Sell ​​teammates today
Recently, several overseas Chinese

Was scolded by foreign media and was directly called by foreign media

"Worst Teammate", "Shame"

These Chinese meet to climb the mountain

One of the female players

But because of a sprained foot

Lost in the wilderness by others!

The sky is getting dark, the woman is lost,

No signal on the phone

Almost in desperation!

And other players,

But leisurely wandering down the mountain

andDidn't plan to

Tell the search and rescue team under the mountain

There are still people trapped in the mountains!

Even the search and rescue team was angry:

"I have never seen such a shameless person!"

However, after the incident,

One of the parties gave

A completely different statement:

It's not that they want to leave the girl

It’s all blamed on the women for climbing,

"But wearing lace high heels"? !


Chinese woman was thrown in the mountains by teammates

In the past two days, a piece of news broke by the Canadian media CTV has attracted the attention of the entire network.
A Chinese woman
Climbing with a group of Chinese netizens
But because of a sprained foot
Abandoned by them, waiting to die halfway through the mountain!
According to CTV reports, the abandoned Chinese woman is 27 years old and lives in Richmond, Canada.
Earlier, she met in the WeChat group4 netizens who also like mountaineering.
Several people saw each other very much and agreed toMorning of april 9To climb the Coliseum Mountain route together.
Coliseum Mountain route,
Is a Vancouver mountain enthusiast
A very familiar route
The total length is about 23.6km, and the altitude is increased by 1.35km
It takes at least 10 hours to make a lap
In the morning, the 5 Chinese climbers started climbing, andIt reached the top of the mountain smoothly after a few hours.
However, just when everyone was about to start descending, an accident happened:
Due to the shoe problem,
Chinese woman sprained her foot unfortunately
In addition, she was already a little weak, so everyone decided,The three fast people left first, leaving her and another man to follow behind.
After separating from the large army, the two netizens walked a distance together. According to the plan, they should have been able to return to the mountain quickly.
Who knows, just inWhen there are 6 kilometers to the end
I don't know what kind of thought it came from
Maybe it’s because I dislike the injured woman’s movements too slowly
This male teammate dropped the injured woman
Leave alone

The teammate did not ask for help after going down the mountain

Three hours later, the sky has gradually dimmed.
Chinese woman with sprained footAlone
Forgotten in the rugged and bumpy mountainside
As the night falls, the temperature starts to drop
The phone has no signal and the battery is gradually depleted
No one is around, and the teammates are gone
Imagine being in such an environment
How desperate and helpless should she be at this moment?
And the other 4 netizens,Already reached the foot of the mountain, Are ready to go home.
No one told the search and rescue team at the foot of the mountain,
Their companion sprained his foot at the moment,
Still trapped in the mountains!
Even Allan McMordie, who has been engaged in search and rescue work for more than 40 years, said that heI have never seen such a "sell teammate" behavior.
He said that although it is common for climbing teammates to fall apart,
butLeave the injured companions alone.
And when nothing happened after going down the mountain,
Don't ask for help at allThis kind of thing,
This was the first time he saw it!
"Leaving teammates alone in the dark mountain forest is the most despised behavior! What kind of person can do such a frenzied thing!"

McMordie also said that this group of people may not have expected,The teammates left behind by them are likely to die in the mountains!
I don’t know if I should say that they have big hearts
It should be said that their intentions are sinister...

After being rescued by a stranger, teammates said they did not want to be responsible

Fortunately, after being trapped in the mountains for 3 hours, a passing climber, Alex, found the injured Chinese woman.
Alex helped the Chinese woman down the mountainAfter the mobile phone finally got a signal, they called the police.
When McMordie's North Shore rescue team received the alarm call, they rushed to the location of the two.
They give to Chinese womenPut on boots to stabilize your sprained ankle, And then took her all the way down the mountain.
Because Chinese women are not good at English
It’s difficult to communicate with rescuers
Fortunately, her injury is not very serious
She also told the rescue team
I will go to the hospital for an examination the next day
After McMordie and the rescue team went down the mountain, he happened to meet the few people who had abandoned the woman, and he was going to go up and argue with them.
As a result, those few people,
Did not realize the seriousness of the matter at all!
And do not intend to be responsible for it at all!
Brother Jin at this time really,
Nothing to say
Finally, McMordie also reminded everyone that if you want to go mountain climbing,In addition to understanding the terrain and your physical fitness,
It’s also important to know your teammates!! !
In case you meet such a teammate,
Was thrown down halfway to die,
That's not a bargain!

Event reversal? Netizens' comments are one-sided

After the incident was reported by foreign media,A netizen who claimed to be a party came forward, Gives another view.

Let's make sense of the facts. This woman was wearing high heels + lace + jeans and went hiking with us. The leader did not listen to her persuasion. She did not say that she was a great god, and told us to leave her alone. She would not drag her back! Why doesn't the media report such irresponsible behavior to the entire team?

No one deliberately ignores her. On the contrary, she is the one who dressed herself and climbed the difficult mountain with us. She didn't listen to persuasion and completely ignored the safety of herself and the team. Isn't it a great responsibility?

According to the parties,
The injured woman
Wearing shoes like this