The first wife of Huawei President Ren Zhengfei was named Meng Jun. The father-in-law was Meng Dongbo, who was a former vice governor. He divorced in 1987. It was Meng Jun who abandoned Ren Zhengfei instead of marrying a new love. Because there was no Huawei at that time, Ren wanted Relying on father-in-law's background. Their daughter and son were named Meng Wanzhou and their son Meng Ping. They all followed Meng's surname, not Ren's surname. This shows that Ren Zhengfei's status at the time is impossible to divorce actively. Why did they divorce at that time?
Ren Zhengfei was born in a poor place in Guizhou Province, and his family was poor. Ren Zhengfei said, “I haven’t had a girlfriend after graduating from college. Someone saw it and introduced me to Meng Jun.” And he laughed at himself and said, “Meng Jun was back then. Being able to look at me, I really can’t understand, because at the time she was like a white swan in the sky, and I was just a toad on the ground. At that time, I had nothing at all, and I had no skills other than learning well, even Even the family background is just so-so, but why does she have a good family background and good looks, so she likes me, a poor boy?"
In my opinion, it should be Ren Zhengfei's handsome, very handsome, now he is very handsome, young should be very handsome.
In 1983, Ren Zhengfei, who had just transferred from the army to Shenzhen, was 39 years old. With the support of his first wife, Meng Jun, Ren Zhengfei became the manager of an electronics company under the Shenzhen Nanhai Petroleum Group. He has worked hard in the army for many years. He is simple and kind. He seems to know nothing about the intrigue and intrigue in the market.

In 1987, reality gave Ren Zhengfei a blow. In an external transaction of Shenzhen Nanhai Petroleum Group, the company was defrauded of 200 million yuan due to Ren Zhengfei's decision error. Even today, 200 million is not a small sum for most people, let alone in the 100s? We must know that Shenzhen was a special economic zone at that time, and the local per capita salary was no more than XNUMX yuan at most.

The leadership of the Nanhai Petroleum Group was decisive in dealing with huge losses. The first step they took was to identify the first responsible person as Ren Zhengfei, and then fire him. Ren Zhengfei had repeatedly pleaded with the unit leaders to let the company give him another chance, but they were all rejected.

This next Zhengfei not only lost his job, but also faced millions of liabilities. Ren Zhengfei looked at his parents, siblings, and siblings, but they were worried. As they had no source of income, the seven members of the Ren family had to live in a small shack.

At this time, Ren Zhengfei put his only hope on his wife, who was an executive of the Nanhai Petroleum Group at the time, hoping that she could help herself "return a city." Misfortunes never come singly, and after this turmoil, his wife decisively drew a line with Ren Zhengfei and asked for a divorce. After some restoration to no avail, Ren Zhengfei, who was "double-exiled" by his career and marriage, signed the divorce agreement. Ren Zhengfei was 44 years old this year.

Is there room for regret and complaint? The elderly and children in the family are waiting for him to raise, and the tuition and living expenses of the younger brothers and sisters are waiting for him to pay. Middle-aged Ren Zhengfei seemed to be driven to a dead end. He didn't know how many sleepless nights he had spent. Breaking the boat and fighting back became his only choice.

At the age of 44, Ren Zhengfei was not only old, but also expelled, divorced, from a military cadre to a state-owned enterprise executive, and finally to the end, he was almost alone.

History always has to make a good story through such decisive sadness, and countless biographies later recorded that story like this, "In 1987, Ren Zhengfei left Nanyou Company because of a work error and was forced to embark on the road of entrepreneurship."

In the end, Ren Zhengfei, who fell to the bottom, chose to stand up again and registered a new company called "Huawei" with the 2 yuan borrowed from relatives and friends as the start-up capital.

There is no need to mention the latter. Now Huawei’s annual revenue exceeds 6000 billion, and 5G technology leads the world; Ren Zhengfei has already become the most successful "godfather of technology" of this era.

Everyone has their own wonderful life, don't forget to give yourself some applause in the trough.