AustraliaStrikes in Europe have become a tradition, and all walks of life have to stage at least several strikes every year.

Especially in Melbourne, in recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have poured into the CBD during every large-scale demonstration of the Workers' Union.

But among the various industries in Melbourne, there is a company that has not participated in the strike for 16 years.
This is Melbourne's most proud company——
As the largest casino in Melbourne and even the whole of Australia, Crown is always brightly lit at all times, and there is an endless stream of tourists. Want it to close? It's harder!
However, this 16-year non-closing record is likely to be broken in the near future!
This strike is also one of the largest strikes in Crown’s history, and may even cause Crown’sIt fell into a state of closure within a few weeks.
In other words,
The door is closed for several weeks!
According to reports, Crown’s employee union officially announced the breakdown of negotiations with casino management. In the previous 10 weeks, the two parties had negotiated on the issue of employee salary.
The result proved that contradictions are irreconcilable.
According to the Crown employee union, the salary they hope to receive is an average annual salary increase of 3% in the next three years.
That is, within 3 years, total salary increased by 15%; Crown’s management only agreed to an average annual salary increase2.5%.
The nature of Crown has led to the fact that even if the Australian economy is in a cold winter state, it will not have much impact on Crown.
In order to ensure that the casino can be open 24 hours a day, Crown's 7300 employees have made a great contribution. However, the management is stingy with the treatment of employees.
In the absence of agreement on wages, the Crown employee union tried to strike as a last resort.
If 7300 employees go on strike,Crown will be locked out for a while.
Even if Crown ceases business for 1 hour, it will cause huge economic losses. This time, Crown's employee union has already taken actual action.
They think the Australian Fair Work Commission has submitted a plan for the strike.
If the Fair Work Committee approves the strike plan at its meeting on October 10, Crown employees will formally initiate a strike on November 28.
November 11 is a big day for Melbourne. This is the annual Melbourne Cup.
As a Public Holiday, countless people will come to Melbourne on this day. After watching the horse racing, Crown is the next place for many people.
If Crown’s employees went on strike on this day and the casino was shut down, the losses would far exceed any day. Perhaps Crown, which has been operating uninterrupted for 16 consecutive years, is about to "close its doors for reorganization"!