Unwilling to be ordinary people like me
How many people have you seen
How come over twenty years
Still floating in the crowd
Almost every international student who comes to Tasmania will have to face a soul torture:
"When will I get my permanent residence status?"
What is leading them is the unpredictable immigration policy, and what awaits them is the pressure and fear that comes with increasing age.
As if I were being pulled back and forth like a puppet, butStill choose to work hard...
I still remember a scene from my own personal experience. On the first day of school at Tatar, two Chinese students chatted with each other.
"Friend, where did you come from?"
"I'm from Sydney, how about you?"
"I'm from Melbourne."
"For immigration?"
"Yeah, otherwise it would take a few years to come here to dry your hair, but what else can be done."
"You are too right! I too."
The two talked happily, as if they had met a confidant for many years.
From their eyes, although there is confusion, they also reveal firm gazes from time to time, which are expectations for the future and an explanation of their own life.
Are you now struggling to stay in this unfamiliar and familiar country, and coming to this small tower like a third- and fourth-tier city in China takes only a few years for a green card?
If you returned to China directly after graduating in Melbourne or Sydney, how would you be now?
Or if you give up studying abroad at the beginning, will your life be different?
If they did not choose to come to Tasmania, many people should go back to the country, bought a house, drove hundreds of thousands of cars, clocked in at work, sang songs every night, and lived a leisurely life.

In order to stay in Australia now, do you think it is worth staying in Tasmania for at least 3 years?

Kevin is such a person.
He came to Melbourne University to study finance in 16 years. At that time, he didn't think about immigration, but as time passed, he found that he gradually fell in love with the city.
However, when he wanted to immigrate, he found that he was about to graduate.
Kevin, who was not an immigration major, looked everywhere for a way to get PR, but the immigration threshold was getting higher and higher, and he got nothing. The reality gave him a heavy blow.
On the graduation ceremony, he said goodbye to his good brothers, classmates, and all the memories of Melbourne.
When he waved goodbye to his friends at Melbourne International Airport, he knew that these different life trajectories might not cross over again.
Leave him alone in this empty city.
Seeing that the prime minister of Australia has changed and changed like a family, countless times have destroyed the lingering immigration policy. In just two years, the immigration score has increased by 20-30 points, leaving a large number of people beyond the reach.
He is 28 years old now.
It is said that a man stood at 30, and now he is walking at the crossroads of life, looking around, facing the unknown, whether he chooses to give it a go or return to his country?

In the end he decided to come to Tasmania alone to continue his studies in immigration.

"I still remember the day when I landed at Hobart Airport, everything was brand new, but very strange."He said.

In the first few months, except for classes, Kevin stayed at home all day, and the door remained open.

Although I heard from my friends that the scenery here is pleasant and life is laid back.

But after he came, he found that the scenery was there. But what you see is always the same mountain and the same water.

Compared to Melbourne, life here is becoming more and more boring for him, just like a poem: withered vines, old trees, faint crows, small bridges and flowing water.

Gradually he realized that visiting Kmart for 24 hours had become his only pleasure...

"A few months after I came to Hobart, I was almost depressed. For a few nights, I always dreamed of wandering Melbourne Central Street at midnight, as if I was in Melbourne."He says.

We may all know in our hearts that Kevin, like most people, will not stay here after getting the PR. They will always return to their original dreams, because they may realize that there is nothing they want here. everything of.

But when I asked him if he did not regret making this decision, he said firmly: "No regrets."
"For so many years, I have learned to survive on my own, and I have also felt the warmth and coldness of the world, and made myself independent." He said.
"For being an affordable man in China, I am more satisfied with who I am now. I am very grateful for the time in the past few years for shaping who I am now.Although the road ahead is still confused, I still admire myself who is desperate now."
I believe that in Tasmania, there are too many people like Kevin, they have the same stories, and they have the same goals.
Tolerate loneliness, not be afraid of failure, and appreciate self-defeating self.
This is a gift to everyone who is struggling for PR in Tasmania.