Video: 39 remains found in a truck in the UK, 25-year-old male driver arrested for murder


In the early morning of October 10, local time, the British police found 23 bodies in a truck container in Essex. Currently, the driver has been arrested.

On the 24th local time, according to reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Sky News (Sky News), "Mirror" and other British media, the British police said that the 39 bodies found in the truck container were "all Chinese."

Screenshot of a report on a British website.

The reporter urgently called the Global Consular Insurance Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inquire about the situation, and received a reply that if relatives, friends, or related personnel are in the UK, they can contact the 24-hour Consular Insurance Hotline for help. In addition, according to the latest news on the official Weibo of the "Voice of Consuls" of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the staff of the Chinese Embassy in the UK are rushing to the scene to verify the situation.

The vehicle involved. Source: CCTV News Client

In addition, Belgian prosecutors confirmed on the 24th that the container carrying the victim's body was going to the UK via Zeebrugge. The preliminary results of the Belgian police investigation showed that the container with 39 victims arrived at Zeebrugge Port at around 22:2 pm local time on the 49nd and left the port later in the afternoon to take a ferry to the UK. At present, Belgium and the United Kingdom have begun cooperation to conduct joint investigations.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on social media that the tragedy shocked him, and the British Home Office will cooperate with Essex police to investigate the cause.

Source: Comprehensive article from, CCTV News, China Daily, etc.

Editor: Yu Qi