In other words, Australia’s medical benefits are world-renowned,

The whole people not only enjoy free medical treatment,

Even some scaryly expensive drugs,

It is listed in Australia’s PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefit Plan) at every turn,

Some even tens of thousands of drugs in other countries,

Only a few dollars in Australia...

Therefore, in Australia,

There is no uncurable disease,

Can't afford medicine.


Although Australia has such unbelievable medical benefits,

But the bugs in the medical system have been criticized.

Sometimes it is very serious!

The hospital misdiagnosed three times in a row, and the 3-year-old girl died of vomiting blood

There used to be a pair of young parents,

I just realized the happiness of having children,

I just watched my baby daughter Isabella,

To die in front of you and helpless!

The reason turned out to be a misdiagnosis by an Australian hospital!

Isabella’s father suspected that she had swallowed the button battery.

So he hurried to the hospital with Isabella.

After arriving in the emergency room, Isabella began to vomit severely.

Mr. Rees immediately told the doctor:

Your child may have swallowed a button battery by mistake!

The doctor said Isabella was fine,

It's just that there is a murmur of breathing, and it is probably just a mild throat virus infection, which can be cured by taking some medicine.

Regarding the possibility of swallowing the battery, the doctor said that the child's throat is so small that it is impossible to swallow a whole battery.

This time

Isabella's father

Choose to believe the doctor!

Three days later, while Isabella continued to vomit,

Even started to have a fever.

Mother Rees found something similar to a water polo in the child's feces, which was suspected to be tar.

The parents watched their daughter in so much pain, and their hearts suddenly picked up, and drove their daughter to the hospital again. But this time the doctor just listened to Isabella's heart rate with a stethoscope, indicating that the matter was not serious.

And the doctor said that no matter what the child swallows, if it can’t digest it, it will be excreted from the body.

This time

Isabella's parents

Still choose to trust the doctor!

One day a few weeks later, Isabella burst into tears at night, and Ms. Rees hurried to her daughter's room. The moment the light was turned on, the family was crying on the spot!

The bed was full of blood!

The Rees and his wife immediately sent their young daughter to the hospital again. This was the third time they came to Sunshine Hospital. Only this time, Isabella was X-rayed.

Through X-rays, I saw a button battery that was huge for a baby, stuck in Bella's throat!

But it was the repeated delay of medical procedures that caused Isabella's condition to continue to deteriorate.

Because he missed the best time for treatment, Isabella passed away in pain ten minutes later.

You know, it is quite painful to vomit blood because of the battery!

There was an experiment: put the battery in the ham and observe the changes in the ham.

After only three hours, there were obvious burn marks on the ham! I don't know how much pain Isabella suffered before she died! Everyone’s hearts are broken when I think of this...

The Rees and his wife were extremely regretful, and angrily accused Sunshine Hospital of misdiagnosis. But no matter what they do, their baby girl cannot come back.

However, such tragedies are not alone!

The doctor was late, and the 2-year-old boy died in the hospital
On September 2018, 9, a 24-year-old boy was in the emergency department and waited for two hours without any consultation.

Eventually died of cardiac arrest.

This poor couple Shadrach Sumaru and Kathryn Ram living in Melbourne,

Just watched Isaiah, his only 2-year-old child,

In front of my own eyes, my condition gradually deteriorated until I passed away...

The sad and ironic thing is that they are already in the hospital,

Can't wait for the doctor.

On September 9, Isaiah began to have a fever. The couple saw that their son had a severe fever, so they planned to call an ambulance to send the child to nearby Dandenong Hospital for treatment.

But on the other side of the phone, after the first responders learned about the condition, they only advised them to give the child some medicine, instead of sending an ambulance.

The hospital also said: "It's just a fever, just give him some Nurofen or Panadol. There is no need to send him to the emergency room."

Mom Ram said that they just regarded her as a fool, an overreacting mother. Completely negligent about the child's condition.

Even if the mother repeatedly emphasized that she knew her son, he had never had such symptoms before, it would not help..

But on the 25th, they found that not only did their son's condition not alleviate, it was getting worse. So they picked up the phone and called for an ambulance, but got a rude answer:

This little illness of your son

There is no need to call an ambulance

But the parents were very worried, so they took their children to the GP.

The GP immediately called an ambulance and they arrived at the hospital at noon.

This is their ten hours,

After calling the ambulance twice and was rejected,

Finally, with the help of GP,

An ambulance was called and the child was taken to the hospital.

At that time Isaiah was already drowsy and had difficulty breathing.

But because there are no beds, they have to wait in the emergency room.

Even if the GP said that an emergency was needed, even if the two rushed to send the child to the emergency department, the hospital did not take it seriously!

The answer they got was:

Wait at least 2 hours!

Looking at the nurses and doctors coming and going on the corridor of the hospital, but no one came to see their poor child, the couple was anxious and afraid, but they had nothing to do!

I can only comfort Isaiah, who has a high fever in his arms, hoping to relieve his pain!

A few hours later, Isaiah's condition worsened.

When the child was in the arms of his parents, he had difficulty breathing and his feet began to turn purple.

At the end, the doctor appeared... When it was judged that it was a critical situation, more than 20 doctors and nurses appeared, suddenly surrounding the child, and preparing the child’s parents for the worst.

But it's all too late


The child died due to cardiac arrest ineffective

The hospital diagnosis may have died of pneumonia, but the child's specific cause of death may have to wait several months before they can find out.

No one can accept it

A good child

That's it...

Mom Ram said, "My son died because all the medical staff did not ask questions about my son.

Is Dandenong Hospital

Kill my son! "

Just a small pneumonia

It's not a serious illness that cannot be cured

If at that time

As long as a doctor comes

Check the child's condition carefully

The child won't die

Today Zhu Ma wants to make a popularization for you Ma Ma,In fact, all the above misfortunes can be avoided!

Just remember these two words!

These two words can save your life!

Not long ago, Australia’s Daily Mail made a report:

Australian mother saved her sick daughter's life with two words!

This news caught everyone's attention!

Australian mother Ayla Gyde, her daughter Marley is 4 years old this year. One day, Marley felt unbearable abdominal pain, so Ayla hurriedly took the child to the hospital.

After talking with the first doctor, the doctor and Ayla said that her daughter is likely to be suspected of appendicitis and needs to be hospitalized. But the doctor was not sure, so he wanted to find a pediatrician to ensure that the cause may be mesenteric lymphadenitis.

In this way, the child keeps talking about being checked, but in fact he has been waiting for treatment. From 5:7 in the afternoon to XNUMX in the morning of the next day, Ayla has been waiting for the doctor to come and do further treatment for her daughter.

But she was waiting for no one to care about. During the period, she stopped passing medical staff one after another, but they were all told that the child had to undergo an ultrasound examination first.

Seeing her daughter getting more and more uncomfortable, but lying on the hospital bed with no one caring, Ayla was very angry!

As a mother, she can't just sit like this...

So Ayla went to the doctor, and if he doesn’t take action,

She will adopt

Ryan's Rule

After the doctors heard this word,

I was shocked for a moment,

Great changes happened next!

Since these two words were spoken,

Ayla and her daughter were immediately highly valued!

Less than 10 minutes,

Another doctor came immediately,

Started to discuss Marley's condition with Ayla.

Another 45 minutes passed,

Marley is already undergoing an ultrasound examination.

Less than 2 hours,

Marley was sent to the operating room for surgery.

Facts have proved that Marley's situation was already quite dangerous at the time. Her appendix was severely infected and perforated! After the diagnosis was confirmed, the doctor immediately prepared the operating room and urgently removed Marley's appendix.

Thinking that her daughter had endured the pain for almost 20 hours in vain, Ayla was heartbroken, and at the same time she was frightened: Fortunately, she took the initiative to apply for the Ryan rule, otherwise her entire abdominal cavity might be infected, and her life might be in danger!

Ayla, who knew the reason for this incident, was very angry, and published the incident on her Facebook page, and urged everyone to see if there is an emergency in Australia.

Be sure to tell this rule!

And this share

Also on facebook

It has been circulated in a short time

Many netizens expressed,

I have encountered such a situation myself.

So, here comes the point!Why this magical phrase

Can Australian doctors be so fast?

Here to give everyone a popular science

Ryan's Rule

The little story behind...

In 2007, Ryan Charles Saunders, a 3-year-old boy from Queensland, fell ill. After an examination, the doctor found that his glands were swollen and suspected that Ryan had mumps, so the doctor recommended that he be given Panadol.

But it was actually a misdiagnosis! At that time, Ryan got a malignant bacterial infection. In the end, he died of toxic shock syndrome due to misdiagnosis and delayed illness.

From being admitted to the hospital to his death, Ryan experienced more than 30 hours of pain and suffering! During the period, his parents saw his son in distress, and they always questioned the doctor's diagnosis, hoping to find a doctor to help his son again, but the hospital ignored them.

Ryan's experience caused a huge sensation in Australia. In the 4th year after his death, the law was changed because of his death! From then on the Lane rule was born!

When patients and their family members question the current rescue and treatment methods, they can introduce a second treatment opinion through the Lane rule!

Remember, Lane rulesSuitable for patients of any age!

If you are in Queensland...

There are three main steps for you to sign up for the Lane rule:

1. You can directly explain your questions and concerns with the attending doctor or nurse;

2. If the answer given by the doctor makes you feel unsatisfied, or there is something that can be added, then you can further discuss with the head of the nurse on duty;

3. Call 13 Health (13432584) and request a review using the Lane rules (hospital name, patient name, ward number, bed number and contact number are required); nurses and doctors will re-evaluate the patient’s condition and provide Corresponding assistance.

If you are in Victoria...

Mainly apply the first two steps of Lane's rule.

If you are in NSW... NSW has also launched a REACH project (this project was also mentioned in the above Facebook message) in order to follow the rules of Lane. It also provides emergency help for patients and their families to make patients worry Can get more attention, this plan is also widely promoted in NSW!

In Australia, there are a lot of news about medical treatment, but there are not many news that can really help you solve medical problems.

Don't forget to call this number at the critical moment

In addition to the above Lion's criteria, it is also necessary to mention here:

13 SICK, a free clinic,

Just dial the magic number


When you have, for example, respiratory infections, migraines, gastritis, otitis media, high fever, urinary tract infections,

If you have symptoms such as falls, you can call with confidence.

Of course, if there is a serious life-threatening situation, you still have to dial 000 to call an ambulance.

After making the call,

13 SICK's medical staff will immediately,

Bring relevant medical equipment to your residence.

When can I make an appointment for 13 SICK?

Because this is an emergency outpatient service, the opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: after 6 pm

Saturday: after 12 am

Open all day on Sundays and public holidays

13 SICK in major cities in AustraliaAll have special offices.

More than 800 professional doctors are on standby

With 13 SICK, even in the middle of the night,

There is no need to worry about sickness and no medical treatment or long queues.

13 How important is SICK?
"13 SICK" is an Australian medical institution that provides out-patient consultation services for some basic diseases during non-working days and at night. Every year, more than one million citizens are provided with immediate outpatient services. Among the patients, most of them are born babies or young children, or elderly people.

As long as you need it, just a phone call will be followed by a doctor who will bring the necessary basic treatment facilities to your home to provide you with a timely but preliminary diagnosis and consultation, and send the results of your consultation to your neighborhood on the next day GP!

The following typical situations are recommended to consider 13SICK:

1. High fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting, unable to go out, GP in general hospitals does not go to work

2. Family members need to see a doctor but no need to go to the hospital for emergency

3. After get off work on weekends, eager to see a doctor

4. Have some symptoms such as migraine but don't want to go out

5. Stomach symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea common to foreign students, and general weakness

6. When the elderly and babies at home cannot move...

Basically everybody usually encounters diseases that are not threatening to vital signs!

And there is no need to line up at the hospital, nor are you afraid that the hospital will close!

13 Is SICK really free?
13 SICK is completely free in the following cases

1: Holds Medicare or GOLD DVA card, can enjoy completely free service

2: For overseas students, or those who have OSHC, Medibank or Bupa private insurance, it is completely free.

3: If you do not belong to the above group, 13 SICK will issue a bill and pay by credit card.

How to make an appointment?

To make an appointment 13 SICK you can call

Or the specific phone number of each city.

Of course, the following specific information needs to be provided:

1. Patient's full name and birthday

2. Patient's medical insurance information

3. The location of the patient

4. Patient's email address

5. The specific situation of the patient

6. The name of the clinic or doctor that the patient often visits

Or APP appointment

13 SICK also provides free online consulting services,

If you have any questions, you can consult for free.

When you make an appointment for on-site service, you will receive a text message notification-the arrival time of the medical staff. Generally speaking, within 2-3 hours after the appointment, the doctor will arrive at the patient’s home for treatment.

Of course, this also needs to be decided according to the doctor's situation at the time, your geographic location and other factors.

Finally, here are the help phone numbers of the states:

Parentline Victoria
132 289, 8 am-12 am 7 days

Parentline ACT
(02) 6287 3833, 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays

Parent Line NSW
1300 130 052, 9 am-9 pm Monday to Friday, 4 pm-9 pm weekends

Parentline Queensland and Northern Territory
1300 301 300, 8 am-10 pm 7 days

Parent Helpline South Australia
1300 364 100, 7.15 am-9.15 pm 7 days

Parentline Tasmania
1300 808 178, 24 hours 7 days

Western Australia:

(08) 9368 9368 (metropolitan) or 1800 111 546 (regional callers) 8 am-8 pm 7 days

Next time everyone gets sick in an Australian hospital,

In case of emergency,

Please remember:

Lane rules +13 SICK!