In 2004, a beautiful mansion in Sydney’s northern suburbs was vacant for 3 years
About to welcome its new owner-a Taiwanese buyer
Just after the Taiwan buyer had already paid the A$8 deposit
I'm going to make up the remaining money soon
And happily planning to move to a new home
But suddenly resolutely gave up this property
A 360-degree view of the attitude of Taiwanese buyers without dead ends
I don’t even need the 8 Australian dollar deposit
And run in minutes
This in the end is why?
Big guys, don't worry about making up suspense and thrillers
Because reality is sometimes more terrifying than movies...
How about those horror and thrillers before the movie
Whether he is true or not, he is happy to write one sentence:
"The film is adapted from real events"
Does the atmosphere come out all at once?
So from this we can see how much this authenticity can deter people
The reason why this Taiwanese buyer suddenly abandoned his luxury home and never looked back was because:
The buyer accidentally learned thatThis majestic mansion turned out to be a murderous house where three people died tragically!!!
And the Taiwanese buyer didn't know the truth at the beginning!
This mansion is located in North Ryde, north of Sydney
It is a residential area with an upper middle class atmosphere
So this place is widely loved by Asian elite immigrants
The former owner is the Gonzales family from the Philippines who immigrated to Australia as early as 1990
That can really be called a model of Asian elite immigration
Teddy Gonzales, 46, and his wife Mary, 43, run a law firm in Sydney
Live a prosperous and happy life with high income
The couple have two children
They are 20-year-old son Sef and 18-year-old daughter Clodine.
Such a family is really a dream family in the eyes of outsiders
Wealthy life, loving husband and wife and both children
What could be more perfect than such a family?
But such a perfect family
But in July of 2001, it was wiped out and vanished in no time.
July 7 at 10:4 pm
Clodine, who just passed her 18th birthday, is studying in the room
But suddenly
A baseball bat hit Clodine's head violently
One, two, three, four, five...
Until the flesh and blood is smeared on the spot, it is terrible
Even so, Clodine still hasn't died
When she was dying before she struggled a few times
The murderer took the knife
One knife after another stabbed Clodine into a hornet's nest
Seeing Clodine in a pool of blood
The murderer started with satisfaction and waited for the next victim
In the process of waiting
The murderer summed up his experience by the way-
The efficiency of killing with a knife is not only higher, but also less effort
one hour later
The hostess Mary returned home from get off work
I still have time to put the bag down
The sudden sharp knife pierced Mary's face, neck, chest and abdomen frantically
finally,The murderer severely severed Mary's trachea
And this move became her deathDecisive factor
The murderer thought triumphantly:
"A knife is better!"
The murderer who walks in a pool of blood is thinking about everything
The next lamb to be slaughtered
More than an hour later, the host Teddy went home
The same position, the same killing technique
The only difference is that Mary died because of the trachea cut off
And Teddy died by cutting his spine
After the murderer killed the Teddy couple and their daughter
Neither chose to destroy the corpse, nor continued to wait for the next victim in secret
Instead, he did something that many perverted murderers like--
Spray paint left a line on the wall:
"F***K Off Asians KKK"
The Ku Klux Klan refers to the non-governmental organizations that pursued the white supremacist movement and Christian terrorism in three different periods of American history and modern times. It is also a representative organization of American racism. The organization often uses different methods to achieve its goals.
The KKK was first formed in 3 by veterans of the Confederate Army defeated in the American Civil War. In the early days of its development, the KKK’s goal was to restore the Democratic power in the southern United States and opposed the policy of improving the treatment of blacks enforced by the federal army in the south. The name of the organization Ku Klux Klan has also been used by many other organizations, including organizations that opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and advocated racial discrimination in the 3s. In the United States and other countries today, dozens of organizations still use all or part of their names.
In just a few hours
20-year-old son Sef became the only survivor
So where is Sef now?
He was playing video games with friends in Sydney City that night
Played until almost 11 o'clock at night before returning home
And discovered this massacre
Around 11:30
Sef called the police in panic
Sef told the operator during the police call
His family members were all shot dead, bloody!
Sef sadly told the police
When he went home and saw his parents who died in a pool of blood
He called their names like crazy
I hope to wake them up, but the harsh facts prove that-
All this is in vain
Later he thought of his sister
And rushed to my sister's room for the first time
At the moment of opening the door
I found out that my sister was already dead
One after another of tragedies staged Sef's nervous breakdown
On the second day of the murder, Sef appeared in the spotlight of major media
He published an article stating that he hoped that the murderer would surrender as soon as possible and also issued a reward of 10 Australian dollars.
After the police completed the forensic-related autopsy investigation
As the only survivor of the massacre
Sef held a funeral for his three relatives
As a devout religious family
Sef read the eulogy at the funeral for his tragic death
Sang a song
At the same time, police investigations are also closely following up
The police initially suspected that the massacre was caused by burglary
However, the autopsy results indicated that the death time of the three deceased differed by up to 3 hours.
And no theft lasts for three hours
There are no signs of violent invasion and overturning in the house
Soon, the police found some doubts:
These doubts come from Sef’s testimony
In one paragraph, he said that he saw his sister’s wound bleeding a lot, and he tried to stop the bleeding but failed.
That's weird
Because according to the time of forensic identification
When Sef got home, his sister had been dead for a long time
And people will not bleed heavily after death...
And there was no large amount of blood on the clothes Sef wore that day.
The police also discovered that Sef had logged into his father's bank account...
Sef rented in soonA high-end apartment in Chatswood, Sydney
And bought oneA $17 Lexus car...
As a result, Sef’s suspicion has grown...
But Sef's alibi is so perfect
Sam, who plays video games with him, can prove Sef's innocence
But the police immediately got another clue
That is during the murder
A visiting aunt came to visit his house
But no one responded
But found Sef's car by accident
What is the explanation for this?
But Sef didn't panic at all
He said that in the process of picking up Sam
He wandered around his home for a while and the text message record can prove the authenticity of Sef's words
But another clue from the police has become a key conclusion
An eyewitness said:
I saw Sef’s car parked in front of his house for a long time at the time of the incident
As soon as this clue came out, Sef started to have trouble
In the panic, Sef started talking nonsense
And completely overturned his previous testimony
I also said that I didn’t actually play video games
It’s time to park your car in your garage and take a ride to prostitute
In this way, Sef was finally arrested
Sef is the culprit who killed his parents and sister
Graffiti on the wall
Is to confuse the police
The reason for the murder is so simple
To put it all the way is for one word:money
Due to the lavish family environment, Sef lived like a playboy.
But also lazy and easy to work
Hopefully the parents of Jackie Chan also expressed dissatisfaction with Sef's state
Sef once studied medicine at the University of New South Wales for two years and then dropped out
Later transferred to Macquarie University, but still poor grades
Parents’ dissatisfaction with him is also increasing, and said that if this continues
Then withdraw support for his luxurious life
This is unimaginable for Sef who is used to living a luxurious life
He started to tamper with the school report card but his sister found out
So Sef started thinking, what should he do next?
He recalled that his parents wereThe combined assets of Australia and the Philippines are nearly A$300 million
If his parents and sister disappear together
Doesn't this property become your own?
So the idea of ​​killing someone formed in my heart
The first act of poisoning and killing his mother failed miserably
Mother was lucky to be rescued after being sent to the doctor
Not only did the failure of poisoning not let Sef stop,This idea is getting stronger and stronger
So gave birth to his final murder
2004年9月7日,案件在经过了2年多的审理后,新州最高法院裁定Sef Gonzales的3项谋杀罪名全部成立。
Maybe it was a response to his murder of three relatives, in terms of sentencing,Sef was sentenced to 3 life imprisonment by the judge, and parole was prohibited.
Since Australia is a country without the death penalty, this is already the heaviest punishment in the Australian legal system.
Sef could have a good life and development, but he has to do such an unreasonable thing
In the end, he didn’t get the inheritance as expected.
The rest of his life will be spent in the highest-level prison in Goulburn, NSW.
Seeing this, the editor can't help but sigh with emotion.
At the same time, the editor also wants to ask everyone a very controversial question:
Do you support the death penalty?
Talk about your own views!

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