Chinese beware! A Chinese student in Australia was fined 1500 Australian dollars tearfully for a plate of fried chicken gizzards...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

There is a saying in the international student circle:

You think going abroad is like going to New Oriental to learn English,

But actually I went to New Oriental to learn how to cook...

After all, many international students, before going abroad,

All ten fingers do not touch the spring water,

I don't even know the oil and salt.

But after going abroad,

Because of high consumption + unaccustomed diet and other reasons,

Most students will start to learn to cook.

However, at the beginning of learning to cook,


By accident, the chef didn’t take it.

Turned and stepped into the "dark cooking world"

Dark cooking is not scary,


The smoke alarm went off! ! !

No, the student H who studied in Tuao recently

Because I make a stir-fried chicken gizzard

Instant oily smoke at home

Like clouds and fog

The smoke alarm rang instantly!

This is true, Xiao H was taken aback

So he hurried to watch the door for ventilation


The alarms all over the corridor went off.

Not long

Came to the door of Xiao H's house

I left after finding nothing major

By the way, the fake police was fined $1500

Leave little H alone in the wind messy

It all happened too fast like a tornado

Little H hasn't reacted yet

就失1500 knives


This stir-fried chicken gizzard is too expensive!


No, when a girl in Australia was cooking at home,

Accidentally not paying attention to the smoke,

Triggered the smoke alarm in the house,

Haven't turned it off immediately,


Then, not only did the girl miss the handsome guy,

Also pay 20,000 dollars! ! ! !

It's a huge amount! !


It might sound like a joke,

But it can happen in Australia.

Because in Australia,


Your wallet has been handed over to them.


public security队、专职队扑救火灾、应急救援,

No fees shall be charged.


Departure in 1 minute at night.

That is,


但是当留Go abroad,



There are countless studying abroadGenerations for the younger generations

Leaving a lesson of blood-

I saw the cooking experience of many netizens

Like the workers below

Deeply sympathize!

For everyone’s safety,

Here are a few conscientious suggestions for everyone:

1. Forcibly change the cooking mode to American style, try not to stir-fry, change to salad, noodles, porridge...

2. Use advanced pots and pans instead. Now there are many high-tech stainless steel kitchenware, which can achieve rapid heat transfer and low-temperature cooking, thereby greatly reducing oily smoke.

3. Scrub the range hood and stove every time after cooking, so as to prevent oil from clogging the exhaust outlet and ensure the efficiency of the range hood.

In addition, if one accidentally triggers an alarm,

Don't panic and hold your wallet in place.

You can save it again.

Open windows for ventilation as soon as possible,

Use all means to disperse the smoke

(It will stop automatically after no smoke is detected)

If you live in an apartment, do not open the door for ventilation!

If the alarm in the corridor goes off,

The loss is even greater!

Don't even choose to disassemble the alarm privately!

有很多人在The first reaction after the sound,

Are to pick up all available items at the fastest speed

(Plastic bags, tape, socks) to remove the blockage,

Let the alarm shut up.

Some irritable brothers even removed the battery directly.

Or simply remove the alarm!

These little tricks are never desirable,

Because it's all thoroughIllegal act!

If the alarm is not installed, the fine can be as high as $750,

Once you find that the smoke alarm is blocked, remove the battery, etc.

Affect its normal operation,

Will face a fine of up to 5000 Australian dollars!

Increase for temporary convenience

危害生命的安全隐患极为Got it!

At the same time, not just fines,

If a major fire is caused by such an incident,

Will be repatriated directly!

So inStill suggest everyone

Must concentrate and cook carefully

After all, the alarm went off


The wallet really can't stand it! ! !

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