Summer is really coming? !

This weekend, many places in Australia will usher in a five-day heat wave, and the temperature in some areas will soar to40 Celsius! !

And this heat wave will continue until the end of this year!

Everywhere is red!

The people of Melbourne will spend the next few days in the heat!

Starting from Wednesday, southeast Australia will be the first to welcome the hot summer, and the temperature will be close to the highest record in history.

This hot air mass is accumulating in parts of Western Australia and is expected to pass through South Australia and Victoria on Wednesday and Thursday, and then arrive in NSW over the weekend.

Weather forecasters warn that higher temperatures also come with a higher risk of bushfires.

On Friday, temperatures in parts of Adelaide and Sydney will exceed 30 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in some areas will reach 40 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, Sydneysiders will have a hot long weekend, with temperatures reaching 29 degrees Celsius, while the western region will reach 34 degrees Celsius.

The temperature on Saturday is expected to drop sharply to 21 degrees Celsius, and on Sunday it will rise again to 26 degrees Celsius.

Including Sydney, the inland areas including Broken Hill, Mallee and Port Augusta will experience a five-day heat wave.

Meteorological Bureau forecaster Rose Barr said that by Sunday, the highest temperature in western NSW will reach 37 and 38 degrees Celsius.These temperatures will be 10 degrees Celsius higher than the average at this time of year.

Adelaide will also experience high temperatures, with temperatures expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius on Friday, while rural areas in South Australia will reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Melbourne are expected to reach 25 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, 27 degrees Celsius on Thursday, a slight drop on Friday, and 27 degrees Celsius on Saturday.

Some rural areas in Victoria are expected to usher in one of the hottest October on record. Mildura is located in the northern part of Victoria. The temperature is expected to reach 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, and the temperature will hover around 31 degrees Celsius in the next two days. Residents will be sultry and hot at 34 degrees on Saturday.

Senior meteorologist Tom Delamotte said this was 15 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature at the beginning of this month.But this is not the first time Mildura has encountered a high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius at such an early time.

"The last time it was so hot was on October 2015, 10, at 6 degrees Celsius.So this has happened before, but we don't see it very often, especially in the first week of October. We usually have this temperature at the end of October," said Dramott.

Hobart will also experience slightly hotter weather. The temperature is expected to reach 27 degrees Celsius on Thursday, but the temperature will drop to 17 degrees again on Friday.

The temperature in Brisbane will remain around 25 degrees, and it is expected to be cloudy on Wednesday, with temperatures of 25 degrees and rising to 31 degrees on Saturday.Darwin will continue to maintain high temperatures, and it is expected that the temperature will reach 35 degrees Celsius in the next few days, while Perth will remain relatively hot. The temperature will reach 25 degrees Celsius on Thursday and the average temperature on weekends will drop to 20 degrees Celsius.

Liz Hanna, chair of the Environmental Hygiene Working Group of the World Public Health Association, said that high temperatures are one of Australia's deadliest natural disasters.

She said that in Australia, the number of deaths related to high temperatures has risen to an average of thousands every year, but almost no measures have been taken.

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