Chinese name He Xiangdong, English name John He, pen name Qilang Shiyun, currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Guangzhou, grew up in Yanbu, Nanhai. In 1987, I went to Australia to study English. At the beginning of 1990, after being slandered by a Thai student at the Le Zhuo Language Center, life has been very difficult ever since. Only when my parents came to Australia to live with me in 1995 improved. I study hard and be the best myself. Later, he studied art at the Victoria College of Art, University of Melbourne, and a master of multimedia at Monash University. After graduation, he began artistic creation.

In the past, I used artistic creativity to describe and express my life experience and the pursuit of natural beauty. In recent years, as a driving instructor, as an extra. When I have time to read Tang poetry, I also like to write poetry, and I use poetry to express artistic ideas. Won the Outstanding Writer (Poet) Excellence Award in the "World Chinese Literature Elite Competition". The poems I created were selected in the second and third parts of "The Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Poetry", "The Best Poems of Modern China in XNUMX Years", "Classic Poems and Songs of World Chinese Literature" and "Grand View of Chinese Literature in the World". Published on the website and WeChat group.



Spring secret love flowers blooming, send inkstones with the fragrance of ink.

Waiting for the charm to stop, the lotus roots are broken in the pond.

"Ink Fragrance"

The pure exotic water makes it hard to be homesick.

Can't sleep every night, Wenmo accompanies Mengxiang.

"Quiet Thought"

Even with a fat waist, Jinwuzang is full of pampered servants.

Once the soul flew into the soil, what relics are there for thousands of years.