Why do Chinese adults do not sleep well?
Of the nearly 14 billion people in China, 4 million people cannot sleep well.
The situation is serious.
According to expert advice, adults should go to bed at 10-11 at night, not more than 12 at the latest, and at least 7 hours of sleep a day.
However, a survey data from Weibo reveals the truth about adults "not sleeping well":
90% of people are actively staying up late, and only 10% have to stay up late due to the nature of work!
It turns out that many people "seeking" for their poor sleep quality. It's not that I can't sleep, but I don't want to sleep.
Xiao Jingteng sang: "The night is too beautiful, no matter how dangerous it is, there will always be people who stay up at night with black eyes." It's too vivid.
Hanging around in the beautiful and quiet night, the danger of staying up late is forgotten.
The Chinese Sleep Medicine Association issued an urgent warning that 90% of young people's sudden death, cerebral hemorrhage, and myocardial infarction are related to staying up late, and more than 70% of young people have the habit of staying up late.
Those who choose to stay up late are choosing chronic suicide.
Before the moment of rapid breathing, fierce heartbeat, and dilated pupils, everyone who stayed up all night felt that he was still young and energetic.
But I really stepped into the ghost gate, and wanted to recycle my feet, it was not so easy.
Reaper always visits suddenly and never makes an appointment in advance.
Staying up late is revenge with a sense of ceremony
Staying up late is a daily ritual, a reward for yourself who has worked so hard, and a revenge for the unsatisfactory day.
As netizen @胖罐子胖sight said:
"The more I go to work, the more I want to stay up late."
"Stick for a while and earn a little more."
"I don't want to sleep because I don't want to end this day and dare not start another day."
Typical compensatory psychology: Too tired during the day, and sacrifice sleep at night to reward yourself after a busy day.
People who stay up late, what are they doing at night?
According to the "2019 Sleep Status Insight Report" released by Dr. Ding Xiang,73% of people stay up late to chase dramas, 46% want to read novels, 40% chat, and 28% play games.
Adults are always "different." Talking about lack of sleep and knowing how important sleep is, but the body is very honest, still excited late at night, only 17.5% of them can go to bed and get up early.
But the hours of pleasure brought about by staying up late with revenge are too expensive!
Three months ago, I swiped a shocking Weibo:
The blogger discovered the truth about death in the morgue: Many of the corpses lying quietly in the dark were young people!
We always feel that people face life and death difficulties when they are old. Unexpectedly, staying up all night painlessly can also drag the fresh and young body into the bottomless hell.
In a person's life, sleep accounts for nearly 1/3 of the time, which is the top priority.
Don't go against the laws of nature against anyone.
How are people who don’t sleep well?
A sleep experiment conducted at a university in London, England, recorded the changes in the appearance of 46-year-old Sarah Chalmers when she slept 8 hours a day and 6 hours a day.
Yellow complexion, increased wrinkles, dull skin, dry hair, dull eyes...
Sleep 2 hours less every day, and after 5 days, you will age 10 years.
Not to be outdone, Chinese netizens posted more frightening comparison photos:
The 17-year-old little milk dog, after staying up all night for four years, was promoted to Fatty Uncle.
The pure and lovely girl, after staying up all year round, her chin is full of acne, and she has gained weight three times.
Someone saw these contrast photos in the middle of the night and was so scared that they put down their phones and turned off the lights to sleep.
But Mr. Gu guessed, there were more people who exclaimed, and after knocking on "I want to cherish my life" in the circle of friends, they happily held their phones until three in the morning.
On social networking sites, many young people knowing that staying up all night hurt their bodies, but they still have to come on time to "punish sudden death cards."
They didn't know that some people of the same age had already strolled before the ghost gate.
At three o'clock in the night, Anan finished her work and went to bed.
After lying down, the whole person suddenly felt something wrong-the brain was extremely excited, not sleepy at all, the heartbeat was fast, and the whole person was slowly drifting up.
She tried to calm herself down and tried all the ways to relax her body, all of which were useless.
At this time, her heartbeat was getting faster and faster with fear. She had a bad premonition and immediately got up to get dressed, grabbed her wallet and ID card and escaped.
In the elevator, my heart began to ache, my breathing was difficult, my back was cold, and I lost consciousness for a few seconds.
At that moment, the faces of her parents popped out of her mind: "I have raised me for so many years, I haven't had time to repay it!"
Finally he got downstairs, and when he saw the security guard, he collapsed in front of him and begged him to dial 120. Who knows, 120 actually said "Send an ambulance to hit 110"!
After dialing 110, the other side asked to call 120 again, which was delayed for five or six minutes.
As she curled up on the ground, she thought: "I might be dying."
Fortunately, after five minutes, she gradually came over, but the ambulance hadn't set off yet!
I took a taxi to the hospital by myself, and the doctor repeatedly told her: "Hurry up and get a good rest."
Before this accident, she had been busy at work for several nights before going to bed until three or four. After this night, she never dared to stay up late in self-abuse.
Advice from Anan
If it weren't for the body made of steel and cast iron, never feel that you are a little luckier than those who have struggled with life and death.
Even Cai Kangyong said: "Don't talk, there has never been a fluke."
Sleep deprivation is equivalent to abandoning the rest of your life
Becoming ugly, stupid, fat, losing hair, forgetting sex, poor immunity, slow response...just staying up late to give the body the first level of revenge.
If things go on like this, there will be heart palpitations, cerebral hemorrhage, cancer and even death.
As early as 2007, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has defined "staying up late and shifting work" as a 2A-level carcinogen, which belongs to the same category as high-temperature fried food.
The scary thing is that everyone knows that fried foods cause cancer, but they don’t think it’s dangerous to stay up late.
In 2009, Yu Juan, an outstanding young teacher at Fudan University, suddenly woke up: "Looking back over the past ten years, since there was no light-off tube in the undergraduate dormitory, I basically never slept before 12 o'clock."
Internet chat, BBS watering, dancing, karaoke, bowling, and daze filled her 3650 nights. Of course, there are various certificates such as study, postgraduate entrance examination, and GT examination.
But when she was 31 years old, when she got the diagnosis form of advanced breast cancer, those certificates and grades instantly turned into a pile of waste paper.
She confessed deeply in "Life Diary":
"If there is a certain number in the sky, I will live my days well. If the sky does not stop me, then cancer is really a wake-up call. Fame, wealth, power, and power, nothing is not hard, but nothing can be taken."
She knocked on the headline "Living is King" on the blog, giving students, relatives, and strangers the most painful advice:
"Be sure not to stay up late! First, I have no genetics, second, I have a good physique, third, I have just given birth to breast milk for a year, and fourth, breast cancer patients are all over the age of 45, but I Only 31 years old!"
Yes, she was only 31 years old, but she never had the opportunity to ask Yu Sheng for advice.
Don't die while you are in good health
Isn't Yu Juan's life a true portrayal of every "night owl"?
Relying on his youth and strength, he stayed up recklessly, thinking that the next day he would get a good night's sleep and eat some tonics to resurrect with blood.
Why not think about it the other way around, sleep itself is a serious matter.
Ten years after Yu Juan's death, the stay-up party invented the "punk regimen"-staying up late to apply facial mask, cola soaked codonopsis, beer with goji berries, bungee wearing knee pads...
It has become the norm for self-deception while staying up all night.
The talk show actor Xiao Shenlong has something intriguing:
"People are born as a small stick, and then they struggled and struggled, from ten yuan, one hundred yuan, to several million, adding a lot of zeros. But one day, the small stick falls, and there are more zeros behind, it is all in vain ."
Death is often only a matter of a few seconds, and it is too late to recall what meaningful things have been done in this life, and life suddenly comes to an end.
Houses, cars, wives, children, family, friends, and the beautiful world that you have passed by... fleeting.
These sorrows began and finally stayed up all night.
The famous host Wang Han stayed up all night for a long time, and had liver pain and nosebleeds during the live broadcast;
Entrepreneur Li Kaifu stayed up late and became ill, suffering from lymphoma;
"The Godfather of Apple" Jobs used to stay up late and died of pancreatic cancer...
Why have to spend money and suffer to buy a lesson that has long been understood? Staying up late is really dead, don't try yourselves!
People must work hard while cherishing their bodies.
Living in the present is not about being drunk today, but knowing how to cherish the people in front of you, including the self who has not yet crossed the body.
If you ruin your body now, you will always be enslaved and tortured by your body.
Loving yourself is the kingly way.
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