Just now, the Australian media collectively swiped the screen:
A man tried to ignite spontaneously in Melbourne CBD
There is a gas tank on the sidewalk
The man intended to set himself on fire in front of the Melbourne Parliament
Now a large number of men have surrounded the parliament!
It happened on Spring Street an hour ago,
Near the gate of the Victorian Parliament Building,
The man was sitting in the car and was found by the police and broke the window
He quickly pulled onto the road and arrested the man who almost set himself on fire!
Want to take the opportunity to detonate the vehicle!
At present, the surrounding area is blocked, and pedestrians have been evacuated and cannot be approached.
It is reported that the arrested was a thin man with a beard, black clothes and a young man.
After being arrested, the man was controlled by the police and pressed onto the road
His hands were handcuffed after being subdued!
Now I have been taken to the hospital...

The man's white vehicle was then handed over to the police for inspection.
Several witnesses said at the time of the incident,
I was sitting on the stairs of the Parliament Building, and then I saw the police rushing out of the Parliament holding a fire extinguisher and rushing to the vehicle and launching a rescue!
Ahmed Hassan, 23, also said,He saw the police pull out a machine gun.A group of police surrounded a young man.
It is reported that after the incident, ANZ employees also received the following text messages:
Remind everyone that this is an urgent warning:
"Everyone please stay away from Melbourne CBD,
Because there was an accident."
Fortunately, there is no casualty report yet.
The above is the latest 9 News report.