tragedy! Another accident occurred on Australia's "homicide" highway! Chinese tourists drove into a bus, two dead and one seriously injured! In Australia, you must keep these rules in mind!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Today’s news is the news we are most afraid to see:
When Chinese tourists travel by car in Australia
There was a tragic car accident!
2 dead and 1 seriously injured!
The road to the incident is still notorious
"Road to Death"
In the past 5 years aloneAt least 9 people were killed here, including Chinese tourists,Another 41 people were injured and admitted to the hospital.
Seeing that the November holiday is coming soon, many domestic tourists may come to Australia to visit.
Take this opportunity to tell everyoneThe difference between Australian traffic regulations and China, I hope everyone will be more careful.
Before that, let's talk about the accident.
 2 Chinese tourists died!
This car accident happened inLast Sunday (September 9) around 15 pm, the location was at the turn of the famous Pinnacles rock formations on Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia.
At that time, oneChinese female driverDriving a Nissan SUV from Pinnacles Drive to Indian Ocean Drive, it collided with a bus driving on Indian Ocean Drive.
After being hit
The Nissan car is overturned!
The female driver in the car died on the spot...
The other twoChinese female passenger in her 20sHe was taken to Royal Perth Hospital by helicopter.
Unfortunately, one of the female passengers ended upDied due to ineffective rescue,The other female passenger is in stable condition but is seriously injured.
The driver on the bus is fine.
Part of the 34 passengers suffered minor injuries and received treatment at the scene.
 At least 9 people were killed in the incident!
After seeing this accident, I felt extremely distressed.
Three young Chinese girls happily came to Australia to play, but in the end they died 3 and 2 injured. What a blow to their families...
What's even more heartbreaking is that the road that happened was the most notorious "road to death" in Western Australia.
Only in the past 5 years
The car accident on this road has already caused
At least 9 people died and 41 were injured!
Including many Chinese tourists!
1. Time: around 8:27 pm on August 6 this year.
At that time, a silver Holden Commodore was driving north along Indian Ocean Drive, along with a white Toyota Commuter Omnibus and a silver Subaru Forrester driving south.Head-on collision.
After the crash, both Holden Commodore and SubaruThere was a fire, and the car body was almost burnt.
The accident resulted in the male driver in the Holden Commodore carDie on the spot.
The 43-year-old Subaru driver suffered a broken leg and was taken by helicopter to Royal Perth Hospital in stable condition.
Fortunately,Neither the eight Chinese tourists nor the Australian driver on the Toyota were injured.
2. time:Around 3:16 a.m. on March 9 this year.
Two men each drove a car and collided on this road. Both were injured. They were then taken to the hospital by helicopter in stable condition.
3. Time: December 2018, 12.
On this road, a Northbound Toyota Hilux suddenly deviated from its lane, drove into the opposite lane, and ran into a southbound trailer and a trailer.Mini bus full of Chinese tourists.
This accident caused
66-year-old Toyota driver died on the spot
A Chinese tourist died on the mini bus
Another Chinese tourist died after being sent to hospital
11 more people were injured
4. Time: December 2018, 10.
A 26-year-old tourist drove a rented Toyota Corolla while trying to overtake on this road. It drove into the opposite lane and collided with an oncoming bus carrying 10 tourists.
Fortunately, everyone was only slightly injured.
5. 时间:2017年8月17日早上7:20分左右。
Two cars collided head-on on this road
Cause 3 deaths
Including a 6-year-old boy
6. Time: June 2017.
YL Tan, a 40-year-old Singaporean man, was driving on this road with his family and collided head-on with a towed motorhome coming from the opposite direction.
The man died on the spot
His wife and two children, and the motorhome driver
Suffered minor injuries
Although the causes of these car accidents are different, locals said,
Improper driving by drivers (mainly tourists traveling by car)
Is one of the important reasons for frequent car accidents here
A fire and emergency volunteer named Darryn Gardner has been to the scene of many car accidents here.
He said that there is no problem with Indian Ocean Drive itself.
Many drivers don’t comply with traffic regulations
That led to the accident
After the car accident last Tuesday, Western Australia Governor Mark McGowan also stated,
This car accident is very likely
Is caused by the driver's error

The police are still investigating the accident.

It is reported that the Indian Ocean Drive where the incident occurred is very popular with international tourists because it is one of the roads leading to the famous scenic spot of Western Australia, Pinnacles natural rock formations, and there are also beautiful coastal scenery along the way.
However, international tourists are not familiar with the road conditions or traffic regulations here, which also leads to frequent car accidents here.!
In 2017, the Western Australian government carried out a safety inspection on this road, andAllocate 700 million Australian dollars to upgrade road safety,These include reducing the speed limit from 110km/h to 100km/h and adding lanes.
In 2018, the Western Australian Government invested1500 million Australian dollarsUpgrade this road.
Recently the Western Australian Government also announced thatA further A$1200 million will be allocated,Continue to renovate this road in the next two years, including widening the road, upgrading the intersection, adding road signs, and so on.

 Chinese tourists have frequent car accidents in Australia!
In recent years, more and more Chinese tourists have come to Australia for self-driving tours.
but,Because there are many differences between Australia’s traffic regulations and China’s,So, not only on this road, but in many places including Victoria,
Chinese tourists have frequent car accidents
December 2017, 12 fromA 36-year-old female driver in Beijing with her son and mother, Driving a rented blue Corolla hatchback near Mt Moriac west of GeelongThe intersection of Princes Highway and Cape Otway Rd, And a Ford F250 Ute loaded with furnitureCollision.
The police determined thatThe accident was caused by the female driver.
In February 2017, oneChina touristDriving a rented car in VictoriaDayang streetWhen the driver accidentally stepped on the accelerator, the car suddenly ran into the Anglesea Bendigo Bank, causingTwo pedestrians were injured.
There are many similar accidents...
The National Day holiday is about to come, I believe many domestic tourists will choose to travel to Australia.
Please be careful
Below thisTen Australian Traffic Regulations!
Avoid similar accidents from happening again.
Keep left
Driving in Australia, you must first adaptKeep left.
After picking up the car at the rental car shop, don't rush to get on the road, first get a feel for it, especially the turn signal and wiper switch that are opposite to Chinese cars.
Safe Driving
1,The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts when driving.
Don't be lucky. Many road sections in Australia are monitored by cameras and patrols. Violators will be deducted points and fined;
2. Australian strict regulations,You must not smoke, make phone calls, or send text messages while driving, or look at your mobile phone when you stop at a traffic light, or put your mobile phone on your lap and hands-free.
In addition to patrols and police motorcycles on the road in Australia, a number of detectors have been installed at uncertain intersections. Drivers who specialize in catching traffic lights and are still watching their mobile phones to make calls will be fined twice;
3. Children under the age of 1 must sit in a back-facing Australian approvedSafety chairChildren under the age of 4 should sit in front-facing safety chairs. Children under the age of 7 should use the booster chair. Children can only sit in the back seat;
4,When encountering animals, such as kangaroos, slow down and stop in time, but not dodge at high speeds.
As Australia has a lot of wild animals, if you encounter signs reminding animals when driving on the road, be sure to slow down.
5,The farther away from the bike the better.
The law requires that you must keepDistance above 1 meter, When the speed is fast, the recommended distance is more than 2 meters.
If the bicycle safety is threatened by being too close, it is equivalent to a crime in Australia.
Similarly, when opening the right door, you must pay attention to whether there are bicycles and motorcycles behind. It is also a crime to be hit by them into your door.
Speed ​​limit
1. Almost all roads in Australia have obvious speed limit signs. Many road sections have red light cameras, speeding cameras, safety belt cameras, and police mobile cameras ambushing in accident-prone sections. Violators will deduct points and increase fines;
2,The section of the school district during the school period must not exceed 40km/h.
Some have used obvious solar flashing lights, and clearly stated the speed limit time period and end period. The school holidays are not part of the speed limit period;
3. In the following signs, the black letters and red circles are prohibition signs, and the yellow and black letters are warning signs of recommended speed, which are generally used in turning lanes and mountain roads;
Roundabout rules
Any vehicle entering the roundabout should slow down and be courteous to the vehicle entering the roundabout on the right, or let the vehicle that turns on the right turn signal on the opposite side first, and the vehicle on your left should let you go first.
And if the roundabout is a two-lane cross road, any vehicle must not only circle outside the lane in which it is located, but also turn on the left light when driving out of the roundabout;
Stop and give way
1. All roads with stop signs are generally divided roads, branch roads or fork roads, with one on the ground at the intersectionWhite solid line, Which means youMust stop before the stop line,Allow any car on the main road to start safely after it’s finished. Even if you know there is no car, stop for at least three seconds before passing through;
2. The give way sign on the road is generally marked on the roaddotted line, When you stop slowly, in addition to polite to the traffic on the main road, you only need to polite to the right vehicle when turning left. Generally, there is a dotted line on the other side’s lane. Whoever gets there first crosses the intersection first;
3. After any vehicle enters the block after the speed limit, when it encounters a pedestrian sign, as long as someone near the zebra crossing is going to cross the road, or is crossing the road,You must stop the car and wait until pedestrians have completely crossed the road before you can start to pass slowly!
4. As long as your car is still behind the bus, when the bus hits the right turn signal, you must be polite to the bus and then follow behind and drive slowly;
Turning rule
You must stop at a red light, not turn left!
Even if you encounter a green light at an intersection and want to turn left, if someone crosses the road on the left crosswalk, you must wait until all pedestrians on the crosswalk have safely stepped onto the sidewalk before you can turn left slowly. Don't worry!
You can also turn the car slowly out of the lane and turn left. Once there is no one on the crosswalk, you can turn quickly, so that you won't be able to move at all when the red light comes back on.
Unless the sign below appears at a very few intersections, you can quickly turn left when there is no traffic on the right side!
Hook turn
Because the trams in Melbourne city are running rampant, when driving vehicles in Melbourne city to turn right at an intersection, pay attention to this sign at the intersection and follow the right turn rules. First, stay on the left and slowly drive towards the central waiting area of ​​the road. After the hook traffic light comes on, you can turn right!
Generally, it is recommended that your car should not drive into the urban areas of metropolises. Urban traffic is complicated, parking fees are expensive, and parking spaces are hard to find. Most of the roads in cities are charged by automatic meters. Please be careful. Read roadside signs and the use of payment machines unless you park in the parking lot.
NotesDo not park in parking spaces marked with wheelchairs for the disabled, Even if all seats are vacant, the fine is not light, and it is despised!
Those who really need to drive into the urban road to park can refer to the following signs:
The following signs cannot stop:
Other considerations
1,Don't get used to driving on the lined road, Unless there is no line on the road, also pay attention to driving on the left side of the road center;
2,Don't get used to sounding the car hornEven if the car in front makes a mistake, only those untrained and rude drivers in Australia will honour your horn or put your middle finger at you when you accidentally make a mistake. If the police happen to pass by, they will deduct points and fines for the driver who honks the horn. ;
3,Be careful not to stray into the bus lanes in the city, When you drive into the dedicated lane, the surveillance camera is at the crossing, you will be fined more than 200 Australian dollars;
4,In the reflector, you see any special vehicles with sirens in the rear, including fire trucks, ambulances, etc., you must turn on the left light and drive slowly to the left, Or when there is only one road, you have to press on the left shoulder to drive slowly, you must give up the right or fast lane, and let the special vehicles go first, even if your left road is empty;
5,When a police car sounds an alarm and flashing lights behind your car, it will signal you to pull over and stop, Then you turn on the left turn signal first, and slowly pull over to the side of the road shoulder or in the safety zone of the quiet street in front of the road. After the car is parked, remember not to do anything. The police come up and ask you to roll down the window. Shake, if you are asked to get your ID, you will get your driver's license. If you need to ask you to read One Two Three Four aloud to the handheld, you just count, it's nothing more than a test of alcohol, or telling you where to foul, etc.;
Some other road signs:
If there are other Australian traffic regulations that are easy to be confused, please add them.
I also hope that you will forward this article to relatives and friends who are self-driving in China, so that everyone can come happily and go back safely.

Like in the movie

"There are thousands of roads, safety first.

Irregular driving, tears of loved ones. "

The lives of our compatriots,

I hope it can sound the alarm for each of us!

Especially with a Chinese driver’s license translation

Tourist friends who drive,

Please follow the Australian traffic regulations when you come to the country,

Familiarize yourself with road conditions in advance,

Spend time studying traffic rules,

Keep yourself and your relatives and friends safe.

Don’t let these bloody examples happen again,

Don’t let "Chinese drivers" lack quality

Become resonance!

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