfair? unfair. But this is the reality of society. The law can only guarantee the basic bottom line, but it cannot prevent unfair behavior.

This kind of work doesn't make much money. The key is that it can be very psychologically devastating to a person, and it will make a person who was very confident in the past feel inferior, have a sense of humbleness, and fearful of words and actions. It will leave a shadow on your future development in Australia. You think that this is the case for Chinese immigrants in Australia. There will be no development. You are afraid to change jobs because you are afraid of getting a new job. You will face the same problem. You say to yourself: Just be patient, be obedient, and stay for ten or twenty years.

But ten or twenty years, the best years of your life may have been consumed, and you have no chance to experience the other exciting work and business opportunities that Australia can bring to you.


Where is the road?

We have to admit that although from the perspective of respect, work is always said to be no high or low, but the rewards and development prospects of work are definitely different. Instead of restricting yourself to these hopeless jobs, it is better to take the initiative to try some small-cost light entrepreneurial projects and turn passive into active. Use the money you can afford to fight for it while keeping your bottom line in life.

Only in this way can it be possible to break the game.