The 29-year-old boy, Hao Mou, risked his life to live jump into the river in order to make a joke.

As a result, because the river was too shallow, Hao, dressed in a "beggar costume," hit the rock at the bottom directly after entering the water, bleeding his head and was killed on the spot.

"I don't have to go to work if it gets hot."

This is the last word he left to his friends.

Also left behind are his parents, wife, and 9-year-old daughter.

This jump also sparked heated discussions among people, with divergent opinions.

@Famous actor 孙笑川: Today I will show you a suicide.

@夕西瓷: It's not his fault that he was born low, but his unrealistic dreams are his fault.

@长沙微Sharing: You never have to go to work now.

@广东阿苗: Who is the blame?


Some people even say that such a mindless person deserves to die.

But in the face of Hao's death, I couldn't scold at all, and I couldn't even squeeze out the mocking words. Some are just regrets, and sighs.

In fact, the saddest thing is not Hao's accidental death during the live broadcast. It was obviously the tragedy ended, but after death, others pointed to the nose and cursed "deserve it".

But this incident does reflect a real phenomenon:

In this impetuous society, people really do everything to be famous.

Today's webcast is no longer a single game, singing, and food. All kinds of bizarre, weird, bloggers' eyeball live broadcasts emerge in endlessly.

Hao is not the only Internet celebrity who "jumps into the river" to become popular.


On the last day of 2018, Dalian 29-year-old internet celebrity Dafei finally couldn't stand his "masochistic" live broadcast and died suddenly late at night.

In order to attract more fans and get more rewards, Dafei made money through "self-abuse" behaviors such as drinking alcohol and salad oil during the live broadcast!

And the daily income is also very objective. Generally, it is five or six hundred yuan per night, and sometimes it can even reach thousands of yuan.

According to a friend of Dafei, he spent more than 100 days drinking and drinking oil every night before his sudden death.

The more gifts a fan brushes, the more he drinks, and sometimes even three or four bottles of white wine will be blown in a night.

One time after Da Fei finished drinking a bottle of liquor, he couldn't control his body, so he lay down on the chair and started to twitch.

But seeing Da Feisheng’s expression of death, the barrage in the live broadcast room clapped his hands and applauded:




Then drink! !


Some people even used this to make Da Fei pour the vomit on his head, so that he could give him another 300 gifts.

With such "calls" one after another, Dafei finally died.

His last live broadcast was in a store.

After drinking two small bottles of liquor in one breath and seeing the wind, Da Fei began to have difficulty breathing and collapsed to the ground.

He was rushed to the hospital immediately, but the rescue failed and he was declared dead early in the morning.

A life is so "dead"! Who is to blame? Who blames?

Live streaming may bring you popularity, and it may also bring you a lot of income for a certain period of time, but webcasting is never a shortcut to success. Internet popularity does not mean getting rich overnight, let alone success.

Some people say that when a person has only a shortcut in his eyes, he is not far from destruction.

Indeed, people like Hao and Da Fei, who regarded being an Internet celebrity as a shortcut to success, paid a heavy price in the end.


"Is there any boss who wants to get in the car? Thank you for the present, thank you, thank you."

After speaking, the anchor Miss A turned the turntable behind her and threw a dart on it blindfolded.

After the turntable stopped, the dart stuck in the area where "liquor" was written.

One shot is a glass of wine, 100 shots is a big jar.

In order to reflect the openness and justice of the live broadcast room and the anchor’s willingness to bet and lose,

The real Miss A deliberately added two eggs and a small pepper to the jar of liquor, and then drank it under the barrage of 666.

A few seconds later, Miss A foamed at her mouth and fainted and fell to the ground.

Fans have called the police

This is the turntable anchor.

In the modern era where mobile video is gradually replacing TV, no one will feel unfamiliar when it comes to webcasting.

But at the end of the program column, there may be something you have never heard of.

The turntable live broadcast room is different from the general live broadcast. There is neither skill display nor show performance. The anchor uses himself as a prize, and attracts the audience to participate in the interaction by opening the shop.

Aquamates place bets in the form of gifts. When the total bet reaches the standard set by the anchor, the anchor will drive (turn the turntable).

The carousel is usually divided into multiple zones. These zones can be divided into two types: "reward" and "punishment".

Rewards and punishments are for the anchor,

Rewards are generally 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, three grades. The anchor is usually expressed in words such as "One Pillar Optimus", "Two People Go Together", "Three Sheep Kaitai" and other words.

When the turntable is transferred to the bonus area, the anchor will not be punished, and the betting water users need to give an extra gift corresponding to the multiple holding down the amount. (For example, if you buy 10 bets and the turntable is switched to "Erlong Xizhu", you have to give the anchor a gift of 20 bets)

When the turntable goes to the penalty area, the anchor will be punished by a multiple of the bet amount. (For example, 10 bets start the turntable once, and the turntable turns to "a glass of liquor", the anchor needs to drink 10 glasses of liquor, and the bet from the water friend is not refunded.)

The highlight of this show lies in the various strange punishments set by various weird anchors.

The prevailing punishments are roughly divided into "eating" and "corporal punishment".

In the early days, "eating" was usually just drinking. However, as competition intensified, people with aspirations gradually raised "eating" to a new level.

Raw eggs are the most common props.

Mr. B is a popular anchor in the turntable area of ​​a certain platform. In his live broadcast room, in addition to having a different service attitude from elsewhere, he was even more brilliant in his stomach.

"Little brother never cheats when playing the turntable. Thank you boss for your support to the little brother. The 200 eggs will be consumed at one time!" Mr. B said with a smile during the live broadcast.

In the previous betting, Mr. B set the starting bet on the turntable to 200 bets, and the dart hit the penalty area with "egg" written on it.

In addition to eggs, wine is the second most popular choice for anchors.

Now, ordinary alcohol can no longer make water lovers feel excited, so the anchors have launched their own unique cocktails.

Mr. C is a turntable anchor sought after by female fans. His chilli sauce beer has been unsurpassed for a long time.

In Mr. C's live broadcast room, it takes 20 bets to start a turntable. If you switch to "Signature Beer", it would be 10 bottles of Qingdao plus 200 grams of hot sauce.

The scale of human curiosity seems to never have a limit,

In order to attract more viewers, the newly-debuted anchor Mr. D has made further improvements in the punishment project of his predecessors.

Eggs in red clay wine was the first weapon he used to attack the city.

As the saying goes, heroes come from troubled times, and brave husbands are rewarded heavily.

In the context of the rapid development of turntable live broadcasting, capable people and strangers from all walks of life continue to emerge.

The anchor of a certain platform, Mr. E, put forward the slogan of healthy live broadcast, safe entertainment, and changed drinking to drinking hot pot bottoms.

The anchor Mr. F introduced mustard red wine.

Recently, Mr. G, a young anchor who has become so popular, offered an ancestral recipe for insect medicinal wine.

The figure below shows the penalty for 50 bets. The ingredients are: 50 cockroaches, 500 ml of beer, plus half a tube of mustard, and drink it all in one gulp.

Mr. H, who is also the new anchor, really couldn't stand it anymore, and directly launched a big move at midnight.

Popularity exploded in an instant, and no one can match the division.

For the audience, "eating" anchors often stage a wave of "fountains" before being distorted.

The water friends who are fortunate enough to watch this scene always feel an indescribable satisfaction.

In addition to the above-mentioned "masochistic" live broadcast, there is another more outrageous one:

They use animal cruelty to earn traffic and satisfy their fans by torturing animals.


In June last year, a reporter from "Cover News" once undercovered a live broadcast group, revealing an amazing inside story of a live cat abuse.

Cat abusers come from all over the country, aged between 20 and 30, and more than 60% are men.

They each wore a "vest" and hid in the cat abuse group.

In the eyes of these people, cats are no longer cute cats on Weibo, but a damn plaything by nature.

Burning, boiling water, peeling, cutting their throats, hanging them, and even getting their hearts alive... They use extremely cruel methods to torture all kinds of cats.

These beasts post all kinds of cat abuse videos in the group. Whoever abuses the more ruthlessly will get more rewards.

Among these cat abusers, there is a "great god" who calls himself the "cat abuse devil".

He abuses cats according to the different requirements of various fans every day. As long as he gives money, he can make it out of any frantic means.

Even more surprising is that this "cat abuser" turned out to be a 16-year-old boy named A Zhe.

When asked "why abuse cats", Azhe's answer was simply "to be famous."

It turns out that he doesn't hate cats, even before he was an administrator of the "anti-cat abuse" group.

But later because he desperately wanted to become popular on the Internet, and because the effect of "anti-cat abuse" was not ideal, Azhe switched to cat abuse.

This change really made A Zhe quickly gain popularity, and more and more people were looking for him to buy videos and pay for cat abuse.

Image source: Zheng Shuo Broadcasting

Azhe could not extricate himself from people's praise and the joy of making money.

However, the legal net is magnificent, neglecting and not leaking. What awaits him in the end is the arrest of the police and the severe punishment of the law!

It became popular for a while, and there were two tears.

Once a person takes the shortcut of "net celebrity" and enjoys the fame, wealth and superiority brought by the celebrity effect, it is difficult to look back.

Just like some people, they realize their so-called "net celebrity dreams" by playing pornographic sideballs.

The news that "a female anchor blatantly teases migrant workers on a large scale" has appeared in the "China Youth Daily."

In order to increase her popularity, the female anchor made verbal and physical teases on migrant workers at the construction site, with extremely vulgar content.

Faced with this "fragrant scene" that most people have not experienced, the workers seem at a loss and can only smile awkwardly.

This is not the first time that such malicious hype is full of sexual hints. Internet celebrities are on the edge of morality and occupy huge traffic.

In order to realize the "net red dream", more and more people have taken off their clothes and thrown away their dignity.

The eel gate, changing clothes and forgetting to turn off the camera, the enchanting female anchor hot dance... these abnormal "net celebrity cultures" are harming the physical and mental health of young people, and some have even touched the red line of the law.

Like the female protagonist of the "Huangmomen" the year before, she has already been punished for spreading obscene materials for profit. She was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison and fined 5 yuan.

She may not have thought that she would end up like this just because of a video.

Bai Yansong once said in the book "Are you happy?": "The bottom line of this society is constantly being broken through. As long as it benefits oneself, others are just a ladder to step on."

For Internet celebrities, these so-called "others" and "ladders" are thousands of young people in front of the screen.

Live broadcast chaos is a product of entertainment to death, similar to the spiritual opium of the Internet, which makes people indulge in it unknowingly, destroying the three views and unable to extricate themselves.


Zhihu has such a question: Why do so many people want to be online celebrities now?

One highly praised answer is simple: quick money, vanity, and nothing.

Indeed, for many people who want to be Internet celebrities, this may really be a reflection of their hearts.

However, Internet celebrity money seems to be easy to make, but the hidden risks have long surpassed making money itself.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand.

An aunt for blogging

Live eating bulbs

The amount of broadcast reached more than 270 million


Late Night Live

Contains liquor, chili, cola

And the "special drink" of 23 breadworms

Was drunk in the chuckle of fans

Vulgar live broadcast by a certain anchor

Through the enchanting and revealing female anchor

To get fan attention

Many people comment on girls in the comment section

Suspected cheating because of fiancee

Man actually broadcast domestic violence

Let the fiancee kneel on the ground and stomped on her feet

He threatened to "beat her once an hour"

High altitude extreme sports challenger Wu Yongning

Live extreme sports without safety measures for a long time

During a live broadcast

Accidentally fell from the 62nd floor to his death

The Internet celebrity culture that breaks through the bottom line of human nature is destroying the bodies of Chinese people, ruining the lives of Chinese people, and also destroying the values ​​of young people.

These young people who have been poisoned by the Internet celebrity culture have become vain, worshipped for money, and profit-seeking, making money unscrupulously.

They used cheap laughter, bottomless entertainment, and vulgar sensory stimulation to quickly gain the support and pursuit of the audience.

But we must remember that every shortcut to success implies danger.

Like Da Fei, who died suddenly after drinking, and Wu Yongning, who was in extreme sports, may have made money from speculation, but never spent his life.

I hope everyone can stay awake and don't use all means to make money.

There is no easy way in the world, and speculation is only a short-term shortcut, but you may lose your entire life.

Many years later, if someone asks me, what contribution did you make to society back then?I would say: I have spread a lot of words full of humanity, conscience, and radiant light of justice, and I refuse to converge with evil.

——This sentence is said to be said by Chai Jing, which is impossible to verify, but it is well said.