Breaking news!

A Chinese tour group carrying 23 Chinese passengers

A major bus accident occurred in New Zealand!

This passenger car had a rollover accident on the New Zealand highway due to slippery roads on a rainy day.

Currently, according to New Zealand police statistics,

Six Chinese have been confirmed dead,

Another 17 people were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

this morning,

There was a tragic car accident on the New Zealand National Highway,

The victim was a Chinese tour group.

When this tour bus was driving on the national highway, due to the slippery road in rainy days,

A rollover accident occurred on National Highway 5 near Waiohotu Road and Galaxy Road.

At present, the accident has caused the deaths of 6 Chinese people,

Another 17 people were injured to varying degrees.

It was windy and rainy at the time of the incident.

Witnesses at the scene said that one side of the bus was submerged in water. After the bus rolled over, the front windshield shattered and someone was trapped in the bus.The accident scene was full of casualties.

Katrina Goossens, a staff member of a cafe near the scene of the incident, said,

The severity of a car accident can be heard only from the sound.

According to some pedestrians passing by, they can hardly see the bus in the accident.

It seems that the bus has tipped over on the side of the road,

It may have fallen into the ditch.

After the incident, five helicopters and three ambulances rushed to the scene, and several injured patients were taken to the hospital.

The St John Rescue Center confirmed that an injured person is in critical condition,

The two more seriously injured people have been taken to Waikato Hospital and Tauranga Hospital by helicopter.

Three people with minor injuries were taken to Rotorua Hospital.

Another 15 injured were taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

Another Mandarin translator rushed to the scene from Rotorua i-site.

A resident, Mel Moon, who lives near Waiohotu Road, said that the incident was heavy on the national highway.

There are often tourist buses passing on this road.

The New Zealand Transport Agency stated that the road to the incident has now been closed.

Drivers travelling between Tiran and Ngongotahani need to make a detour.

Currently, a crane is on its way to the scene of the accident.

A police officer said they found "people everywhere" when they arrived at the scene.

A police officer told reporters at the scene;

"This is a serious car accident. There are people everywhere. You can't get close now."

A spokesperson for an Auckland-based international travel company said,

They received news about the car accident from the driver of the tour group this morning.

I didn’t understand the severity of the matter at the time,

The incident is currently being processed.

A spokesperson for Kuranui Wilderness Lodge and Trophy Park said,

The accident happened in the east of their location. They saw multiple police cars and ambulances passing by,

Two helicopters also arrived.

The St John Ambulance Center confirmed that they were notified of the accident at 11:19 this morning.

Dispatched five helicopters, three ambulances and a manager to the scene,

The injured are currently being evaluated and further information will be provided in time.

A reporter at the scene said that the traffic on the incident road was blocked for hundreds of meters.

On-site staff asked the vehicles to turn around.

This morning, it has been raining all the time, about 20 minutes’ drive from Rotorua.

There are a few slight water accumulations on the road.

A worker at the Duncan Processors factory near the accident site said the area is quite remote.

As of press time,

The police said they could not disclose more information at this time.

I hope that the families of the victims in this car accident mourn,

I also hope that the injured can recover soon.

Although the weather is the main cause of this car accident,

However, when traveling by car, you must also pay attention to complying with local traffic regulations and driving safely.

After all, scenes of car accidents are in sight.

Chinese car accidents continue

New Zealand car accident

In March this year, also in New Zealand,
There was a tragic car accident.
Three Chinese people were killed, and the incident happened near a scenic spot preferred by the Chinese.
A car carrying 5 Chinese tourists,
A car accident occurred while driving on a road near the famous local spot Tekapo.

An oncoming pickup truck suddenly collided with this self-driving car!

When everyone reacted,

The scene was in a mess, with crying and screaming floating over the accident site...

The accident caused:

Three Chinese tourists died on the spot,

There are also 2 Chinese including

5 tourists were injured!

Due to the high number of casualties, New Zealand media have also reported on this:

(NZ Herald: A serious car accident in Tekapo, New Zealand, which killed three Chinese tourists and injured five others)

(timaru herald: Three tourists were killed in a "catastrophic" crash in South Canterbury)

(newsnow: "The scene is extremely tragic"-Three people died in a car accident near Tekapo.Witness: Tourists must be cautious when driving. )

As can be seen from the pictures of the scene, the impact was extremely tragic

The fronts of both cars are severely deformed!

A spokeswoman for the Chinese consulate said that the police told her,

The three deceased and the other two wounded were from a family of five.

Five Chinese tourists drove a vehicle from a car rental company.

And the other pickup truck is carryingA group of forestry workers working in a nearby logging farm.

Hamish Mackenzie, the owner of Braemar Station Lodge, was one of the witnesses at the scene.

He said: This car accident was "catastrophic"!

This tourist's favorite attraction turned into a mess for a while!

Of the five injured, three were seriously injured.

They were taken by emergency helicopter to nearby Dunedin Hospital for treatment. 

The two injured in a more stable condition were taken to Timaru Hospital by ambulance.

Australian Chinese car accident


A bus full of Chinese tourists had a tragic car accident in Australia!

Caused three deaths,

11 people were injured,

Many of them were seriously injured!

In the afternoon of the same day, a mini bus carrying Chinese tourists drove on the main road, driving on Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia. The sun was shining and the scenery was just right.

A four-wheel drive with a camping trailer driving on the opposite side suddenly crossed the road and collided with this mini bus head-on!

Everything happened so fast,

When passers-by reacted,

The front of the mini bus has been smashed and entangled with the four-wheel drive!

The scene was in a mess, causing

One person died on the spot,

Two more died from their injuries.

Another 11 people were injured and hospitalized.

A large number of firefighters, medical personnel and police rushed to the scene to rescue the scene, and three rescue helicopters were dispatched.

Two of the injured were taken to the nearby Royal Perth Hospital by helicopter due to their serious injuries.

According to reports, the cause of the accident was:

A Toyota Hilux driving south collided with a Toyota Landcruiser camping trailer.

The impact caused the trailer to overturn, and the rear-end Hilux drove into the wrong lane.

When Hilux is driving in the reverse direction,

A head-on collision with a minibus heading north!

The 66-year-old male driver of Hilux died on the spot. A man on the mini bus also died on the spot. Another passenger on the mini bus died in the hospital.

There were no other passengers on the Landcruiser trailer, and the driver was not injured...


In just 12 hours, 6 people were killed on the roads of Western Australia.

The sad part is,

Among them are two Chinese compatriots.

According to media PerthNow,

There was a tragic car accident on the Dongara Brand Highway in Perth.

The two moving vehicles had a shocking frontal collision,

A Chinese female passenger aged 54 and 59 in a car died on the spot.

The remaining two injured are being treated in the hospital.

And WAtoday reported more details about this traffic accident.

According to the report,

The accident happened on the Bookara section,

The cause of the accident was that a silver Camry drove into a retrograde lane for no reason.

Collided head-on with an oncoming Toyota LandCruiser,

This led to a tragic car accident.

Two Chinese female passengers on the silver Camry died on the spot,

The Camry's driver was dying and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

December 2017, on Boxing day.

When a Chinese man drove through an intersection in Birregurra, southwest Melbourne,

Collided with a white Toyota car,

The impact was violent,

Caused the death of the Toyota driver.

27-year-old Chinese driver caused a car accident on Boxing day

It is reported that the Chinese man did not implement it when he passed the intersection"Give way"in principle,

Cause a collision with an oncoming vehicle on another crossing road,

This led to this Christmas tragedy.

Also in December 2017,

A 36-year-old female tourist from Beijing, China, hangs her life on the Princes Highway.

At that time, she was driving on Princes Highway in a vehicle she rented.

In an instant, nobody expected that a Ford car suddenly moved from the side at a speed of 100km/h.

Bumped up,

The impact was so strong that the vehicle of the Chinese female tourist was hit and deformed.

The female tourist driver is also dying...

This serious car accident injured 5 people and 4 people were in stable condition after being sent to the hospital.

One person is in danger...

The cause of this accident makes people regretful.

This female tourist was driving at high speed without any stopping, reminding or avoiding,

Resolutely drove the wrong lane...

As a result, the car behind was too late to avoid, and directly hit the vehicle she was driving...

The lesson of this bloody forest,

Tell us that we must understand and abide by local traffic rules,

Australian traffic regulations are very different from domestic ones.

The editor below summarizes some important Australian traffic regulations for children's shoes!

Strictly abide by Australian traffic regulations


Keep left

On Australian roads, the forward vehicle needs

Keep on the left road,

Instead of driving on the right lane.

Give Way

When the branch road turns to the main road, wait for the main road vehicle

You can turn to the main path after you pass it completely.

In the roundabout, you need to wait for the vehicles on the right (including U-turn vehicles) to pass completely.

Without disturbing it

Under normal driving conditions,

To enter the roundabout.

Round the island

Vehicles that have entered the roundabout are given priority and must not rush.

In the roundabout, vehicles turning left must drive on the left lane, and vehicles turning right must drive on the right lane.

Whether you turn left or right, you need to advance

Turn on the turn signal of the corresponding direction.

Vehicles turning around the island must keep to the right.

Turn on the right turn signal all the way when turning around.

Yield Here To Peds

Slow down when passing a zebra crossing, and need to pass pedestrians

Stop it completely!

Wait for pedestrians to pass before continuing.

Zipper Merge

When moving from multiple lanes to single lanes,

Driver must

Cars are about to merge ahead of yield.

School area

When passing through the campus area, you should adjust your speed according to the time period information indicated by the "School Zone" sign.

Generally speaking, the speed limit in the school area is 40km/h, and speeding is a fine...

Emergency vehicle avoidance

When driving, if you encounter an ambulance, police car, or fire engine with flashing lights or sirens on the road,

Driving vehicles need to pull over to avoid,

Let such emergency vehicles go first.

The above are the traffic regulations that need to be paid attention to when driving in Australia.

It does not mean that all traffic regulations are included.

I hope that all old drivers will keep in mind when driving in Australia,

Avoid unexpected accidents.

Although the New Zealand car accident this morning was a natural and man-made disaster,

However, when traveling by car, you should still pay attention to local rules and pay attention to safety.

Many fresh lives should have a more exciting life,

Just because the perpetrator is unfamiliar and disrespectful of the traffic rules,

They left their family and friends,

Such a sad lesson requires the attention of all of us,

No matter where you walk in the world, you must understand and obey the local traffic rules.

Awe for life!

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