Angelo Fracassa, is a grandfather from Detroit, USA.
At the age of 86, he finally retired today.
As usual, he waited for the 530 bus to go home on the side of the road.
Grandpa is not very convenient anymore, and he needs crutches to walk.
But still holding the bus card tightly in his hand——
A trip of 50 cents, for 60 years, he was familiar with the bus route that took him to work and home.
The bus drove into this station slowly with double flashes.
Grandpa didn't notice, his name-"Angelo Express" (Angelo special line) was written on the bus.
But as soon as I got into the car, Grandpa realized something was wrong.
Why are all the people I know sitting in the car today?
It turned out that this was prepared for him by family and friendsRetirement surprise.
Grandpa Angelo works at IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in downtown Detroit.
He has been working for 60 years and has taken this 530 bus for 60 years.
Every day at work and off work, on this bus, Grandpa and every driver became friends. He watched them go from marriage, childbirth, to retirement, and the children who took this bus to school, from free to full ticket. Then I graduated from university and went out to work.
For 60 years, this bus has carried too much emotions and sorrows from Grandpa.
So on the day of retirement, family and friends planned this special "retirement ceremony" for Grandpa.
Seeing the person sitting in the car saying "surprise!" to him, my grandfather was a little shy, and a little touched: "What are you doing?"
Before Grandpa could react, something even cuter happened.
At every bus stop, many grandpa’s family members, colleagues, and friends he knew on this bus jumped into the bus.
They boarded the car with photos of their grandfather in different age groups, from 20, 30, 40, to 86...
On this bus, Grandpa seemed to see his whole life.
A lady walked up and told grandpa: "I feel at ease when I go to work every day and see you in the car. Thank you for making me great every day!"
Grandpa smiled and said: so are you and so are you. I am very happy to see you every day.
Suddenly, another boy got into the car, and his grandfather was completely confused.
"Why are you here? Haven't you left Detroit?"
It turned out that this was the little boy who had taken bus 530 with his grandfather for more than ten years.
Now, he has graduated from college and left Detroit, this time to celebrate his retirement for his grandfather, specially rushed back, and again with him, take the 530 bus for the last time.
Hearing this, Grandpa couldn't help it anymore and started crying like a child.
The "little boy" stretched out his hand and touched grandpa's head, just like when he was a child, grandpa touched his head: "Don't cry, don't cry, old man."
Then, the biggest surprise, Grandpa's wife got into the car, and Grandpa finally couldn't stretch himself, tears streaming down his face.
"Thank you for the surprise you prepared for me!"
Grandpa's granddaughter also ran up to give him a big kiss, "Happy retirement, grandpa."
Also take a selfie with grandpa.
Grandpa is super cute, pointing to the phone and asking: "Is this small round hole a camera? Isn't it right?"

Speaking of my grandfather’s 60 years of commuting to and from get off work, some people didn’t understand and asked him: After working for so long, why not buy a car?

Grandpa said, “We have a car, but we have 6 children. You know, it’s not easy. I leave the car at home for my wife. She needs to use it to transport the children to and from school. It’s a long time. I’m used to taking the bus. Besides, I’ve been working in the city center and I’ve never moved. It’s convenient to take this bus every day."

In laughter and joy, for the first time in 60 years, the 530 bus did not stop at the terminal, but drove to another place.
Looking at the camera, Grandpa smiled happily: "Are there any surprises? I understand."
Everyone took Grandpa to a restaurant, where there were more Grandpa’s friends, colleagues, and several 530 bus drivers. Their relationship with Grandpa was not only the relationship between drivers and passengers, but also friends for life.
Everyone cheered, applauded and shook hands with Grandpa.
Everyone also prepared a video for Grandpa, reviewing his 60 years of work and life.
The local media in Detroit were also invited to participate in this retirement ceremony. They pulled Grandpa aside and asked him a few questions.
"Grandpa, are you surprised?"
"Of course. I was taken aback. I didn't know what was going on. I just got home from get off work and all this happened before my eyes. Phew! I haven't slowed down yet."
"You seemed to have wet eyes in the car just now?"
Grandpa touched his head embarrassedly, "It's worse than this, I cried miserably, haha, I admit that I am a weak person and can't stand this. When I saw them, I was deeply moved."
Grandpa looks shy, so cute
"You have worked for the IRS for 60 years? Why can a job last so long, haven't you thought about changing jobs?"
"I really like this job, I think it can help a lot of people. Many people told me that you have an MBA degree and you can do a higher-paying job, but I just like myself Work. Besides, the IRS benefits are pretty good."
"But 21 years ago, at the age of 65, you could retire and enjoy the same benefits. Why not retire like everyone else?"
"I don't know why I didn't retire at that time. But if you like a job and do a good job, why should you leave? I don't know."
"That's how I look at it. I like it and haven't encountered too many problems. Moreover, my experience can help other people in the company, so I stayed."
"For me, the most important thing is God, the second is the family, and the third is the country. When I talk about the country, what I mean is, doing your own job, observing professional ethics, is patriotic, probably such."
"What made you finally decide to retire?"
"One morning, when I went to work, I found that Google on the computer desktop was missing. I couldn't find it. So I asked the girl next door to find out that the computer was upgraded. I didn't know how to use it anymore. You know, the technology is developing too fast. Now, I’m getting older and I feel a little bit unable to keep up, hahaha."
At the end of the party, everyone gave Grandpa a special commemorative gift-the seat on the 530 bus.
"What? You unload the chairs on the bus and send me off?"
It turns out that this is Grandpa's favorite seat. It is right behind the bus driver. You can chat with the driver and say hello to every passenger who gets on the bus.
For 60 years, Grandpa has been sitting in this position every day, chatting with the driver and everyone on the bus.
When the grandfather and his wife sat in this seat together, the audience stood up and applauded, tears in the eyes of many people.
Although Grandpa didn't speak, he looked excited with his hands crossed and his head down.
In the same post, 60 years of work, in the same seat, 60 years.
Grandpa has never been to many places in his life, nor has he gone through many magnificent adventures.
His whole life seemed monotonous and boring, doing the same thing every day, but he was hardworking and simple, also in his job, quietly dedicated to the society for 60 years, also used his own hands to support a family , Brought up 6 children and watched them grow up one by one and have their own happy family.
Grandpa's life is very ordinary, but also very great.

For the life after retirement, grandpa has already planned, he will take the family and go to Italy for a vacation.

"We rented two villas, and the whole family will go together. We can cook there and do whatever we want. I have worked for so many years and saved enough money to allow us to spend a good vacation. Up."

Lovely Grandpa Angelo

Of course you deserve a good vacation!

Every one lives with heart
Sincere and simple ordinary people
All worthy of respect!
Video from USA TODAY
Picture from Detroit Free Press