Just two days ago

There is heavy news from the Australian media SBS!

A seemingly impossible thing

In progress...

Australian Electoral Affairs Commission

Currently considering giving Australia PR voting rights!

Know the difference between PR and Australian citizenship

The first is that the passport is different

Having an Australian passport after naturalization can enjoy more benefits

Such as Australia’s 183 visa-free countries

There is another very important difference

JustThe right to vote!

Residents holding PR cannot participate in political elections


If this proposal is formally implemented

ThenAustralian PR will usher in a historic change!

220 million PRs across Australia can also vote

Who is the prime minister

I also have my own vote!


Australia PR may usher in a historic change!220 million PR or will have the right to vote?

According to Australian media reports, it was Sylvain Garcia, a French graphic designer who has lived in Australia for 8 years, who made this opinion to the Australian Election Commission.

He said:

"I am 29 years old this year. Although I was born in France, I feel more like an Australian!"

"I believe that many permanent residents of Australia feel the same way as me.Why do we, as an important part of Australia, do not have the right to vote to make decisions for the future of the country? "

He also added:

"For many years, I have lived in Australia, integrated with the Australian community, and worked hard to make my own contribution to the development of this country."

It is reported that Sylvain Garcia has already planned to apply for becoming a citizen next year to have the voting rights he dreams of!

In his proposal to the Australian Election Commission, he also cited data from the Bureau of Statistics and foundThere are 220 million permanent residents living in Australia for a long time.

among themNSW 36%,Living in34% in Victoria,Queensland accounted for 11%.

However, among these 220 million people, what is shocking isNot all Australian PRs do not have the right to vote. One country became an exception that year!

That is Britain!

British people who signed up to vote before January 1984, 1 also have the right to vote.

According to an investigation by ABC News, almost 10 Britons have the right to vote in Australia without applying for Australian citizenship.

Lily Murray, an Englishman who has lived in Australia for a long time, is one of them. She has been able to vote in elections for decades.

Even if there have been members calling for the cancellation of the voting rights of these British people,But Lily Murray said she would rather give up her voting rights than become an Australian citizen.

So for the proposal of "whether to give PR the right to vote"

What do Australians think?

After the Australian media SBS posted this news to Facebook, it immediately caused an uproar!

Most people strongly disagree!

The right to vote should be a right that only citizens have!

"Absolutely not! Not if you are not a citizen loyal to Australia! There are no privileges in Australia!"

"We are also not allowed to vote abroad, so why do these PR think they should have the right to vote in our elections? This is what it means to be citizens!"

"Where is the right to vote without loyalty to Australia? If permanent residents are given the right to vote, what is the point of naturalization?"

Of course, among the large number of opposition voices, there are also some supporters.

"If you pay taxes, you should have the right to vote!"

"Everyone who pays taxes to Australia should have the right to vote!"

"I agree that if you have lived in Australia for many years, you should enjoy this right. PR should not be treated as a second-class citizen."


Should Australian PR have the right to vote?

In fact, as early as 2016, Australian media SBS issued such a discussion:

Do you think Australian PR should also have the right to vote?

Some people believe that these permanent residents should have the same voting rights as Australian citizens.The differentiated treatment of non-citizens violates the purpose of democracy!

There are many people who say,Many permanent residents have made great contributions to Australia, sometimes even more than citizens.

Not only that,Voting can also be regarded as part of civic education, paving the way for PR to become a citizen.In this way, when they become citizens, they will become more confident and willing to actively participate in the Australian political system!

But many of those who opposed it were worried,If suddenly there are millions of foreign voters, it will rewrite Australia’s political map.It may cause more instability in Australian society.

It is reported that currentlyAt least 40 countries around the world allow foreign residents to have some form of voting rights.For example, the Nordic countries allow each other’s citizens to vote in regional elections. There are also a few countriesAllow residents to vote in national elections, such as New Zealand.

Chile also allows foreign residents to vote if they have lived in Chile for more than five years.Britain even allows Irish citizens and citizens of certain Commonwealth countries to vote in the British general elections.

100 years ago, the United States also allowed non-referendums to vote. From 1776 to 1926, 22 states and federal territories across the United States allowed non-citizens to vote in their respective states and even federal elections, but they were later revoked.



For many Australians, the right to vote is not only a legal obligation, but also a sacred right.

Many Australians are still sceptical about involving foreign voters in determining the future of their country.

Of course, this proposal is still under discussion,Whether it will be implemented depends on the final results of the Australian Election Commission.