In last week

There is an Australian man

Was stopped by two "policemen" while driving

I thought it was just a simple routine check

But I didn't expect...

The two police officers directly issued a speeding ticket

No explanation

Ask him to pay a fine on the spot...

This poor brother is also very obedient

No doubt about him

Tell the two policemen

"I have no cash..."

But it's a coincidence

The two police officers said...

"There is an ATM near a gas station

Let's go withdraw money together"

So under the escort of two policemen

Brother successfully got the money

Paid the fine on the spot...

But when he got home, the more he thought about it, the more things went wrong

Why are these two policemen so eager to pay a fine?

The truth surprised him...

Fake police in Australia are rampant!! Specializing in picking soft persimmons to eat!! Chinese are often the first target...

Attention everyone!!

Despite being in Australia for so many years

Driving on the road will always meet the kind Australian police

Ask you to stop the vehicle for inspection or issue a ticket.

But if you want to pay on the spot

It's definitely fake!!

According to Daily Mail,The two people who intercepted drivers and charged high "fines" are actually two scammers posing as police! 
Don't look at them wearing a full set of police uniforms, they are almost the same as real police officers from the outside, and there are even fake police badges that make you confused!!
One of these two people has been arrested and the other is at large, but before that, they have committed many crimes...
The NSW Police also warned that if you are interrogated by the police, you can ask the other party to show their identity to prove their police identity, and even call the police station to confirm their identity based on the police label above.

Every Australian police has a police number and personal data registered in the library

I also want to talk about a personal experience...

When the editor first came to Melbourne many years ago, I was not familiar with the free zone mechanism of trams in Melbourne, and was checked by the ticket inspector for the first time. At that time, I could pay a fine with my card on the spot or send a ticket later (which would be more expensive).
At that time, the editor had not opened a bank account and had no fixed residential address.I originally wanted to take cash directly from my wallet to the two ticket inspectors, but I didn't expect this action to take out the wallet. The two uncles were shocked and quickly asked me to put the wallet away.

Later I found out after chatting with two ticket inspectors,Australia includes public servants such as police and ticket inspectors. They are most taboo to collect cash from the subjectOnce seen by others, they will be suspected of using their power to threaten the people.

So everyone must remember!!

In Australia

All the police on the road

I will never collect cash from anyone!!

Everyone should be careful, because not only on suburban roads with no people, but also on the busy commercial streets where you and I often go, these "fake police" are likely to appear...

In December of last year

A Chinese supermarket in Sydney encountered two fake policemen

Fake investigation, real robbery...

At about 7:XNUMX in the evening, two big men suddenly came into this Asian supermarket. One was wearing casual clothes, the other was wearing a suit, and there was a certificate hanging around their neck.
It looks no different from ordinary plainclothes police...
As soon as the two fake policemen entered the door, they took out the police ID (fake) and put them on the table for the clerk to see.He also stated that in order to cooperate with the investigation, the clerk was required to pay 2000 Australian dollars in cash.

The alert clerk began to feel that things were a little weird

Start asking for details

But I didn't expect...

"If you don't pay, just handcuff you up!"

When the two fake policemen saw that the softness was not enough, they planned to come hard, and began to threaten, even started chasing the poor shop assistant, and finally took the gold necklace from him and fled...

So everyone must be careful and careful!!

The number of fake police officers in Victoria is on the rise... You can buy a police badge for only $15?! 

Friends in Melbourne also need to be extra careful of fraudulent methods by fake police. According to the information provided by the Victorian Police,Percentage of fake police officers in VictoriaIs the highest in Australia... (On the psychological shadow of the Victorian police...)

According to the Herald Sun, in 2018, fake police crimes in Victoria reached a five-year high...  In 2017, the crime of impersonating police in Victoria soared by 80%, and the police filed 95 charges against these violations!!

(Fake police badge seized by Victorian Police)

According to information released by the Victorian Police, in addition to fake uniforms, these fake police officers even wear fake police badges...

You may wonder, which criminal group provided these fake police badges? In fact, you can easily buy such fake police badges on auction sites in Australia...the price is very cheap...

A fake Victorian police badge
Only 10 dollars!!
I want to make my business bigger
This "Australian Police Badge Package"
Can definitely satisfy you...

Just because it is easy to obtain, these interested people are more likely to pretend to be police officers and cheat everywhere, and their targets are usually not foreign tourists or local immigrants...

Australian Chinese
It is often the fat sheep in the eyes of these fake police...

In July 2018, there was a Chinese man in Melbourne who was stopped by three fake policemen. It was the same as a real robbery routine for issuing tickets, but the Chinese man saw through him. As a result, the other party became angry and started to beat him on the spot. Chinese…

And other similar Chinese students, new immigrants
The cases of being defrauded by fake police are also endless...
In fact, the reason is very simple, because many Chinese immigrants who come to Australia are very safe and self-conscious, do not want to and will not cause trouble, so when the "police" appears, they usually do not suspect that there is him, and cooperate obediently...
But it’s such a way of keeping oneself safe and being used by these Australian criminals to show a fake police badge to do whatever they want...

The Victorian Police also appeals to all residents that if you encounter police interrogation and questioning anywhere on the street, or even issue a ticket, you can ask to see the police certificate of the other party.

There are even kind police uncles (really)
Specifically own
The police badge and police certificate are released for everyone to see

Everyone remember

This is the real police badge and certificate

Not only has anti-counterfeiting laser printing lines

The police badge is definitely not shoddy!!


After seeing so many cases of fake police officers in Australia, some people inevitably panic. The Chinese community in Australia is often the most law-abiding group of people, but without verification, they blindly believe that the result of police uniforms and police badges, in addition to property damage, more You may encounter personal danger, so everyone should pay extra attention outside.
In addition to the identification methods mentioned above, it is also important to remember that in Australia, whether it is a fine or any public agency punishment, cash will not be required on the spot, and even the fines for evading tickets for Melbourne trams have been cancelled in the past few years. Pay by credit card on the spot.
If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a policeman who wants cash, pay attention, the one in front of you is a fake policeman.