This afternoon, the father of Ye Jingwang, a freshman at the University of Technology Sydney, said that his kidnapped son had been rescued.

He himself has arrived in Sydney, saying that the police have confirmed that this is a kidnapping case.

He said that he redeemed his son with money.

This case has aroused great attention from the Australian Chinese community before.

Ye lost contact with his family on August 8, and then suddenly asked his father for a contact email on August 16;

Then someone who claimed to be a kidnapper sent Ye's video to his father on August 8, and began asking for 24 bitcoins (approximately 80 million yuan) as a ransom.

In the video, Ye Weak said: Dad, they asked me to let you cooperate with their boss.

Really paid 570 million? Chinese father redeemed blind-fold son of a foreign student kidnapped in Australia

This case suddenly ushered in a key development today. Ye's father didn't say much about what happened before.

It is reported that Ye left the dormitory on the morning of August 8, saying that he would pick up his father's friend.