The researchers found

People who eat chicken products

Linked to increased incidence of three types of cancer

Researcher at Oxford University, UK

Surveyed ages 37 to 73

Meat consumption of 475,488 Britons

And monitor these people

Health status from 2006 to 2014

This study found

More than 23000 participants during this period

Was diagnosed with cancer

Chicken-eating people and malignant melanoma and prostate cancer

And non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

In Australia

According to the Australian Chicken Federation

Data released last year

Australia consumes 47.7 kilograms of chicken each year

This study also found that eating red meat

Association with bowel cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer


The results of this study are not supported by the results of other reports

And just 1 month ago

A study in the United States found

Replacing red meat with chicken reduces the risk of breast cancer

The red meat here includes pork, beef, lamb, etc.

National Cancer Institute

Surveyed the eating and cooking habits of 4.2 women

And monitored them for 8 years

The study found

Women who consume the most poultry meat

The risk of breast cancer is reduced by 15%

Women who eat the most red meat

The risk of breast cancer increased by 23%

The poultry here is mainly chicken

It can also be ducks and other poultry

Also found

Replace steak, sausage, etc. with chicken

Women's risk of breast cancer reduced by 28%

The results of this research

Published in the International Journal of Cancer


Researchers on eating poultry

The mechanism that reduces the risk of breast cancer is unclear

Originally this discovery

Let women treat poultry as "healthy" meat

Findings of British researchers

Let people fall into confusion again

For such research results

Penny Adams, a doctor from Sydney, said

Australians don’t have to worry about the results of Oxford University’s research

she says,

They found a connection, which is an important word. Chicken eating is associated with the following cancers: malignant melanoma, prostate cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

There is also a link between breathing oxygen and death. All people who breathe oxygen will die. People who eat chicken may have drunk more alcohol.

This study showed only one association, and did not show the mechanism of eating chicken to cause cancer. At present, I will not worry about it.

In this research report

Researchers admit

Really need to do more work on these findings

And will further investigate the relationship between eating chicken and cancer

So these findings are just related

There is no exact mechanism to prove

So foodies don’t have to worry about it


The World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out

Edible processed meat products

Increase the risk of cancer

If you eat processed meat equivalent to 2 slices of bacon a day

Then the risk of bowel cancer may increase to 18%

The study found

Processed meat products also increase the risk of stomach cancer

Because it contains nitrates

These substances have been shown to be carcinogenic

And some common items

May increase the risk of cancer

But there is not enough scientific proof

Like pesticides

The EU has said

Pesticides must be tested for safety before they can be used

But the International Agency for Research on Cancer said

Those who are exposed to a lot of pesticides

Such as agricultural workers

The risk of cancer is "likely" higher

To say that sugar may increase the risk of cancer

You may be surprised


There is currently no scientific evidence to support this claim

But according to "Which?" magazine

Sugar can indirectly cause disease

Eating too many sweets can lead to obesity

This increases the risk of cancer

Although alcoholism is not as carcinogenic as cigarettes

But in Australia

About 2.8% of cancers are caused by alcohol

International Agency for Research on Cancer

List alcohol as "Class 1 carcinogen"

Artificial sweeteners and food additives

It must also be tested by the European Food Safety Authority

To check if they are safe enough

So as to ensure human consumption

so far

There is no evidence to prove

Do these substances increase the risk of cancer

But there is something

Every one of us will see you almost every day

However, it has a high carcinogenic rate in Australia

That is-the sun

People know that they are in the sun

Good for health

But ignored the sun’s ultraviolet rays

It can cause skin cancer

And Australia has the highest incidence of this cancer

10 deaths per 8.3 people

And the incidence is higher in men among patients

This is because men are less likely to use sunscreen

Or protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays

And more than 90% of melanomas

Is caused by exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet radiation sources

Caused by skin cell damage


Although it is impossible to prove the mechanism of eating meat to cause cancer

But the World Health Organization pointed out

The risk increases with the increase in meat consumption

Due to existing data

Can't prove how much is safe to eat

So I can only recommend that foodies eat less meat

And for vegetarians

Don't worry about these