Compared with study abroad countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States,

Australia’s immigration advantages are self-evident.

Whether to stay in Australia or return to China,

This is a choice that almost everyone has to face.

1,Questions from friends' souls

Summer in the southern hemisphere is here, and the Christmas holiday is close at hand~

Another wave of friends is going back to China to visit relatives~

Say goodbye to sunny beaches and heat waves, and return to the embrace of the northern hemisphere in winter...

It's just that I met alumni who had struggled in Australia together at the dinner, and he has returned to China for many years after graduation. Now he has established a firm foothold in China.

After drinking three rounds, he suddenly asked me: Australia has good mountains and water, and fresh air. This is true, but these are also available in Hainan!China is already 5G, and Australia is still raising cattle and sheep. You stay there, what do you picture?

Facing questions like this, I...

? ? ? ? ? ?

Ask yourself, what do I do if I stay in Australia?

2,We used to fight together in the past

The first generation of immigrants from ordinary people is always the most troubled generation.

To break the existing cognition of the domestic environment, it is necessary to change a way of thinking completely different from the native language. To understand the operating principles and classes of a new society, it is also necessary to work hard to integrate into the environment, and strive to find a place in the originally small and cramped space.

In the beginning, there are so many things that need to be adjusted and adapted, and there are so many test questions that can only be heard and understood. You have to use a language you are not good at to compare with other people’s mother tongue...

Of course, young people are the age of struggle. If you don't work hard at this time, can you wait until Seven Old Eighty to fight again?

Some people, such as this friend, made up his mind from the beginning to return to China after graduation. It may be because of his dependence on his parents and friends, or his preference for the domestic environment.

Some people, like me, made up their minds to stay after graduation.

What if you ask me to stay in Australia?

I would say: I have too many pictures.

In addition to good mountains, water and air, there are so many more in Australia that are worth my stay.

3,If you want money, return to your country;Horrible, stay

Survival pressure is the first point I considered.

If you want to show your ambitions, do something big, and make a lot of money, Australia may not be suitable for you.

After all, how does the market size of 2000 million people compare with 13 billion people?

However, a population of this size inevitably brings fierce competition.

Friends who have been to Japan may feel more emotional. In the business district, every Japanese person seems to have fatigue written on his face... Japan is a country with a population of just over XNUMX million, but its GDP can reach half of China’s GDP. What is it?

competition! Competition urges people's endurance!

In a small country, it would be difficult to survive without Saburo's hard work to feed so many people!

This is also the reason why I prefer Australia-the survival pressure is low.

The upper limit of development in Australia is indeed limited, but its lower limit is very high.

The minimum hourly wage is equivalent to nearly 100 yuan, as long as you live hard,Daily income is enough for a person to lead a decent life.

Only this once in life. I have experienced the cry of an only child without brothers and sisters, and the pain of the college entrance examination of crossing a single-plank bridge. If I can, I really want to stay away from this pressure of competition.

More importantly, I don't want my next generation to experience this.

So, there was a famous ridicule: Those who ask for money have all returned to China, and those who want to die, stay.

4,Life without Peer-Review

I like to wear H&M and Uniqlo clothes because they are simple in style and comfortable to wear. They are made of pure cotton and do not need to be taken to the laundry.

Compared with clothes, I am more willing to spend money on accessories, especially during the Christmas discount season, but I will not spend a lot of money to buy luxury goods that exceed my purchasing power.

I am not in a rush to get married, but I want to lay a good foundation for my career while I am young.

I have been in Australia for many years and I have never felt that this is wrong.Because no matter what I wear, carry, or do, I will not be judged or compared by people around me.

No Judge. Life without Peer Review, it's so cool!

But this is basically impossible in China,Because the greater the pressure of competition, the more intense the comparison with each other.

Today you wear Dior, tomorrow I will change into Chanel;

Today your child enrolled in a bilingual kindergarten, and tomorrow, my child will participate in an English crash course;

Today, you bought a small two-bedroom house in the third ring road. Tomorrow, I will buy a small bed in the suburbs;

There will never be peace.

I don't need Dior and Chanel, I just want to live a life without a beak.

Therefore, when a friend who returned to China asked me: There are good mountains and rivers everywhere, what else in Australia besides raising cattle and sheep? Unfamiliar with the place of life, the emperor is far away, staying in Australia, what do you want?

I just want to raise the wine glass and say in return:

No one like you cares about me.

At last,

Whether to return to China or stay in Australia, it is a personal choice

After living in Australia for many years, the most important thing to know is:

"You never judge"

Stick to your own choices and don’t question other people’s lives