This is a stomach medicine that has taken the world by storm, and it has a proud statistic——
In 2018, doctors issued 2500 million prescriptions for the drug.
And now, it has another chilling number——
Carcinogen, 3000 times exceeding the standard.
In Australia, in China, and in the United States, they are sold in large quantities.
This stomach medicine is being taken by the Chinese, but also as a relief medicine.
Australians are eating, Europeans are eating, Americans are also eating,
Now, it is about to become a dead person eating.
Remember this name,
Zantac, Chinese "good stomach".
Dailymail: The FDA announced that Zantac contains unacceptable carcinogens and thousands of boxes of drugs are sold every year.
On September 2019, 9, the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Safety Agency became a mess.
Why is there such a substance in the medicine? It shouldn't be in the stomach medicine!
Where does it come from?
After checking the statistics of the hospital's prescriptions for the drug in 2018, the FDA staff sat down one by one.
What happened on this day is comparable to the end of the world.
2500 million prescriptions are just prescriptions, not including the number purchased by the patient,
This means that 2500 million people are likely to be about to get cancer.
New York Times
This time, the substances inspected by the FDA and European Medicines Safety Agency,The name is NDMA.
NDMA has transplacental carcinogenic effects, and a variety of short-term mutagenic tests have shown positive results.
The American Association of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) lists NDMA as
Suspected chemical carcinogen for humans.
Where was it detected?
From a stomach medicine that is popular all over the world, it is called
Zantac, Chinese "good stomach".
Zantac stomach medicine is placed on the shelves of Wal-Mart supermarket, only one box is left
Stomach medicine popular all over the world

Zantac is produced in Mexico, and the active ingredients in the medicine come from Spain.
Around the world, Zantac’s influence can be described as the Radix isatidis in stomach medicine.
As long as there is a stomach problem, the first thing many friends think of is Zantac.
But now, this essential medicine for stomach patients has become a highly toxic medicine.
The stomach disease was cured, but stomach cancer came...
How wide is the sales range of Zantac? It's so wide that you can't think of it.
Different Zantac products have differences in the content of pharmaceutical ingredients.
Therefore, Zantac and its generic drugs are divided into prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.
Zantac’s prescription drugs can only be purchased and taken under the guidance of a doctor.
Even if this is the case, within a year, hospitals everywhere have opened2500 million Zantac prescriptions.
And the one that is more widely spread in the market is Zantac’s over-the-counter drugs.
Buy Zantac over-the-counter drugs,It's as simple as buying Banlangen.
As long as there is a pharmacy or a supermarket, Zantac stomach medicine is placed on the shelves.
In Australia, there are traces of Zantac on the drug shelves of major supermarkets.
Zantac sold on CVS
For example, in Costco supermarkets, there are two Zantac stomach medicines on sale.
Zantac in Costco
Zantac on Woolworths shelf
The picture above is Zantac stomach medicine on the shelf of Woolworths supermarket in Australia.
They are neatly arranged on supermarket shelves,
On the side there is Acid Band-Aid,
This medicine is as easy to obtain as band-aids.
Chemistwarehouse is selling Zantac
In Australia’s Chemistwarehouse, Zantac stomach medicine is also placed,
The products placed around are also common health products in life.
Zantac, it's too easy to enter our lives.
Not just in Australia,
Zantac's stomach medicine has also entered the life circle of Chinese people at any time through purchasing agents everywhere.
Just search in the Google search bar,Zantac purchasing,
You can get about 3190 search results,
The content is all advertising and purchasing information for Zantac stomach medicine.
Because Zantac's drug effect is obvious and the so-called reputation is good,
In modern society, people’s living and eating habits are easily disordered, leading to poor stomach conditions.
This cheap and common stomach medicine has naturally become the first choice for Chinese people to return home as gifts.
In China, its name is Shanweide,
On a certain online shopping platform, it is too sparse and ordinary.
However, what nobody expected is that you kindly handed over gifts,
It turned out to be a carcinogenic poison!
3000 times carcinogen

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
Some Zantac stomach medicines were found to contain traces of impuritiesN-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)ingredient,
Because this ingredient may have carcinogenic concerns, related drugs have been removed from the shelves.
The European Medicines Agency said,
"These data are being evaluated, and specific information about how many drugs patients use to cause cancer will be calculated as soon as possible."
Currently, the United States will stop selling the best-selling heartburn treatment drugs"Zantac" and its own brand medicine with the main ingredient of ranitidine,
According to Reuters,
The US drugstore chain "CVS Health Corp" stated that
"Because this ingredient (NDMA) may be carcinogenic, related drugs have been removed from the shelves."
NDMA is no stranger to some patients,
Some time ago"Antihypertensive drugs cause cancer"The culprit of the storm is this NDMA.
We mentioned above,
NDMA is a suspected chemical carcinogen for humans,
It can cause liver damage, decreased blood platelet count, increased transaminase concentration, and symptoms such as headache, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, scattered subcutaneous hemorrhage, lethargy, nausea, and diarrhea.
Long-term exposure to smaller doses may also increase the risk of liver cancer.
And "As long as the dose is sufficient, everything is poisonous",
3000 times exceeding the standard, is the dose sufficient?
In 2018, some antihypertensive drugs were fully recalled because they contained 17 micrograms of NDMA.
Because the US FDA stipulates that the dosage of NDMA is less than 1 microgram.
Now, the NDMA contained in Zantac and its generic drugs is actuallyUp to 3000 micrograms,
It's better to stop taking medicine and take NDMA directly.
It's all because of Zantac's drug that makes NDMA impure.
So, how is NDMA mixed into Zantac?
According to the FDA,
I do not know either…
According to the FDA investigation,
How the carcinogen NDMA enters these drugs has been a mystery.
And there are currently speculations,
Since Zantac is a product brand of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi,
In addition to stomach medicine, there are medicines such as cold medicine.
The problematic Zantac stomach medicine may mainly contain carcinogenic NDMA ingredients.
This should not be part of the stomach medicine, it may be caused by contamination or other reasons during the medicine manufacturing process.
Other brands such as Kirkland's generic drugs, as long as they are not from the same origin or manufacturer
It can be considered safe.
The food was found to contain carcinogens,
Washing powder has also been found to contain carcinogens,
Even medicines for curing diseases have been found to be carcinogens.
Friends must pay attention to medicated meals.
If you are not careful, you get sick from your mouth.
The US FDA and the European Medicines Safety Agency jointly issued a statement,
Sales of Zantac and other ranitidine-containing products have been suspended due to excessive NDMA.
Among them, the NDMA in Zantac stomach medicine is said to exceed the standard by 3000 times.
However, NDMA components are generally not present in stomach medicines.
Therefore, this incident is suspected to be caused by drug contamination.
The FDA strongly recommends that you use other drugs instead of Zantac,
Do not continue taking stomach medicines related to Zantac.
Repeated carcinogenic farce or scandal happened to health-maintaining drugs,
Medicine that has always been regarded as a lifesaver,
Now it once became a panic poison,
It is hoped that relevant enterprises and units can strictly review the production lines,
Avoid similar situations.
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