In other words, yesterday’s news touched the hearts of Chinese compatriots all over the world:

In the early morning of October 10, local time, the British police found 23 frozen dead bodies in a truck container parked in an industrial park in Essex.

Many British media said that the 39 victims were all Chinese citizens, including 31 men and 8 women.

But according to the latest news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:The British police are still nervously verifying the identities of the victims, and they are still unable to confirm whether they are Chinese citizens.

However, according to the latest news,There may be a new reversal in the 39 corpses of a British truck.

BBC News, Sky News, "Daily Mail" and other foreign media reported that the victim is suspected of being a Vietnamese. The second batch of remains have been transferred to the hospital.

Picture: Sky News

Today, the British media "British Circle" went to Waterglade Industrial Park (Waterglade Industrial Park) to interview BBC media staff.

The other party stated that the police were not rigorous in sending out the news that the victims are believed to be Chinese citizens from the beginning.

The last words of the suspected deceased are exposed...
Sky News reported an unconfirmed news today:Many of the dead (Pham Tra My) may be Vietnamese.
The BBC also updated in tonight’s report:
At least six of the 39 people found dead in a lorry trailer in Essex may have been from Vietnam.
Hoa Nghiem, a member of the International Humanitarian Organization, also revealed on Twitter that a victim (Pham Tra My) sent the last last words to his family from the container before his death.
Image: Twitter @HoaNghiem3
The content of the information is as follows-
"I'm sorry, mom, my journey abroad was unsuccessful. Mom, I love you very much!I'm dying...because I can't breathe...".
Figure: Daily Mail
Sky News pointed out that the news was sent within a few hours before the police found the body on the evening of October 10.
Picture: BBC News
During the interview, the reporter encountered a staff member from the BBC Vietnam Department who said that the department had received 6 calls from the family members of suspected victims to provide clues, hoping to further confirm whether the victims were their own family members.
One of them claimed to have received a message from (suspected Pham Tra My), and said that the stowaway had paid £3 for coming to the UK and part of the money had been paid to the snakehead.
Figure: Daily Mail
Picture: BBC News
The BBC reported that the relatives of the 26-year-old suspected victim (Pham Thi Tra My, who was suspected of texting) said that her sister's journey to the UK began on October 10.
She told her family not to contact her because the "organizer" did not allow her to answer the phone.
He also said:"She flew to China first, stayed there for a few days, and then went to France."
"She flew to China and stayed there for a couple days, then left for France," he said.
"My sister disappeared on the way from Vietnam to the UK on October 10, and we were unable to contact her.We worry that she might be in that container."
"She called us when she arrived at each destination.She first tried to cross the border on October 10, but was caught and changed direction.I'm not sure which port she will go to eventually. "
The last text message received by the relatives of the suspected victim was 10:22 on October 22, UK time-two hours before the container arrived at Purfleet in London from Zeebrugge, Belgium.
In addition, the victim's brother said that Snake Head had returned the money to her family.
The remaining two families of the suspected victims contacted the BBC. They said they were relatives of a 19-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man (Nguyen Dinh Luong).
Picture: BBC News
The relatives of the 19-year-old suspected victim said she spoke to her family earlier this Tuesday, saying that she was entering a container and was about to turn off her mobile phone to avoid detection. She has not heard from since then.
Relatives of 26-year-old Nguyen Dinh Luong also stated that they were worried that Nguyen Dinh Luong was one of the 39 victims. His relatives also received refunds.
The statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in the UK on the evening of the 24th stated:
"The Chinese Embassy in the UK has sent a public counselor in charge of consular affairs to Essex and contacted the local British police. The British police stated that they are verifying the identity of the victims and it is not yet possible to determine that the victims are of Chinese nationality."
The Vietnamese Embassy in the UK also issued a statement that they are in contact with the Essex Police.
However, no matter what nationality the 39 victims are from, the whole incident is a shocking tragedy.
After the body was found, the police arrested a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland, Mo Robinson, on suspicion of murder.
This person was the driver of the truck and the first person to find the bodies.
British police found that the container took a ferry from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to the dock in Essex, England at 23:12 am local time on the 30rd.
The truck driver Robinson then hauled the container out of the terminal by truck at 1:05. About 35 minutes later, the driver Robinson opened the container door and found 39 frozen dead bodies inside. He immediately reported the crime.
Allegedly, he almost fainted after seeing so many dead bodies. However, the police are still skeptical of Robinson, he may be related to this terrible case.
Because the police believe that the container in the incident was for refrigeration, generally used to carry food, and the refrigeration temperature can reach minus 25 degrees Celsius. The freezing container is normally rarely opened midway because of fear that the food will deteriorate.
The police are still investigating the doubt as to why Robinson would open the container on the road in the industrial zone.
If you imagine the experience of these 39 victims in their lifetime, you will find all this extremely terrifying.
This kind of container in the tragedy can not only be refrigerated, but also has a sealed design inside. When the door is closed, there is no light inside. Even if the people inside cried out for help, it was unlikely that the people outside would hear it.
So even if the freezing device is not turned on, it will suffocate and die if you stay in it for a long time. This is simply a"Metal Coffin"
According to reports, the container was loaded from the Belgian port on the freighter at nearly 10 pm on October 22 and was not opened during the journey. Therefore, the 3 victims stayed in this environment for at least 39 hours.
Therefore, in a dark environment with no water, no food, and low temperature, they were almost slowly frozen to death in despair.
If it is said that being locked in such a container, the possibility of survival is extremely low, then why did these 39 victims appear inside?
At present, some media speculate that these victims may be smugglers who wanted to smuggle to the UK through the European human snake group.
Residents near the port also said that many people and snake groups use containers to smuggle people, and it is common for illegal immigrants to be found in containers. But I did not expect such a serious tragedy to happen.
Drivers driving trucks at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium said that they often also see some immigrants wandering aimlessly at the port, so many ports are equipped with thermal imaging cameras to try to prevent people from sneaking into containers and illegally migrating.
If there are people in the container, you can see it in the thermal imager.
However, this is useless in the eyes of the profiteering group of people and snakes. Thermal imaging cameras can only detect items with temperature, but are not effective for refrigerated containers.
Because the internal temperature is too low, it cannot receive the heat generated by anyone, and criminals use this to avoid inspection.
However, once they were tricked into getting into the container and the door was locked, they would be destined to be sent on a road of no return.
With the further investigation of the case, people related to this deadly container have provided clues, which makes things even more erratic.
Earlier, the police said that the truck involved in the incident was registered in Bulgaria, and then the Bulgarian government admitted that the truck was registered in the country, but it has not entered the country since 2017.
And the current owner of the truck carrying the container is an Irish company.
According to the latest news, two more suspects were arrested. They are a couple, both 2 years old, from Warrington, England. It is reported that they are the former owners of the truck.
But they insisted that they had sold the truck 13 months ago. And the seller is from Monaghan County, Ireland, very close to the truck driver Robinson.
The container with 39 corpses belongs to the Irish global trailer rental company GTR. The person in charge said that the container had already been leased on October 10.
They did not know that the container was used in this way, and they were shocked by the incident.
They also provided the police with GPS data of the container. To their shock, the relevant data showed that the container had visited Dunkirk and Calais in France before arriving at the Belgian port.
Most illegal immigrants usually choose to hide in cargo ships or containers and travel to the UK via French ports such as Dunkirk and Calais.
And in the week before the incident, data showed that the container had crossed the English Channel twice.
This means that in addition to the 39 people who died, the container containing the corpses was once loaded with other people.
On the other side, Joachim Coens, the head of the Belgian port of Zeebrugge, denied that the 39 victims had sneaked into the container at the Belgian port.
Because all the containers will be inspected at the port, and then they will be uniformly sealed. Until the container is sent to the freighter, the whole process is monitored. Therefore, in such an environment, if the seal is broken and 39 people are loaded into the container and then sealed, they will definitely be discovered.
In an interview, the mayor of Zeebrugge of Belgium also stated:
"The container is completely sealed, and the inside is extremely cold. If you are locked in such a container, you will definitely die."
Therefore, the mayor believes that the 39 victims are likely to have been in the container before arriving at the Belgian port, or even died before arriving in Belgium.
I believe that after the efforts of the police to track down, the truth will slowly surface.
But the 39 lives lost in this tragedy will never be seen again. The last memories of their lives will forever be frozen in the extreme cold and darkness, suffocating fear.
Regarding this tragedy, British Prime Minister Boris also stated on social media,
"I am shocked by the tragic events in Essex.I am receiving real-time updates. The Ministry of the Interior and the local police will cooperate to investigate what happened.I am here to mourn the victims and their families."
After the case was exposed, many people also went to the place where the body was found and placed flowers to express their sympathy and condolences for the dead.
Then the truck with the corpse was moved to another safer place for more detailed investigation. In the area where the truck passed, the police and passers-by bowed their heads to mourn the victims.
The local government of the city of Reys, Essex, also lowered its flag at half mast to express its condolences.
Yesterday, the British people gathered in London spontaneously, holding candles in their hands as a vigil for the 39 victims.
In China, the hearts of countless Chinese people are affected, and no one wants to see their compatriots experience such things.
No matter where the victims come from, such a terrible tragedy, I hope it will not happen again. This should be the voice of the people around the world...

(Part of the update of this article comes from "British Circle", WeChat id: UKZONE)