Australia's comprehensive reform of skilled immigration occupation list will be completed in March next year

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Employment Minister Michaelia Cash. Picture: Kym Smith

Under the rectification of visas for foreign workers in Australia, the list of skilled immigration occupations will undergo a comprehensive reform to boost the slowing economy and meet Prime Minister Scott Morrison's 1000 billion infrastructure construction needs.

This skilled migration career review will be completed in March next year. The review will focus on filling job vacancies in rural and remote areas of Australia and meeting high priority needs in key employment areas.

In 2018-19, the Morrison government issued nearly 82,000 skilled migration visas, divided equally into primary and secondary application types. Immigration data obtained by The Australian shows that the top 10 immigration occupations are dominated by the information and communication technology (ICT) industry, with more than 7600 grants to professionals including software engineers and testers, program developers and analyst programmers. A skilled migration visa.

Federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash told The Australian that skilled migration is still the main driving force of the national economy-following the decline in consumer spending and the slowdown in the real estate market, the national economy is under pressure.

The government announced last week a review of the National Skills Needs List, the first major reform of the program in seven years, aimed at identifying industries with skills shortages and allowing Australians to start apprenticeships.

Senator Cash said that “when domestic labor cannot meet demand,” attracting foreign workers to “fill current and future jobs” is crucial.

IT workers, accountants, chefs, university lecturers, general practitioners (GP), restaurant managers, marketing specialists and resident medical staff dominate the list of occupations currently granted visas.

"Skilled immigration has always been a part of this country's prosperity, but we need to make sure we let the right skilled immigrants fill the skills shortage," Senator Cash said.

Immigration Minister David Coleman stated that the immigration plan is very important to ensure that "employers can obtain workers to fill key skills shortages."

Mr. Coleman said that this list of occupations is an important tool for "filling the skills gap in remote areas" and provides more certainty that companies can "get the workers they need when they need them." This list was last updated in March.

Before revising the working holiday visa scheme for backpackers last year, National Party lawmakers and agricultural lobby groups had pressured the government to introduce new specialized agricultural visas for temporary immigrants.

"We have allocated 23,000 rural immigrants, introduced two new remote area visas across the country, and signed Designated Area Migration Agreements to attract immigrants to these areas and help urban development and development. Fill some of the 6 job vacancies in rural Australia," Mr. Coleman said.

Senator Cash will conduct labor market analysis and public consultation procedures before making recommendations to Mr. Coleman on the reform of the occupation list. Mr. Coleman will make the final decision in March next year.

The government is expected to design a new list of skilled immigration to support its 10-year infrastructure stimulus plan and to meet the significant increase in labor demand.

Senator Cash reiterated that the Morrison government’s skilled migration policy is based on the principle that Australian workers should be considered first in employment. She said the consultation process with industry groups will be “extensive and intensive”.

"This is all to ensure that Australia has a skilled workforce to build infrastructure plans that change the face of our country. We have learned from stakeholders that they have found that there is an increasing demand for skilled workers in certain industries," she Say.

"We have heard these concerns and worked hard to ensure that there are no obstacles to the continued growth of the Australian economy."

The skilled immigration list includes occupations ranging from pilots and anesthesiologists to rooftop plumbers and professional farmers. It is the basis for a series of employer-sponsored, points-tested, and state-nominated immigrant visa programs.

(The Chinese and English copyrights of this article are exclusively owned by The Australian.)

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