Just yesterday

An unacceptable tragic accident occurred in Australia!

A cyclist died on the road

The murderer is not a car or something

It's a little magpie...

the age:The cyclist died after being attacked by a magpie...

daily mail: The rider unfortunately died while avoiding the attack of a magpie!

This tragedy happened yesterday. The man and his wife were riding bicycles on a small road after 8 o'clock in the morning on Sunday.

But suddenly

A magpie swooped at him!

Everyone knows how cruel Australian magpies are. In the past few weeks, there have been several magpies attacking people in Sydney and Melbourne!

The victim was taken aback

He broke his blood and was disfigured!

I probably saw this magpie coming menacingly

Straight to the face

The cyclist ducked aside...

The tragedy happened!

The rider’s wife stated:

When the magpie flew towards him, he began to dodge, but because the bicycle speed is not slow, and the surrounding environment is complicated, his body swayed and hit the fence!Then I was knocked out because of inertia, and my head hit the rock severely...

After the accident, his wife quickly called the emergency number. Originally, she thought that if her husband was wearing a helmet, it might not be too serious.

However, after the emergency personnel arrived, they found that the situation was not optimistic. After emergency rescue at the scene, the injured was rushed to the hospital.

But because of serious head injuries

The gods are also unable to return to heaven.

On Sunday night, the man unfortunately passed away...

According to reports, this accident is already the fifth in the area. Magpies attacked a person, the last time it happened last Friday.

After this incident, everyone was very sad, but felt very powerless.Because in Australia, these wild animals cannot be harmed casually. So magpies will always exist in our daily lives....

Because of magpies
Countless Australians were badly injured!

Little boy blinded by peck

Finn, a 6-year-old Australian boy,Just because of a magpie attack, leaving a lifetime disability!

At that time, Finn and his parents passed by a park together, but just when everyone didn't react,A magpie swooped towards Finn and pecked at Finn's eyes!

When everyone reacted, Finn was already covered with blood. After going to the hospital for examination,Finn's eyeballs had been severely attacked and he was blind forever.

Melbourne man attacked for three consecutive years

There is also an uncle Melbourne,Every year in the "dive season", magpies are hunted down! For 3 full years, never fall every year!

In the most ruthless one, the uncle was attacked 20 times in 10 seconds!Thinking about this picture, my head hurts! And these you, no matter how you disguise, you can always be recognized by sharp-eyed magpies, followed by a series of "uninterrupted crit"...

The September magpie swoop season is here!

Why are the recent magpies so irritable? Because every year from the end of August to the beginning of November,It is the reproduction period of the black-backed magpie. During this time, they will begin to build nests and prepare to breed offspring.

And the most headache for Australians is

During this time, they were extremely aggressive!

Will launch an indiscriminate attack on all creatures approaching the nest!

Even if you pass by accidentally,As long as you step into the territory identified by the magpies with one foot, you will be regarded as an intruder!Then the magpies will start attacking you!

From various statistics, Zhong Que's favorite thing is to attack humans who ride bicycles and walks.Among them, 69.6% of the attacked victims were bicycles, 22.1% of the victims were innocent people walking, and the rest were joggers, dog walkers, and mail carriers...

Melbourne, these places are high-risk areas!

Now is the peak of magpie reproduction! Everyone must be careful to avoid these birds!Up to now, the whole of Australia isThere have been nearly 2 reported magpie attacks! More than 200 of them were seriously injured!

Judging from the records of an Australian website that records magpie attacks,Among them, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland are all high-risk areas!

And when you zoom in on the map and only look at the Melbourne area, you will find a shocking fact, that is:

The most frequent place for magpie attacks

It’s not a wilderness, animal sanctuary

It's residential areas, downtown, and even Melbourne CBD!

Look at the densely packed patches on this map

Every label is an accident

It's terrible!

So, from now on, friends who ride bikes, must be careful! Not only to wear a helmet! It's best to be fully armed!Maybe a sharp mouth will drop from the sky anytime! I can’t see what the murderer looks like...

Friends who walk, try to stay away from big trees! Walk in an open place!Otherwise, step on someone else’s restricted area without knowing it! I can't blame them for fighting back and revenge...

Magpie Alert is based on accident cases in recent years,Sum up such a safety tip, everyone quickly take a small book and write it down!

How to prevent being attacked by magpies!

1. Stay alert! And always pay attention to the nesting sites of magpies.Australian magpies are also very easy to identify. Generally, the head, lower body, and wings of male and female magpies are black, their shoulders are white, and their eyes are dark red.

2. Australian magpies like to attack from behind!If you realize that you have accidentally broken into their territory, and you notice that a magpie has been eyeing you, don't turn your back to them! Be sure to face them and stare into their eyes until you get out of their territory.

3. Go as far as possible to crowded places, because Australian magpies usually target individuals.Simultaneously,Wear sunglasses and hats to protect your head and eyes.

4. If you are attacked by an Australian magpie while riding a bicycle, get out and walk quickly, So they may stop continuing their attacks. Also remember to protect your eyes, because magpies love to attack human eyes!

5. It is important to stay calm, If you panic and drive them away, you may be mistaken for fighting back, which will trigger a new round of attacks by the magpies.

6. You can also go to the Magpie Alert website to check where are the dangerous areas vulnerable to attack, Make route planning when traveling (https://www.magpiealert.com/).

Finally, it’s important to note

Australian magpies are protected birds

Can't kill them

So, if you can hide away, just hide away...