There is a saying:

A cigarette after a meal beats a living god.

This sentence vividly summarizes the aspirations of the majority of smokers.


Many people use smoking to relieve stress, and tobacco prices in China are generally not high. But tobacco is very expensive in Australia, so many people will take the risk of smuggling tobacco from China to Australia for resale.


Two days ago, the goods of "unlucky ghosts" were directly confiscated.

And what makes the Chinese smokers even more crushed is...


1. Australian customs seized 627 kilograms of smuggled tobacco from China


According to ABF’s official announcement today,


Australian Border Force (ABF) officials seized more than 650 kilograms of coarse-cut tobacco in a batch of floor tiles shipped from China to Australia.


(Image source: ABF)

Reports show that on August 8, a batch of ceramic tiles from China attracted the attention of ABF and was subsequently listed as inspection objects.

(Image source: ABF)


It was taken to the ABF container inspection facility in Sydney for vehicle inspection. When the ABF officer performed an X-ray inspection of the tiles, the ABF officer keenly discovered several abnormalities.

(Image source: ABF)


The experienced ABF officials immediately noticed that the matter was not simple, and randomly inspected the tiles physically. The results showed that a large amount of private tobacco substances were hidden in the boxes between the tiles.

(Image source: ABF)


The customs officer opened the tiles on the spot for inspection,

As a result, inside the floor tiles full of classical Chinese patterns,

It's all rough cut tobacco wrapped in black plastic film.

(Image source: ABF)


The total amount reached an astonishing 672 kg,

The amount of tax evasion is as high as A$80.


NSW ABF Commander Matt O'Connor said: "We are aware that many importers are now trying to bypass customs inspections to import illegal goods. These people should know that no matter how you try to hide illegal goods, we can find them."


Matt also emphasized: "Serious tobacco smuggling can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to five times the tax evasion." In other words, the owners of ceramic tiles from China are likely to face——


Up to ten years in prison,

And a fine of up to 400 million Australian dollars!

Tobacco has to be confiscated completely.


It is reported that the police are still investigating, calling on the public to actively report suspicious phenomena or activities by calling the Australian Border Force (02) 6264 2211.

(Image source: ABF)


It is reported that starting on July 7,

All tobacco products are deemed to be banned from Australia.

This means that any tobacco product,

Regardless of foreign suppliers, various trading websites,

Or private delivery, completely prohibited!

Violators will face up to 10 years in prison.


(Image source: Australian Customs)

The official website shows that starting from July 2019, 7, tobacco can only be imported with a permit issued by the Australian Department of the Interior, and imported tobacco will be required to pay all duties and taxes at the time of import.


The new regulations further deter the illicit tobacco trade, which funds serious and organized crime in the Australian community.

(Image source: Australian Customs)

2. Chinese people are hardest hit by cigarette smuggling

Although these smuggled tobacco from China,

Has not yet determined who the attribution is,

But the modus operandi of the floor tiles can't help but remind people.

Another Chinese cigarette smuggler.


In early July, Tunqiang Yu, a Chinese in Melbourne, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for illegal drug smuggling!Prior to this, he and his colleagues had illegally imported cigarettes worth more than $100 million and a large amount of methamphetamine from China to Melbourne.

(Image source: The Times)


The police also raided at that time,

A container arriving at the port of Melbourne,

They found 75 smuggled foreign cigarettes.

Hidden in the kitchen cabinets and plastic floor!

(Image source: The Times)


Then it was found in another container

71.8 illegally imported cigarettes,

The total value exceeds $100 million.


During the investigation, the police also seized 6.244 kg of pure methamphetamine.

(Image source: The Times)

In the end, 55-year-old Chinese Yu was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison.

Before getting parole,

He must serve at least eight years and six months in prison.

After serving his sentence, he will be deported and deported.

(Image source: The Times)

And last year,

A Chinese family living in Melbourne

A gangster has also been arrested!

(Image source: Sydney Morning Herald)


the reason:Also because of tobacco smuggling!


According to the investigation, all six members of this family participated in the draft of smuggling cigarettes. A total of 250 million cigarettes were suspected of smuggling cigarettes and tax evasion of 175 million yuan!


Australian Federal Police Superintendent Krissy Barrett said the family was transported by water,


Hiding illegal cigarettes in the tiles of the ship,

Enter Australia by ship,

After arriving in Melbourne and Sydney Port

Then it was transported to the Notting Hill warehouse.


At present, the four male suspects between the ages of 21 and 48 are all charged with tobacco smuggling and handling of criminal proceeds. If convicted, they will face up to 30 years in prison;


Two female suspects, 33 and 44 years old, were charged with handling the proceeds of crime and will be sentenced to 20 years in prison if convicted.


Even if there are countless blood lessons ahead, there are still Chinese who are "like moths to the fire" on the criminal road of smuggling tobacco.


Even Chinese tourists, in order to smuggle cigarettes,

After being caught, his visa was cancelled and repatriated.


In May, 5 Chinese citizens were intercepted at the customs!


After the customs officers intercepted a few people, they immediately asked them to open all their luggage for unpacking inspection, and found that-in the luggage of the eight Chinese passengers,A total of 177,063 cigarettes were hidden!

(Image source:

On average, each person carried 2.2 sticks, which was 25 times the limit of 880 sticks per person set by the Australian Customs!

The smuggling case of nearly 18 illegal cigarettes is suspected of tax evasion as high as A$16.

(Image source:

After being seized of the illegal tobacco, the eight Chinese citizens were detained by the Australian Customs and their visas were cancelled on the spot. The group was escorted to the Melbourne immigration crossing overnight and was finally deported.

(Image source:


3.Australian cigarette prices rise 12.5%

In Australia, Chinese smuggle cigarettes most often,

Because cigarettes are "more profitable" than gold

(Image source: Daily Mail)

According to the Daily Mail, on August 8, Australian cigarette prices rose again by 31%.


The current average price per pack of cigarettes in Australia-

Rose to 35 Australian dollars,

This is the latest round of price increases after the increase in tobacco consumption tax!


A health official said that for smokers, if a smoker smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, it costs 1 Australian dollars a year.


According to experts, including value-added tax, the current price of a cigarette in Australia exceeds 1 Australian dollar.

(Image source: Daily Mail)


It is reported that the Australian Federal Government has raised tobacco excise taxes for seven consecutive years.


Experts expect the government to increase taxes endlessly,

As of March 2020, 9,

Smokers will face the eighth tax increase.

So the average price per pack of cigarettes in 2020-

Will be up to 40 Australian dollars.

(Image source: Daily Mail)


Colin Mendelsohn of the School of Public Health at the University of New South Wales said: “Before the price increase, Australia’s cigarette prices were ranked first in the world.”


That is,

After the new round of price increases, Australian cigarette prices,

Far beyond other countries in the world.

(Image source: Daily Mail)


Mendelsohn also stated:20 packs of Marlboro cigarettes cost 30 Australian dollars, New Zealand only sells about 27 Australian dollars, and will only become more expensive.But the impact of tax increases on smoking rates is not as obvious as before.

(Image source: Daily Mail)


Although according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this year:每日吸烟的成年人从1995年的23.8%降至了2017-18年的13.8%。



(Image source: Daily Mail)


Mendelsohn added: “We all know that tax increases can reduce smoking rates, but for smokers, they have no choice but to continue smoking.”


However, the World Health Organization insists that price increases are the most effective way to encourage smokers to quit and prevent children from smoking.

 (Image source: Daily Mail)

At last,

The price of cigarettes rose again,

It will inevitably attract more people to commit risks for smuggling cigarettes.

However, the Australian police will strictly investigate and crack down on all kinds of smuggling.

I hope that all Chinese will abide by the law and keep clean.

And the majority of smokers, since cigarettes are so expensive,

It may be time to consider quitting smoking.