Famous calligrapher and poet.

Born in a peasant family.

When I was a student, I loved literature and calligraphy.

He joined the work in XNUMX and joined the Communist Party of China in XNUMX, with a college degree.

He is loyal to the party and loves the cause of socialism. From XNUMX to now, he has been the main person in charge of the enterprise.

Since the mid-nineties, in order to realize his dream, He observes society, Pay attention to life, Insight into life, Seize inspiration, Work hard, Wrote many poems.

He put in a lot of energy and time to use Shi Yang's calligraphy thousand-character essay as a template to edit posts.

2000Years later and now, he focuses on learning content based on Wang Xizhi’s "Lanting Preface", "Sacred Religion Preface", Zhao Mengfu's regular script, and Sanxitang cursive script. Among them, the cursive script is based on Sun Guoting's handwriting. Su Zhang Xu's cursive script and study. The above learning content retains a large number of study works.

In recent years, he has successively obtained the "Certificate of Chinese Cultural Talents Database Storage", "Certificate of Excellent Chinese Poet issued by the Academy of Literature, Calligraphy and Calligraphy of the China Cultural Heritage Protection Institute", and "Painting and Calligraphy issued by the China-Malaysian Literature and Art Institute Researcher Honorary Certificate", a calligraphy and painting artist issued by the Calligraphy and Painting Institute "Nanyang Shijingtai" issued by the China-Malaysian Institute of Literature and Art, a member of the China-Malaysian Institute of Literature and Art, a member of the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage Protection, Yanjing Member of Cultural and Art Exchange Association, member of Hunan Zhuzhou Calligraphers Association, member of Zhuzhou Veterans Book Association, etc., and actively participate in the exhibition,2018In XNUMX, he won the special prize at the XNUMXth Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Contest, and the first prize at the XNUMXth session of the same year.

2019Years2It was awarded the extremely glorious title of "Chinese People's Artist of Literature and Art" by China Cultural Heritage Protection Research Institute (Academy of Literature, Calligraphy and Art), which has a wide range of influence.

2019In commemorating the centenary of the May Fourth Patriotic Movement in Contemporary China100In the selection activity of “An Excellent Poet and Artistic Elite”, he won the high-end luxury honor medal, and his poems and calligraphy works were published in the "Chinese Contemporary Poetry Dictionary" for free3》, and invited to be a member of the editorial board of the book.

In the same year, he won the Special Contribution Award of China Red Inheritance Public Welfare Project. Celebrating the founding of the nation by the Huayi Calligraphy and Culture Research Institute70Contemporary Art Circle70Years70Home, Mr. Cheng Songhua’s calligraphy works published as a character in this issue, regardless of its regular script, running script or cursive script, have been highly praised by the famous contemporary calligraphy and painting critic Shi Feng. He also wrote a review article on the topic of "Strong Xiu Rubbings, Continuing Xian Fengshi, Benefiting Ancient and Modern Biography".

In the near future, his poetry and calligraphy will be published by the national first-level publishing house-Unity Press. Mr. Cheng Songhua studied hard throughout his life, Work hard, Ask a teacher with an open mind, Made unremitting efforts for literary creation and calligraphy,Struggle so far.