"Too practical? Learned to save lives!" Teach you the correct way to call the police in Australia!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Will you call the police? Many people think that the police is actually very simple and wrong. If you are interested now, check the Internet. There is a case called: the case of an Australian female student falling naked from a building. This case resulted in one death and one serious injury. Because there will be no alarm at that time."

This case was a well-known case that the law participated in at that time. A female Chinese student, at about noon, the suspect entered the building with her. When getting on the elevator, she threatened her with a knife and told her to enter the room and opened the door. Under violent coercion, the female international student entered the unit where she lived.

After a few hours, they had a chance to get a call. The Australian police number was 000, which was connected at that time.

Later in the case, we listened to such a recording, and I was very sad when I heard it. The first sentence after the girl got on the phone at that time was Do you mind if you can help me? It was a very polite question, can you help me?

Then she reported the address of her residence, the order in which she reported the address, please remember this is very important. First reported her city, then her district, and then started reporting her street. At this time, the mobile phone in her hand was beaten by the mob.

The police heard this call, and at the beginning, they found her voice very polite and not so anxious. Therefore, the police handled the report as usual, but because her phone was suddenly interrupted, the police could only find the name of the street where her phone was.

Maybe this is really God’s will. When the little girl bought a mobile phone, the operator did not register the number of the house where she lived. According to their judgment, the police only sent a police car to the scene because the tone was not so urgent when they called the police.

After arriving at the scene? Because this is an apartment complex, there are hundreds of buildings, the police arrived, only know that in this area, this street, looking up, there are tall buildings on both sides. The police didn’t know what to do, and after a look, they went back. Just a few seconds after the police left, two people fell down on the balcony of the apartment building at the same time. One died instantly, the 19-year-old Chinese student studying abroad. , And another is her boyfriend, also 19 years old, a South Korean student.

This lesson was really painful. At that time, all the media, whether in Australian English or Chinese, described the recording of the call. So from this lesson of blood, it is really an alarm call at the cost of life. What have we learned?

How to call the police correctly

First: once this type of call is connected, first of all your tone cannot be so calm or polite. Politeness is not what you should use at this time. If the girl picked up the phone and said rape, murder, or even screaming, which is the kind of crazy call, maybe the police car sent by the police was not just one, because when the police went out, He will configure the police car according to the situation at the time, so this is the first one.

Second: When reporting the address, please remember! Report it upside down. What do you mean? Report the number of the unit building you live in first, and then the number of the building you are in, the location of your mobile phone, and the police can quickly locate it through where your mobile phone is. But if you don't report to the unit building, the police really can't help it.

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