Household registration name: Li Ying, female.

Graduated from the Education College of Tianjin Normal University.

Member of Chinese Poetry Association Research Association, Member of Chinese Poetry Society, Member of Yenching Cultural Exchange Association, Member of World Writers Association, Member of Yenching Association and Lifetime Editor.

Formally engaged in poetry creation in 2015, and his works were included in China, "Selected Contemporary Chinese Poems", three major CCTV protocols, "Chinese Contemporary Poetry Dictionary 3", "The Essence of Contemporary Chinese Poetry", and "Completion of Famous Poets from Various Provinces and Cities in China in the New Era" Records... Some of these works have been adopted by the World Writers Association's international literary masterpiece "World Chinese Literature Grand View", which is in the rare collection of Chinatown Literature and Art Archives.

He was selected as a pioneer in inheriting Chinese traditional culture and written into the ceremony.

The seven unique poems he created are also collected in the world's stamp albums and distributed in seven countries including the United States, Germany, and France.

In 2019, he was selected as an outstanding contemporary Chinese literary and artistic artist and was awarded the title of Top Ten Powerful Poets of Contemporary Chinese Traditional Culture and Top Ten Outstanding Poets in Chinese Poetry Circles. At the same time, he won the runner-up in the contest for the XNUMXth anniversary of the founding of China's most influential poet and writer.


"Plum Blossom Poems"

Let the snow invade the lingering muddy, calmly enter the rhyme from the spring breeze.

Looking at Sao Ke Ping Zhang Yi, only the horizontal branches and half walls are red.

"Autumn Moon Yin"

Hao Cai is invisible and even tens of thousands of households, and Binglun has a legal order.

Condensing the heart to the clamor, as a sage.


Huakaiyingluo is ordinary, seemingly ruthless but there is a reason.

For the sake of Fangyan and prosperity, I am willing to only be spring in my life.

"Liu Chu Yin"

Yuluan comes from the natural rhyme, and Yilang Qing poetry composes hundreds of schools.

Danke looks like a clumsy pen, and is ashamed to borrow flying flowers from vegan.

"Ling Hua"

Yan Yueling blossoms proudly, but it is hard to cut.

Yisheng is only for warmth and love, and dripping from the stream to sacrifice the years.

"Pastoral Snow"

There are no seven colors for sightseeing, but you can hear howling into Jingfei.

The north wind did not live up to the will of the heavens, and wrote Qionghua to the full.

"Peach Blossom Yin"

Its Hua is comparable to the Iraqi face, and Zeng Yanyan reflects on each other.

Chunnian left with the fragrance, and sacrificed himself in exchange for Yunmei.

"Chrysanthemum Yin"

Ning to teach the West Wind Book on the evening festival, not from the spring wish to compete for the beauty.

Under Dongli's seclusion and clear frost, smiled leisurely towards Cuiwei.

"Dandelion Floc"

It is difficult to stay chic in the deep courtyard, and dance to the end of the world in the dust.

Don't pity me to follow the breeze, Xu Yu drifted everywhere.

"Plum Flower Yin"

Qiong Yao created Long Ling shadow, and he should be clear and never fate.

Zidian He is in search of Taoism, and it is full of fragrance and ten-phase heaven.

"G20 in Hangzhou"

Diepianqiu fan suspicious Jiaomeng dream, Liulang Pinghu drunk moonlight.

Shengshiying invested in Xizimian, cleverly painted new makeup of ancient rhyme.


Born into the proud of the South, hold Xia Ying to dye the east wind.

Frustrated without diminishing the loyalty and loyalty, even if withered and blood-red.

"Sentimental Catharanthus"

The most beautiful and late, He and Shaoguang opened in four order.

Flicking away like a dream, I look forward to the future with peace of mind.


With any aspect, I will laugh freely.

The sun and the moon are tied together with the sky, and the situation is unique.

"Xiang Zhang Yin"

Ordinary, but insist on ethics, in order to get a clear stream.

Xiangrui's initial heart started from a dream, not that the fallen leaves were Shang Qiu.