Two 26-year-old girls, in the emerging Vietnam, embarked on different paths for a better life.

On October 2019, 10, in Esther, England, 23 illegal immigrants were locked in a refrigerated container to death. The media called it a "death truck".

The reporter was Robinson, a 25-year-old Northern Irish truck driver. He opened the container and discovered everything. He reported the case in shock. When rescuers arrived, he saw a shocking scene.


Among the 39 bodies, there were men and women, some foamed at the mouth, some were stiff, and some were stripped naked. The inner wall of the refrigerated container was covered with bloody handprints. It was they who knocked for help in the box. No one responded until he knocked his hands to bleed, and the despair in the last moments of life proved.


However, at this moment, on the other side of the earth, in several north-central provinces in Southeast Asia and Vietnam, many families are anxiously waiting for news from their relatives, completely unaware that their children have been killed in the smuggling.


Vietnam,An emerging economy on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, the economic engine of Southeast Asia, a country that is becoming more and more modern and fashionable, and a concentration of Southeast Asian Internet celebrities,But because of the death of a 26-year-old girl, its economic and social truths were exposed.


▲ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



26 year old girl:Smuggled to Britain to become a manicurist,
Just to pay the family debt

Pham Thi Tra My (Pham Thi Tra My), who lives in Gan Lu County, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam,Although she is only 26 years old, she is already the pillar of the family's financial income and she has gone out of the country-she has just worked hard in Japan for 3 years.

▲ 26-year-old Fan Shi Chamei

Although she herself saw the prosperity and modernity of Japan, she could not change the poverty in her Vietnamese home.


Father Pham Vin Thin (Pham Vin Thin) and mother Nguyen Thi Phong (Nguyen Thi Phong) basically make a living by growing rice, and their monthly income is only about 2800 yuan.


The most terrible thing is that the family’s debts are high. Fan’s Chamei has not been able to pay off the debts of the family after three years of working in Japan. There is no way but to go to another place with higher income. Fan’s family thought of the United Kingdom because Many local Vietnamese women smuggled to the UK to work as manicurists, earning a monthly salary of 3 pounds (2000 yuan).

▲ Fan’s old house in Chamei Ha Jing province, his father mortgaged the house to borrow money for his daughter to smuggle to the UK

So the old couple tried to borrow money and mortgaged their only valuable property—a small house to borrow money. They collected £3 (27 yuan) and sent their daughter to work in the UK to pay off the family’s debt.


For the 26-year-old girl to carry the burden of family finances, the old father may also be a little unbearable, so he negotiated with the smuggler organizer and chose the most expensive way.Snakehead said it was a "VIP trip", "like flying in a business class", and "guarantee safety."

Therefore, the Fan family only paid 3 pounds, and some of the same smuggled families only paid 1 pounds.


▲ Fan Wenxin, the father of Fan Shi Chamei

According to Fan’s Chamei’s brother’s post on the forum,Fan Thi Chamei first left his hometown and went to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and obtained the "documents" (forged) to go to China, smuggled to China, from China to France, and finally to the United Kingdom. There were snakeheads everywhere. People respond.On the way, she told her family not to call, and she will contact them when it is safe to arrive.


But what his mother Nguyen Thifang waited for was a text message from her daughter's "suicide note".

▲ A screenshot of the text message that Fan Shi Chamei sent to his mother before he died

"Mom, I'm sorry, my journey was unsuccessful. I love you and Dad very much. I'm going to die because I can't breathe. I'm sorry."


She even left her desired burial place in the text message-Yuanzhen, Ganlu County, because the Vietnamese custom is to go back to the place of birth.


Fan Wenxin and Nguyen Thifang, who received this suicide note, were deeply saddened. Their father Fan Wenxin sadly told reporters:"If I knew this was the case on the way, I wouldn't let her go. I lost my favorite daughter and my money!"

▲ Fan Wenxin and his daughter Fan Shi Chamei

At present, the British police are still further confirming the identity, whether the deceased was Fan Shi Chamei.


According to the media, Fan’s debt was not owed by Fan’s Chamei, but by a man in the family. According to Vietnamese media quoted Yuanzhen officials, Fan Shi Chamei has three brothers and sisters, and she is the youngest.


Based on this speculation, the huge debt in the family is probably owed by her brother.


Of course, there are media reports that the father Fan Wenxin said that his daughter was smuggled to the UK to "pursue a better life."




Smuggling all over the world, just sending money home for illegal work

Just when Fan Thi Chamei’s family worried that their daughter was on the list of 39 people in the "death truck" and mourned her death, many Vietnamese families were also sad.


Nguyen Dinh Gya, a Vietnamese, is a resident of Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam, like Pham Thi Chamei. As early as last year, he tried to get his son Nguyen Dinh Luong (Nguyen Dinh Luong) to smuggle to France and work illegally in restaurants.Two weeks ago, his son sent him a message saying that he was leaving France to work in a hairdresser in the United Kingdom, and he also paid 1.1 pounds for smuggling.When the son left Paris, he texted him, and there has been no news since then.

▲ Selfie of Ruan Dingliang

Until the "death truck" news appeared.


Then an anonymous Vietnamese called Ruan Dingjia and said that his son Ruan Dingliang was among the dead. This was an accident and I am very sorry.


After listening to the call, his father Ruan Dingjia collapsed on the ground in fright. His son was only 20 years old. When he was only 2017 in 18, he left Vietnam and went to work in Russia. He also went to Ukraine, Germany and France, and this time to the UK.


"I told my son that he can go wherever he wants, as long as it is safe."


According to reports from many Vietnamese families, in the Ha Tinh and Nghe An provinces in north-central Vietnam, smuggling abroad for illegal work has become commonplace, and the money sent back from illegal work abroad has even become the economic pillar of many local families.

According to relevant data, in the first eight months of this year alone, in Nghe An province, north of Ha Tinh Province, where Fan Thi Chamei’s family is located, there were as many as 8 migrant workers, many of whom were working abroad. The total population of the province is more than 4.1 million.

▲ The location of Ha Tinh Province in Vietnam

The provinces of Ha Tinh and Nghe An in north-central Vietnam, although not far from the capital Hanoi, are the poorest areas in the country. In recent years, cases of local people smuggling to other countries to work illegally have emerged in an endless stream.


Located in the typhoon corridor, Ha Tinh Province is hit by many typhoons and rain every year, and floods often occur. This is why the capital of Ha Tinh Province is the poorest place in Vietnam.

In October 2018, Vietnamese Pan Dali was sentenced for organizing the smuggling of 10 residents of Ha Tinh Province to Taiwan, China.


In 2013, Chen Thi Hsiang, a Vietnamese native of Ha Tinh Province, had worked in mainland China in his early years. Later, he felt that it was slow to pay for the work, so he began to organize Vietnamese people who smuggled into Ha Tinh Province to work in China in order to make huge profits.She led these stowaways through the mountains and forests along the Sino-Vietnamese border, and then went to Guangdong and other places to work illegally. Each person paid her 400 to 600 yuan a month.The Chinese government eventually sentenced him and deported him.


According to Xinhuanet's report quoted by the reference news website, the Guangxi Border Defense Corps seized 2012 illegal immigrants from Vietnam in 3592 alone.


According to Taiwan media reports, in 2015, a Vietnamese man from Ha Tinh Province came to China by train for 3 days and 3 nights, arrived in Guangzhou, and then took a boat from Guangzhou to the sea. The boat was filled with food and water and floated for two weeks before smuggling to Taiwan. Was caught.


Also in 2015, 3 Vietnamese men from Nghe An Province were in Mangshi, Vietnam, led by a Vietnamese female snakehead, smuggled from Mangshi to Dongxing, Guangxi, China on the border, and then drove through Fangcheng Port to Beihai, and ended up on the highway. Shang was found by our police officers and three people were sentenced to 3 months in prison for stealing across the border.


In recent years, due to the strengthening of China's strict border defense control, Vietnamese in Ha Tinh and Nghe An province have begun to smuggle more 6000 kilometers away from many European countries.


At the same time, according to experts on human trafficking, hundreds of young Vietnamese and even child laborers are illegally smuggled to the UK to work in illegal cannabis plantations.


Vietnam has become the world's largest and most concentrated source of smuggling and human trafficking, and it is a non-war country.



The same 26 year old girl

Different fate

In recent years, in the eyes of the media, Vietnam is a booming emerging economy, and its population structure is better, which is more suitable for the development of labor-intensive industries. A large number of factories have moved from China and other countries to Vietnam. Economists believe this is Vietnam’s economic “demographic dividend” is expected to develop into the next China.


Vietnam has a population of 9500 million, but the average age is only 29 years old. 70% of Vietnamese are under 35 years old. This is a country dominated by young people.

Similar to the urbanization road that China has taken, like China's "North, Shanghai and Guangzhou", Vietnam has also formed two first-tier cities in the north and south with Hanoi, the political center capital in the north, and Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center in the south.


As of the beginning of 2019, the population of Ho Chi Minh City has reached 900 million, even surpassing many provincial capitals in China.


Walking on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, the densely speeding motorcycles and electric cars, and the young face under the helmet seem to herald the vitality of Vietnam's first-tier cities.


▲ Streets of Vietnam

In the past ten years, Vietnam's housing prices have increased more than 20 times. ItemPreviously, the average price of a house in the urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City was 1.6 RMB/square meter, but the average monthly income of young people working was less than 2000 RMB. They would need to work for about 30 years without eating or drinking to save enough money to buy a house in Ho Chi Minh City.


This may also be the reason why Fan Shi Chamei dared to take the risk of smuggling to the UK as a manicurist. The monthly income of 1.8 yuan in the UK is almost 10 times that of her working in the first-tier cities in Vietnam, and it is also the monthly income of her parents. Nearly 10 times the sum, the monthly income of illegal work in the UK is enough to buy a one-square-meter house in Ho Chi Minh City and leave her impoverished home in Ha Tinh Province forever.


Smuggling to the UK to work for 5 years can buy a house of about 50 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City, the "Shanghai of Vietnam", and the urban area is not a suburb. For a 26-year-old girl born in the poorest province in Vietnam, it really means " A better life” is also the dream of tens of millions of young Vietnamese.

▲ Vietnamese girls

According to British media reports,There are probably two to three containers smuggled to the UK this time, and the "dead container" found is only one of them.The other containers may have landed successfully, without any dead people, and started a new life with a monthly income of 1.8. This is the reason why there are so many Vietnamese people who have come and gone, knowing that they are dangerous, they have to take risks.


Because once successful, it will be earth-shaking and save others 30 years of struggle.


At the same time, since 70% of Vietnam are young people under the age of 35, they are obsessed with the Internet and social media, and almost all people go online every day.


According to the Vietnam News Agency, a survey of young people in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Vietnam) found that 48% of post-95s found jobs through social media. It can be seen that they rely heavily on social networks.


Chipu, who was also a 1993-year-old girl born in 26 and the same age as Fan Shi Chamei, has a completely different fate.

▲ Nightlife photos posted on Zhifu Instagram

She was born in Hanoi, the capital. Her father worked in the military and her mother was an English teacher. Zhifu graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. He was selected as one of the top 20 "Miss Vietnam" as early as high school. He entered the entertainment circle and became a cross-border artist in various fields of film, television and song models. He also starred in many movies and dramas. Released a singing album.


At the same time, she has 350 million followers on social media Instagram and a large number of followers on Youtube. Just singing on Youtube can earn more than XNUMX US dollars a month.


The 26-year-old has become the most influential social media influencer in Vietnam. Every day she publishes a variety of beautiful makeup and gorgeous background photos, one in Vietnam and the other in Europe.

If the British police confirm that Fan Shi Chamei was among the dead in the container, the container she was in is being shipped from a Belgian port on the 22nd and shipped to the UK. On the same day, Zhifu, who was the same age as her, was playing in Disneyland and Universal Studios in Japan, and posted pictures of celebrities on Instagram.


▲ Japan tour photos posted by Zhi Fu

On the 23rd, Fan's Chamei froze to death in a container, and Zhifu revealed her nightlife with goblets and champagne in Tokyo.


In 2018, Vietnam's GDP growth rate surpassed that of China, reaching 2449 billion U.S. dollars. Reports show that Vietnam is the country with the fastest growth in the number of rich people, surpassing China and India.


It is developing rapidly, but it is also dividing rapidly.


Two 26-year-old girls, in the emerging Vietnam, embarked on different paths for a better life.

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