Under the pen name Cold Current.

Born in Wen County, Jiaozuo, Henan, retired from government agencies and institutions, he loved literature since childhood and was a group of poets. Taste of Water and Clouds, a member of Shiyun Honglou Poetry Club, editor of the Chinese Poetry News Recitation Creation Room, most of his works are published on audio network platforms such as "Golden Six" and "China Recitation Alliance". Many poems have been selected into "Chinese Contemporary Poetry Dictionary". The Complete Records of Famous Poets from Various Provinces and Cities in China in the New Era", "The Essence of Contemporary Chinese Poetry", "Selected Chinese Contemporary Love Poems" and other important dictionary books.

Member of "Yenching Culture and Art Exchange Association", signed poet and writer.

He has joined the "Chinese Cultural Talent Pool", and some works have been collected by the "International Chinatown Literature and Art Archives".



The remaining leaves in cold autumn are all withered, and the unique Dongli chrysanthemum is yellow.

Do not compete with peony for national color, Aoshuang Yingxue envy Meixiang.

"Cold Dew"

The sky is high and the clouds are light and the geese fly south, and the leaves are yellow with cold dew and frost.

Chrysanthemum Aofeng is drunk in the Red Thousand Mountains, and loves to cross the Chongyang Festival with the crane dance.

"Peony Yin"

Peony is beautiful and famous all over the world, and it is full of flowers in April.

Luxurious and graceful is really pleasing to the eye, with red, yellow powder and white drunk clouds.


An instant bright galaxy pendant, the vast sky is dazzling.

Even if the prosperity is gone, just leave the worldly love.


The soul is in the blue sky and soars proudly, and the love leads the earth to overlook the vicissitudes of life.

Even if I have a dream, I still remember my childhood dream of my hometown.

"Goose Flying South"

Qiuhong lined up and danced south, drunk the sunset with proud wings.

Reading all the hardships of the world, dreaming about returning home.


The frosty cold proud chrysanthemum overflows with golden color, and the rain beats the remnant lotus and declines Liushang.

Far away is drunk with Qianshan Maple Leaf, and the local accent is thousands of miles away.

"Early Summer Dawn"

The Venus is lit in the east, and the sky is gradually dyed red.

The bird accompanies the morning breeze to comb the shadows of the willows, and the cuckoo cries to evoke the prosperity of the year.


The autumn breeze swept the lotus pond, and the remaining leaves and flowers were full of mourning.

Only the iron bones of the lotus peng hold the lotus root proud and frosty.


The water waves sway in red, and the gorgeous clouds dye the clothes.

The sky and the sea are connected like an illusion, gulls flying and cranes dancing drunk in the setting sun.