Remember a cold night at the end of August

Docklands Central Pier

Sudden emergency evacuation

Hundreds of diners were driven outside

Due to the deterioration of the dock building structure

The engineer told the Victorian Development Authority

The dock is very unsafe now

So it must be cleared and locked down immediately

But no one knows how long it needs to be repaired

And this morning according to Australian media reports

The Central Terminal is expected to be closed

At least 6 months!

Central Pier | Today's real shots

For citizens

Maybe it's temporarily missing a place to play

But all the restaurants on the pier have approximately

1300 employees

If closed for more than half a year

Most employees will be cut off from their livelihoods

But no one told them what to do at the moment



Danger! The Hundred Years Wharf has hidden safety hazards, or "collapsed", everyone was forced to evacuate!

On Wednesday night, August 8, as usual, hundreds of diners enjoyed dinner in the restaurant at Docklands Central Pier.

The central pier is facing the Marvel Stadium, and the location is unique. You can not only enjoy the night view of the city but also the lakeside scenery.

It undoubtedly makes the pier a popular meeting place, where people often have parties or group dinners.

But who would have thought that there would be

Emergency evacuation of diners,

Close the door for a day!

On the night of the incident, a number of men and women in formal attire were eating in a restaurant on the pier.

When it was less than 7 o'clock, a group of people began to gather on the road, and everyone was evacuating from the dock one after another.

All the cars in the parking lot have left the pier...

Obviously, everyone is not sure what happened, because everything in front of them seemed calm and no different.

Only a few people wearing green reflective vests appeared at the entrance of the pier,

They are guarding this area to ensure that everyone has evacuated safely.
After that, they began to block the pier with fences...
According to "The Age", after the emergency evacuation on August 8,
The terminal has not yet been reopened to the outside world.

It is reported that the Central Wharf was built in 1916 and has a history of more than 100 years.

In the past two years, the authorities have also invested 520 million Australian dollars to carry out a lot of stabilization projects.

Since November 2018, engineers will also evaluate the terminal every two months.

Moreover, a proof that the terminal can be used is also submitted before.

However, Geoff Ward, a spokesperson for Development Victoria, said:

The engineers proposed to the Development Bureau at noon on Wednesday, August 8,

This central pier

The building structure has deteriorated,

There are security risks,

Need to close immediately.

Therefore, the authorities officially issued notices to all merchants on the terminals,

Require everyone to evacuate,

The terminal needs to be cleared immediately.

Many diners said that they were having fun at the time.

As a result, he was suddenly informed of the incident and was forced to evacuate the pier midway through dinner before he even finished the meal.

Obviously, the diners at the scene knew nothing about the truth of the evacuation.

Angela, CEO of the Development Bureau, explained the matter:

"From the engineers' report, it is the foundation problem of the terminal that has damaged its stability."

"The situation has deteriorated faster than expected. Although the dock has not collapsed, there is indeed a potential problem. "

Central Pier | Today's real shots

She also said:

"Central Wharf has always been very popular, but taking this action is not hasty. At present, protecting everyone's safety is our top priority."

"After receiving the notice, we understood that there was no other choice, so we immediately notified the tenants of the terminal."

Engineers from KBR said that the foundation of the terminal has deteriorated rapidly, posing a huge threat to everyone's safety.

In fact, the wooden piles supporting the wharf began to deteriorate.

And once there are problems with key parts, the entire terminal may be displaced...

The wooden piles supporting the wharf are deteriorating |

In addition, the Victorian Development Authority also stated that they cannot give an exact time when the terminal will resume normal operations.

It is also impossible to disclose what repair work will be carried out on the terminal.


The wharf turned into an "empty city" overnight, and the merchants might not get compensation, and they complained repeatedly: they lost several big orders...

The diners who were evacuated that night then looked at each other on the pier.

They really couldn't figure out what was happening before them.

A customer who has just ordered the order is enjoying the appetizer that night,

He noticed that the kitchen suddenly started frantically speeding up the preparation of the dishes ordered by the guests.

Then a waiter brought all the dishes to his table and said:

Please finish eating within 15 minutes

The pier must be evacuated immediately!

The diners looked dumbfounded, looking at the dishes on the table.

Despite the doubts, he "gobbled up" into the stomach,

After paying the money, he hurriedly left the dock.

Central Pier is blocked | Today's brother real shot

According to the diners, they were only told that there was a structural problem with the wharf, and nothing else.

Another diners said: I didn’t even have time to finish a glass of beer, and I was so anxious that I left my credit card in the restaurant...

But in fact, when the terminal is closed, the worst is the tenants who operate restaurants and other businesses on the terminal.

It is reported that the commercial dance party of Deakin University and the award ceremony of AFL Rising Star were originally scheduled to be held on the pier that night.

But because of the emergency evacuation, they had to temporarily switch at the last minute.

Jeff Gordon is the owner and owner of a cruise ship business (Lady Cutler Cruise) on this pier.

On the morning of the incident, he received a notice that the terminal was going to be closed. He said: "Our current situation is very difficult."

Because that weekend, he originally booked a cruise ship that could accommodate more than 200 people.

But now there is no place to stop, no place to load passengers and supplies.

He says,

This decision has caused the Central Wharf’s ship bookings to be in chaos, and may even affect a long time next year.

However, according to Yahoo News, when asked about compensation to tenants, the Victorian Development Authority did not respond positively.

However, it is understood that according to the terms of the tenant’s lease, the tenants do notInability to proactively own the right to compensation.

Victorian Priority Precincts Minister Gavin Jennings told reporters that because there is a clause in the lease that says:
"If we tell you that you need to evacuate because of insecurity, you must evacuate."

But Hatem Saleh, CEO of Atlantic Group, which is responsible for the terminal rental business, said,

He is considering legal action against the month-long closure of the terminal.

Because they questioned the Victorian Development Authority’s report that the “terminals are at risk”.

他 说:

"We have always had our own engineers, and they have also worked under this terminal for many, many months, so based on our own understanding, we cannot agree with the construction risk report given by the Victorian Development Authority."


Half a year! The repair time of the wharf continues to increase, the authorities have been playing "sloppy eyes", and merchants have raised questions!

At least 2 weeks have passed since the terminal was closed.

It is reported that there are about 1300 employees under the names of all merchants on the terminal.
For safety reasons, the terminal was forced to close until now,
All employees have fallen into an extremely unstable situation.
At least 10 merchants will be affected!
A spokesperson from Central Terminal said that the lack of information transparency puts everyone under pressure.
Therefore, the tenants raised this difficult question to the Victorian Development Authority on behalf of all employees.
They want to know when the terminal will reopen!
But the Victorian Development Authority has been unable to give an exact time. They can’t even say that it will take several weeks.
It will take months or longer to determine the extent of the damage and complete the repair work.
Central Pier | Today's real shots

The tenants were initially told that the terminal might need to be closed for a month.

Later, they received a notice saying that once an expert diagnosis is obtained, the one-month period may be extended.

But the Victorian Development Authority has not yet issued an official announcement.

However, according to "The Age", a source who was in contact with the restoration project said,
The renovation project of the central wharf
It may take up to six months
Tenants said they will continue to urge the Victorian Development Authority and its board of directors
Come forward to clarify this issue as soon as possible and give everyone a reasonable answer!
A spokesperson for the Victorian Development Authority said that professional marine engineering consultants have been introduced to analyze the current status of the terminal.
The spokesperson said that government agencies are cooperating with terminal tenants, hoping to help merchants identify "potential alternative places" during the closure of the terminal.
Today, my brother went to the dock site on September 9 and found that the surrounding area was still blocked by a fence.
No engineer was seen at the scene.
Central Pier | Today's real shots
But there was a man in a green reflective vest at the entrance to the parking lot of the dock.
Judging from the signs placed outside the terminal and a car parked in the fence,
The man should come from a security company named MONJON, responsible for guarding the dock.
Brother today stepped forward to ask him about the terminal, but the other party declined to comment.
There is only one security guard at the Central Wharf site | real shots of brother today

But for this emergency evacuation of the wharf, the onlookers felt that something must be strange.

Why the terminal, which is evaluated every two months, suddenly claims that there is a safety hazard?

People can not help but put a question mark on the pier stabilization project that invested 520 million Australian dollars.

Why the potential danger can evolve into an emergency,

It was so unprepared at the beginning, and at the end it made people wait indefinitely...

Today's Conclusion

Docklands without the dock

I seem to be less angry at night

Hope the dock can be repaired as soon as possible

So that the merchants can resume business

1300 employees returned