Whether you are a tourist, a freshman in Melbourne, a new immigrant who wants to settle down, or an old immigrant who is considering moving. Almost everyone who comes to Melbourne wants to know a question:

Where is the best law and order in Melbourne?

However, everyone’s daily activities are nothing more than home, school or company.I almost don't know anything about Melbourne other than that, I can only hear some rumors from others.

The Victorian Bureau of Crime Statistics released a detailed report,All the crime data as of the first half of 2019 are presented on one map!

That piece of dark green

All crimes hidden around us!

The darker the color, the higher the crime rate

Those who watch it are terrified!

Melbourne 2019 crime map

Property embezzlement crime:
Where are the thieves in Melbourne
Let’s take a look at what everyone cares about most, tooThe most likely crime map of theft and robbery.These crimes includeBurglary, car theft and street pickpocketsand so on.

The darker the color, the more rampant the crime

As can be seen from this overall map,There are unsafe areas in every district in the south, east, northwest.

But a closer look will reveal the southeast directionLatrobe and Melbourne city districtThe color is the darkest, indicating that theft in these two areas is the most rampant in Melbourne.

But zoom in on the map and you can seeBox Hill and Glen Waverley, Chinese DistrictThe law and order are still good.

In the past, everyone thought that the worst security in Melbourne was in the North, but if you see the crime map in Melbourne, you will think:In fact, it is not the North District's public security disorder, but the CBD and its surrounding Yarra District!

Look at these areas covered in dark green

From last June to the end of June this year

A total of 14514 thefts occurred in Melbourne City

About 40 cases happen in city every day!

among them,

In the 14514 thefts in City,

There are 8977 pickpockets stealing (from the body),

An average of 24.5 cases per day

In addition, the area near Melbourne's CBD is not worrying!

7912 thefts occurred in Yarra area

An average of 22 cases per day!

So friends shopping in the cityPay attention,

Just when you go shopping crazy

You may have been targeted by a thief!

This bad situation has been high for many years!

Melbourne, East Melbourne, Southbank, Docklands, Carlton North, Burnley, RichmondWait, it's all within this high-risk zone!

I feel like walking on the street,

More than 20 thieves are also shuttled in the crowd...

A little inattentive,

Your mobile phone and wallet are gone!

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