LeadThe tragedy of twelve years ago has recently returned to public view.
12 年前
The "Xue Naiyin Killing Wife and Abandoned Daughter Case" across the four countries
A sensation in the global Chinese community
Abandoned little girl"little pumpkin"
Affect the hearts of countless people
12 years later
"Little Pumpkin" Are you okay?
New Zealand lawyers are looking for you
There is still $4 waiting for you to claim it
According to NZ Hearld, New Zealand lawyers are trying to find someone abandoned by their father 12 years ago."little pumpkin".
After her father killed her mother,
Abandoned her inMelbourne Southern Cross Station.
The real name of "Little Pumpkin" is Xue Qianxun,
After the "Killing Wife and Abandoning Daughter"
Unfortunately, she did not stay in Australia.
But was picked up by her grandmother,
Brought back to China to continue to raise.
However, the trust account established in her name in New Zealand still exists.
And still$4Waiting for the little pumpkin to claim it.
It is reported that this trust account was established after the murder occurred 12 years ago.
The Little Pumpkin Trust established after the incident happened that year,The source was mainly donations from New Zealanders and Australians at that time.There are about 4 New Zealand dollars in the trust waiting to be claimed.
Back then, Pumpkin's grandmother refused to accept the money.
Oakland trust lawyer John Gray said recently,
If the money cannot be claimed for a long time,
In the end, it can only be submitted to the IRD tax department for confiscated.
The purpose of setting this money wasCan be used for the growth of small pumpkins.

Trust lawyer John Gray said:

"We also tried to find Grace (Little Pumpkin's half-sister)."

"Now the money is still in the trust account, and no one can claim it and provide it to Little Pumpkin. We don't have any contact information for Little Pumpkin Grandma."

"What I want to say now is that I hope that the relatives of Pumpkin can take the money away in time, otherwise the money can only be handed over to the IRD."

With the help of Mao Peng from New Zealand’s media, NZ Herald tried to contactChangsha, HunanLittle pumpkins.

She was 2007 years old in 3, and she should be 15 now.She and her grandmother Liu Xiaoping have been living together.

According to reports, a friend who knew little pumpkin’s grandmother’s family told Herald reporter,
"Little Pumpkin lives very well now."
"She is tall and beautiful, and looks like her mother."
"Life is quite comfortable now."
According to this friend,Little Pumpkin is currently attending a private school.
However, there is no contact with Grace Xue, her half-sister in New Zealand.
(Grace Xue)
The friends of Grandma Little Pumpkin also revealed to the New Zealand media that
"Little Pumpkin’s grandmother is an executive of a group company in Changsha.
The family is very wealthy,
She didn't want Little Pumpkin to know that dark history. "
"Little Pumpkin already knows
All about her parents.
She has read all the stories on the Internet. "
Twelve years
The news about this case is still not over
And the Chinese can hardly forget this"Tragedy"
On September 2007, 9, a little girl was found abandoned by an elevator at Southern Cross Railway Station in Melbourne.
After investigation, her father is
Editor-in-Chief of New Zealand Chinatown Magazine
Famous Chinese martial artist
Xue Naiyin
After Xue Naiyin abandoned his daughter Xue Qianxun at Southern Cross Station, he took the plane on the same dayFlee to Los Angeles, USA.

At first, people didn't know Xue Qianxun's real name, and the brand of clothes Xue Qianxun was wearing was Pumpkin Patch.

So the Melbourne police gave her this cute nickname called"little pumpkin".

Soon on September 9, Little Pumpkin was sent to the emergency care center.

On September 9, the police found out the true identity of the little girl.

She also learned that her father, Xue Naiyin, had only flown to Melbourne from Auckland with a pumpkin two days ago.

However, the police found some doubts, that isThe whereabouts of Little Pumpkin's 27-year-old mother Liu An'an is unknown.

On September 9, things that people didn't want to see still happened.
Oakland PoliceThe trunk of the car parked in front of Xue Naiyin's houseThe body of the mother of Little Pumpkin was found.
Subsequently, this case was taken seriously by the police of various countries.
Australian police, New Zealand police, American police and Interpol jointly investigated the case.
After Liu Anan's body was found, the New Zealand police signed Xue Naiyin's arrest warrant on September 9 and sent it to the US Interpol.
Soon the Interpol signedRed wanted, Request the Los Angeles Police Department to search for Xue Naiyin's whereabouts.
On February 2008, 2, several Chinese living in Atlanta, the United States, quickly recognized Xue Naiyin who had met by chance because they had seen Xue Naiyin's photo in the newspaper.
Several Chinese immediately decided to catch Xue Naiyin spontaneously, and jointly subdued Xue Naiyin and reported to the police.
It is reported that Xue Naiyin initially tried to use a false name in the United States, but his New Zealand driver's license revealed his identity.
Before being arrested, he hid in the United States for 24 weeks.

On June 2009, 6, the Auckland High Court began the trial of Xue Naiyin.

At that time, the jury in this case consisted of all women.

During the trial, Xue Naiyin still wanted to sophis up.Declare yourself innocent.

However, a former Tai Chi practitioner of Xue Naiyin testified that,
"I saw ecchymosis under Liu Anan's right eye in 2004."
"After Xue Naiyin and Liu An'an got married in 2003, they visited Xue Naiyin's house several times. They felt that the relationship between Xue Naiyin and Liu An'an was not good, it was particularly cold, and the house lacked warmth."
"After discovering that Liu Anan was injured, I asked Liu Anan if he was okay when Xue Naiyin was away, but Liu Anan appeared very scared and did not answer."
Ms. Zhang, who lived with Liu An'an for a month in October 2006, also revealed that
"In the beginning, Liu An'an was only Xue Naiyin's tenant. Later, because her visa expired, she could not continue to stay in New Zealand.Xue Naiyin suggested that she find someone with New Zealand identity to marry, and Liu Anan accepted. "
"After they got married, their relationship began to deteriorate. Liu Anan once told the police that Xue Naiyin threw things at her and beat her.He even threatened to kill her with a knife."

On June 2009, 6, Xue Naiyin was formally convicted.

After hearing the verdict, Xue Naiyin was very dissatisfied with the result, waving his fists and shouting many times"Unfair" (unfair).

2009 years 7 months,Xue Naiyin was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for 12 years.

As early as October 2007, 10, New Zealand’s civil courtsThe custody of Little Pumpkin was awarded to her grandmother Liu Xiaoping.
Later, grandma Liu Xiaoping returned with the pumpkin and Liu An’an’s ashesChangsha, Hunan.

For twelve years dazzling, things have long since subsided. The editor believes that if Xiao Pumpkin’s grandmother’s family is indeed very wealthy as her friends say, she will leave it to Pumpkin’s grandmother to decide whether to receive the money. Forget the past and let the little pumpkin grow up happily and healthy is what really needs to be done.