That's horrible!

In a truck in the UK,

发现39 corpses of Chinese citizens!

8 women, 31 men!

All byFreeze to death!

According to foreign media reports,
This is since 2000,
英国The biggest murder!
Corpse containerAlready exposed!

25 degrees below zeroLow temperature,

Airtight, no sun,

Eating, drinking, and sleeping together...

39 dead are tortured...

Slowly die in despair...

Currently, the 25-year-old driver is suspected of murderArrested.

The case is still being investigated...

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However, these 39 lives disappeared tragically,

On Chinese social media,

alsoNot better than Xi Mengyao giving birth...


39 Chinese were frozen to death in the "metal coffin"!

On October 10, local time, around 23:1 in the morning,

In an industrial park in Thurrock, Essex, England,

Quietly parked a truck...

However, the weird calm did not last long,

This seemingly ordinary

The truck was surrounded by police!

It turned out that this truck contained unusual goods.


39 corpses!

And according to foreign media reports, confirmed by the local police

ThisAll 39 dead are ChineseChinese!

Including 8 women and 31 men!

What’s more frightening is that all of the 39 dead were

Frozen to death!

Currently,The inside of the container was also exposed for the first time!

The major media all blew up in an instant, one after anotherFront page headlines reported on this appalling tragedy.

Daily Mail: "39 Chinese people froze to death in a "metal coffin" at minus XNUMX degrees!"

7news: "All 39 victims are Chinese",

Sky news: "Police confirmed that all victims are Chinese",

World Wide Web: "The British Essex Police confirmed that there were 39 men and 31 women out of 8 bodies", "The British police confirmed that the 39 bodies in the container corpse case were all Chinese citizens."

The Chinese Embassy also confirmed the relevant situation with the British police immediately...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also issued an article saying that this tragedy made himVery shocked...

According to the "Daily Mail" report, when these dead were found,


My limbs are stiff and my body is frozen...

It’s not hard to imagine how they suffered during their lifetimePainful foldmill...

The police said that this section of the container is usually used to transport biscuits.

The temperature can reach25 degrees below zero!

The police are still unable to determine how long the container air conditioner has been on...

How long have these poor people endured the cold...

Not only that, there is no sun in the container,Airtight, And no lighting,

Not to mention the toilet, everyoneEat and drink Lazarus in it.

Hygienic conditions can be imagined…ProbablyPiss all over...

A British official was shocked, describing the situation and scene inside as "very terrifying."

And these poor Chinese are insideLived at least 15 hours...

According to foreign media, even if the people in the container can't bear it and cry out for help,

People outside may alsocan not hear...

Cold, dark, and helpless...

39 Chinese people died in despair, in extreme pain...

This journey turned out to be a way of no return...


Where did the mysterious container come from?

According to media reports, after preliminary investigation by the police, the container and truck head involvedNotSimultaneous entry.

This truck transporting containers is inRegistered in Bulgaria.

Local time, Holyhead of Wales entered the UK on October 10.

At 10:23 in the morning on October 12, this truck arrived at the Port of Furfleet, Essex, England.

Was connected from the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium,

Coming by ferryMystery container...

At 1:10 in the morning, the truck driver was also a suspect in the case, 25-year-old Mo Robinson,

Open the container,Ready to find documentsWhen I found out,


In the container39 frozen dead bodies!

Mo Robinson immediately called the 999 emergency number.

At 1:30 in the morning, the police arrived at the scene.

It is reported that the truck has beenTransfer to a safe location at Tilbury Pier.

So that these corpses can return to their normal state,

To maintain the final dignity of the deceased...

The staff is also working

Identify allThe identity of the deceased.

In order to inform their loved ones in the future.

But because they didn’t carry any documents,

We can expect that identity verification may take a long time...

Currently, the 25-year-old driver Mo RobinsonWas temporarily detained as a suspect.


Police investigation and evidence collection

The suspect Robinson lives in Laurelvale Village in Armagh County.

When the news of his arrest came, the whole village was shocked.

Many people said that how it is possible is really unbelievable.

Reported that Robinson’s girlfriend is a hairdresser and is currently pregnant with twins.
His father was the manager of Laurelvale FC, a local amateur football club.
People familiar with the matter said Robinson’s family isVery respected.
A friend at home told the "Daily Mail":

"The Robinsons are kind to others,

He would never know that those people were in the carriage."

However, is Robinson really unaware?

The police are currently secretive, saying they are still investigating.

It is reported that the truck in the accident wasIrish citizen.

Registered in Bulgaria in the name of its own company.

Robinson himself is a Northern Irishman, and one more striking point is:

Has been dug out by the media

He has repeatedly posted on his social media about

Registered in Bulgaria

Scania truck information

And proudly said that this truck is

"Polar Express"

At present, the British and Belgian police forces have both been involved in the investigation.

Earlier, the Northern Ireland police also raided

3 houses related to this case,

It really turned over to search for evidence,

Two of the residences, which the police suspect may belong to

"Organized Criminal Group"

At the same time, the police are also working to determine

Is this incident involved

Criminal group smuggling people

And will find out"May be involved in all criminal groups."

The police are also questioning whether these people have beenSell ​​to EnglandCountry.

Then they were sold as slaves to nail salons, brothels, massage parlours, etc.

A spokesperson for the Belgian Federal Attorney's Office stated:

It is not clear when these victims were put into the cargo box.

"We don't know how long the truck has been in Belgium.

It may be a few hours or days. "

Here, the editor feels very heavy.

Ironically, the most popular search on Weibo,

ActuallyStar giving birthNews...

Many netizens also said:

39 lives are no more than a child,

Looking really chilling!

And this tragedy, whether or not it involves human smuggling,

Actually caused

The whole societySmuggled to deathWide attention.


Immigration tragedies are happening all the time...

This case of the truck hiding the body shocked the world.

The tragedy reminds many people

There have been many murders of smugglers in the past!

58 Chinese were smothered

In June 2000, the port of Dover in southeast England,

On a truck entering the UK,

Dozens of corpsesLying on top of each other in the carriage.

The car emits a foul smell,

The scene is tragic...

After rescue, only 2 people survived.

The remaining 58 people

All died of suffocation

The Dutch driver who drove was also arrested.

It was not until a few years later that the Dutch court issued a verdict:

The driver has been in jail for 10 and a half years!

23 Chinese drowned

In February 2004, 2 Chinese illegal workers,

In Morecambe Bay in northwestern England, it was swallowed by the surge of tide!

Of the 23 victims,

In the end, only 21 bodies were recovered.

Among them, a man who was dying,

Call the wife in China at the last moment of life,

And the wife can only

Listening to the voice of her husband slowly disappearing,

And at a loss...

These tragic tragedies still remain in people’s memory,

Never expected that another 39 people would be killed here...

However, who are these 39 Chinese people and why are they here?

Does the driver know? When did the deceased enter the container?

Who turned on the refrigeration unit? How long has the refrigeration unit been on?

All this is still unknown...

We can only mourn for the dead, hoping to know what happened sooner...

Today's Conclusion
Squeezed in small containers,
These 39 victims,
In the extreme cold,
Curl up and leave this world!
It’s hard for us to know,
At the last moment before death,
Did they beat the box?
Is there a voice for help?
Although they are illegal immigrants,
There is no conclusive evidence yet.
But it is undeniable that
This tragedy,
Once again, the smuggling of immigrants has been pushed to the cusp of public opinion.
And the past
The bloody price is before our eyes,
This way of taking risks,
Is it really worth it?
What do you think of this matter?
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