Actually it has changed
miss youAs everyone knows, on October 10rd, the Governor of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, went to Beijing and did a great job.
This time he signed a new "Belt and Road" agreement with China.
You know, this is the third time that Governor Daniel Andrews will go north to discuss the specific cooperation content of the “Belt and Road” with Beijing.
But different from the past, the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Daniel this time is much better than in the past.
With a more detailed framework
The main cooperation directions of the two parties are:
  • Infrastructure construction, innovation, high-end manufacturing, bio-agricultural technology, elderly care, social welfare
  • In the future, more Chinese companies can join Melbourne's construction and investment
  • On the other hand, China said that it hopes to establish two-way trade in food and cosmetics.
  • The specific performance is to allow more Chinese companies to participate in Victorian infrastructure projects worth more than 1 million Australian dollars; to allow Victorian companies to participate in the construction of China's “Belt and Road” in other parts of the world.
I have to say that Victoria's attitude of daring to lead the world is indeed admirable.
In terms of strategic planning, Victoria is more like a test field——Get out of federal government control and try to establish closer ties with China.
And this attempt has allowed Victoria to taste the benefits of cooperating with China, and it has also made it the first "early adopter" in Australia to catch a ride on China's development.
The Victorian government has long established"Victoria China Strategy"
According to the 2019 progress report released by the state government in early 2018, the cooperation between Victoria and China has enabled the local economy and culture to achieve considerable development.
For China, Victoria has a very broad vision, which directly shows that
I hope Victoria can become
China's gateway to Australia

The goals set by the Victorian government are:
In 2026:
Strive for Chinese investment in Australia20%, (Currently completed ahead of schedule. In 2016, Victorian Chinese investment in Australia accounted for 8% of Australia’s total.And in 2018 it has reached 25%
Victoria’s exports to China reached$115 billionAustralian dollars ($2016 billion in 65, now it has reached $100 billion)
Chinese tourists go to Victoria to spend$34 million, ($2016 billion in 22, now $27 billion)
The number of Chinese graduate students in Victoria reaches18,125, (2016 people in 14,500, currently20,700 people have been reached
In order to communicate with China and connect with China, Victoria has really shown a pragmatic and practical spirit.
Before 2015, the only direct flights from Melbourne to Mainland China were Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.
Now, in addition to direct flights to the above four cities, Melbourne has also joined Xiamen, Qingdao, Xi'an, Changsha, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou, and Zhengzhou.
In 2017, more than 621,600 tourists arrived in Victoria for tourism, and the number of Chinese tourists exceeded any other country.
Chinese tourists also account for the largest share of Victorian Asian tourist spending.
In terms of exports, Victoria’s food and fiber exports to China reached$36 billion; Export share accounted for the overall28%; Food exports to China have increased in 3 years3.5 times.
The move to connect to the Chinese market has brought tangible economic benefits to Victoria.
In terms of cultural exchanges, Victoria is also constantly working hard.
From 2011 to 2016,The Victorian population born in China has increased by 71%
The number of Chinese students in school has reached28%, And the local students studying Chinese rose21%
In addition, Victoria has also cooperated with ChinaJiangsu Province, Sichuan ProvinceEstablished friendly relations.
The two sides cooperate with each other to strengthen exchanges on urban construction.
It can be said that Victoria has become a pioneer in establishing large-scale cooperation between Australia and China.
However, Victoria’s move to take a ride on China’s development and strengthen its full ties with China has attracted criticism from the federal government.
Australian Prime Minister Morrison believes that Victoria's bypass of the federal government is "not a cooperative or useful way of doing things."
The current Minister of the Interior Peter Dutton criticized: This agreement is not only incompatible with Australia's national interests, but also in Victorian interests.
But Victorian Premier Andrews said:
We are proud of the close relationship we have established with our largest trading partner.
We will continue to work closely with China to promote Chinese investment in Victoria...Anything that can give Victorian companies and Victorians an advantage is the right thing.
Evan Freidin, an international relations scholar at the University of Melbourne, said: In fact, Australia’s national interests are the fundamental starting point. This conflict between the federal government and the Victorian government,It may also be a kind of "show".
They actually hope that there are regions in Australia that can be closer to China.
On the surface, the federal government criticized Victoria, but in fact it acquiesced in it. In this way, it can not only explain to the "old friend" the United States, but also benefit from China economically.
Xiaowei thinks this comment makes sense.
Regardless, regional development must be practical and tough. The economic growth brought about by Victoria’s cooperation with China in recent years is obvious to all.
I hope that in the future, the relationship between Victoria and China will be closer and benefit the two peoples.
Source: ABC, Xinhuanet, "Victoria China Strategy 2018 Progress Report"
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