The massive increase in mass tourism in Tasmania has been complained. Experts call for the development of high-end tourism. What do you think?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

According to a survey conducted by the Tasmanian English daily Mercury, the vast majority of Tasmanians have begun to reject Tasmania as a market for mass tourism, hoping to develop and attract high-end tourists.


In an exclusive survey on Tasmanian mass tourism (targeted budget tourists, backpackers, large cruise ships) and high-end tourism, conducted exclusively for the Sunday edition of the Tasmanian English daily Mercury, more than 1300 respondents participated in the survey Over 75% of Tasmanians stated that they do not want the government to develop a mass tourism boom at any cost and should not "open up mass commercial tourism"-this view is in line with the goals of the tourism industry. The investigator hopes to protect and attract tourists to understand the true characteristics of Tasmania-such as fresh air, wilderness and natural beauty.

24.5% of the respondents insisted on supporting the government to open up "large-scale commercial tourism" to continue to prosper mass tourism.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Council, Luke Martin, said that Tasmania has grown into a quality destination over the years, with tourist spending growing stronger than the number of tourists. This shows the high quality of the products we have developed in the past few decades, and also why we need to encourage investment in high-quality tourist experience across the state and develop high-end tourism.

But Martin also said: We still need to continue to develop mass economic tourism, so that we will welcome more tourists, even low-budget campers, and the development of tourism in Tasmania is uneven, and many more remote areas are not. Many, the accommodation rate is not high. ".


Simon Currant, Tasmania’s leading tour operator, said: Tasmania should not push itself into the mass tourism market. Our brand is not mass tourism. If we want to destroy our brand, then go to mass tourism. Tasmania should reposition some of its current activities to protect our tourism brand. I believe that large cruise ships do not meet our high-end brands.


Destination Southern Tasmania CEO Alex Heroys said that tourist consumption is growing faster than the number of tourists, so the state's achievements are in line with public enthusiasm.


他 说:

"Recently new tourism products show the development direction of Tasmania.


When we see the diversity of high-quality new products, you can see the appeal of this type of customer: this year’s incredible Three Capes Lodge Walk in Tasmania, and the Agrarian Kitchen in New Norfolk in the past 18 months. The success and the popularity of the newly opened MACq01 Hotel and Evolve Spirit Bar have shown that some rare items are being sought after.All of this shows the pursuit of high-yield customers "

Information source: Mercury

Translation Editor: Xiao Dong

What is the definition of high-end tourism? Can the corresponding supporting facilities and professional service personnel keep up?

Forwarding: Whether high-end or high-end, the most important thing is quality tourism. //////// Tasmania’s so-called "primitive backwardness" is a feature, which is very attractive in itself, so there is no need to change the existing facilities and equipment to attract the so-called "high-end" tourists. Tourists interested in the characteristics of the state provide better and higher-quality services, and strive to avoid weaknesses. The main thing in Tasmania is to return to the original. Therefore, hiking routes like 3 capes are more successful. If Hobart is built like Sydney and Melbourne, no one will come, because no matter how hard you try to imitate others, the creators will not do well. Those who want to experience urban life will not come to Tasmania even if Tasmania is developed. It's to Sydney and other metropolises, so why bother.

Forward: Tazhou tourism once wanted to take the high end route, but in fact it couldn't. The small fishing village could not create the consumption level of an international metropolis. The results of tourism market research also show that this is a wrong impression and positioning of tourism in Tasmania. Niche tourism is now a kind of Tazhou tourism brand positioning. The latest publicity of Tasmania Tourism is launched with "a quite little...". For example, recently Fb can see the old man who eats raw oysters and the "a quiet little shuck" ////// The tourism-related facilities in Tasmania are too poor, and the hardware and software can’t keep up. To be honest, I want to attract high-spending people. Tourists are very unrealistic. Because of ignorance, so ignorance. The Tasmanian government personnel should visit the world more. If you can't go to the world, then go to other cities in Australia. What Tasmania relies on to attract high-end tourists is not willing to come all day long.

////// Forwarding: mass tourism corresponds to niche tourism, one for the general public, and one for the niche. There is no problem with the translation. High-end tourism is only called this after targeting groups with strong spending power. These terms themselves do not discriminate in any way. But I think Tasmania is suitable for a niche route. The reception capacity on the island is not strong, the service standards are not high, the population is small, the scenery is unique, and the number of tourists is very small compared with the number of tourists in Australia and the world. In addition, not every remote area that likes this kind of niche feature can consume high-end. We also welcome tourists with weak spending power such as backpackers. Don't discriminate against consumers. ///// I don’t know if it’s a translation problem, but I haven’t read the original text of the Mercury News. In short, I don’t feel that it’s in line with the Tazhou tourism brand positioning. High-end tourism positioning, and does not promote the development of high-end brandsThe main focus is ecological tourism. Of course, nonsense in newspapers and media is nothing new/

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