Breaking news!!
Number 23!!
Craig Williams with rider

Successfully won 2019

Melbourne Cup

Champions throne!!
The rider took a photo with Baoju a few days ago
The final moment of this game is extremely fierce!!
Australian local horse racing VOW AND DECLAR
Successfully defeated Master of Reality
Win the championship with Prince of Arran!!
Won a bonus of up to 440 million dollars!!
More than 400 million dollars last year!!
This is also the experienced jockey Craig Williams
Winning the Melbourne Cup for the first time, he described this victory as a dream come true
The moment of running!!

Caring like Australia

Send two people on a grand festival like today

Professional and beautiful live reporter

At the horse racing festival

Bring you first-hand live coverage

It was rainy yesterday

Today is sunny all day

God is beautiful!!

This year's "Melbourne Horse Racing Festival"

Crowds going to attend the Melbourne Horse Festival

Full!! Full!! Full again!!

Melbourne Cup Day (Melbourne Cup Day), This is currently the world's most famous and oldest international horse racing festival. It has successfully held 141 sessions so far. The Melbourne Cup Race Festival is held at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, which is also a public holiday in Victoria. Men will wear traditional formal attire, while women will wear all kinds of dazzling and stunning hats to spend a carnival day in the splendid Masai festival!!
Variety of weirdness! Colorful! There are so many varieties, how can it be like this when participating in the horse racing festival?

XNUMX o'clock in the morning

When the Australian Open reporter was still on the train to the racecourse

In the carriage

Already feel the joyous atmosphere of the horse racing festival

On the train, you can also see exaggerated costumes and hats

Or simply don't have a small flower

All kinds of gorgeous clothes

Even the kind old lady wears a cute flower hat

Everyone has their own gorgeous style

To participate in this horse racing festival


The reporter also met an elderly couple in their seventies who came from Queensland specifically to watch the Melbourne cup, saying that this was one of their lifetime wish lists, and they can now be crossed out.

The two were very shy when facing the camera, saying that it would be good to shoot the back

But in the car

There is another group of people with a different atmosphere...

I saw them bow their heads

Writing something in a notebook

I use my mobile phone to check information from time to time

Flip through the newspaper...

It turned out to be calculating which horse to bet on today!!!

The reporter was so scared to ask the old gentlemen to give some pointers...

I want to win the jackpot too!

Nine o'clock in the morning

The Australian Net reporter arrived at the scene

The sky in Melbourne at this time is very clear


Everyone is talking and laughing slowly walking into the racecourse

But not everyone is so leisurely

There are some professional horse racing festival people

But before the door opened in the morning... just waiting at the door...

Time is up! Open the gate!

Run! Let me run!

Horse racing festival... Before the horse runs, people run by themselves...

See how this aunt works so hard...

Of course there are some people

Choose a different way to get to the racetrack...

A Chinese friend who runs a cruise ship in Melbourne

Just posted such an article in Moments...

Charter a boat to the racecourse!!

Don't be too happy!!

A group of people

Riding a boat, drinking champagne, dancing...

It's so cool...

Come to see the racecourse...
Taking advantage of such wonderful weather

Friends at the horse racing scene quickly find a good position

Or take a photo with friends

Fancy outfits are one of the highlights every year

This year is no exception!

Look at this uncle's full leopard suit!!

There is also the rainbow match of these two brothers, which is the focus of the audience!!

These four guys said they should wear the same clothes

It is also very interesting!!

These two guys didn’t know it was on purpose

Still unintentionally...

The head of the Central Minister (not long) and Huahua are in harmony

Amused the reporter

Of course... on the other side of the racecourse

There are also a group of people enjoying the horse racing festival in different ways

The betting shop is full of people!!

Of course, the beauty pageant is also indispensable at the horse racing festival

Melbourne's annual event!! Of course the Chinese will not be absent!! The same costumes appear!

According to the report sent back by the on-site reporter of Australia Network

Today’s horse racing festival,There were so many Chinese at the scene!

Yeah, after all, horse racing

A grand ceremony that can let you go

How can the Chinese miss it?!

Miss Wang, who came to the Melbourne Horse Festival for the first time, happened to be traveling from China. It was only when she arrived at the scene that she really felt the enthusiasm of everyone. She was also surprised that everyone present had good-looking clothes and hats, and she truly experienced the difference from China. Style!

Mr. Zhu, a business immigrant, also brought his daughter to the Melbourne Cup this time, hoping to integrate into Australian life and experience the different cultures of China and the West.

Teacher Zhang and Teacher Yong of the Chinese School have just arrived in Melbourne for a year and feel very lucky to be able to meet this grand event. She said that she would buy a betting ticket later to see if she could get a small prize in luck. Not bad!

Audrey and Karry, these two international students have come to Melbourne for a year, and this is the first time to participate in the Melbourne Horse Racing Festival. They also plan to try their luck and buy a betting ticket.

Ms. Wang, Guangzhou, family immigrants; Ms. Li, Tianjin, first-generation immigrants; Ms. Zhong, Guangdong, investment immigrants; Ms. Du, Zhengzhou, family immigrants; Ms. Qu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, family immigrants.

This group of new Australian girlfriends with an average age of over sixty years old are old sisters from all over China. They have been to Australia for many years. They met for the first time to watch the Melbourne Cup. They must have a media presence.

The horse racing amount is the highest in history!! There are two days of the race, don't miss it!

Back to the events that everyone cares about
As the horses entered, the cheers of the audience also rang

Friends who are interested in the results of other matches today

You can also check the results on the Tab official website~

After each game

Some people cheered loudly, some were nervous

Someone whispered annoyed and lost the betting ticket

But whether you win or lose today
Under such a beautiful Melbourne sky
It seems that everything is worth enjoying

If you missed the game today

It's okay, wonderful horse racing festival

There are two days in the schedule


Kennedy Oak Race Day(Kennedy Oaks day)

This day can be said to be the most gentle and elegant day of the entire event. This is an exclusive day for ladies, also known as "Ladies' Day".
In addition to horse racing, Myer Department Store will also hold the "Myer Fashions on the Field" (Myer Fashions on the Field) first place will also be announced on this day.
Seppelt Wines Stakes Day (Seppelt Wines Stakes Day)
The last day of the event, also known as Family Day, has many free mini games specially prepared for children. It is very suitable for taking the family to participate on Saturday and spend a happy and beautiful day in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.
Scene highlights

Today's horse racing festival scene
Even the former Labour Party leader Bill Shorten is here!
It seems that he should be very leisurely after leaving office...

But there were also episodes at the scene...

Seems to be due to the atmosphere

A few friends started an argument...

Fortunately, the guards at the horse racing festival are quite sufficient
Nothing happened after mediation

Chinese brands appear at the horse racing festival

Except for the Chinese

I even saw a familiar Chinese brand!!

TCL, a brand from China, is the sponsor of the big screen of this horse racing festival

All screens at the exit of the racecourse and railway station are provided by TCL

(The editor first said that any advertising fees will be forfeited)

Finally, I would also like to thank the Australian reporters who interviewed and filmed on the front line of the Melbourne Horse Festival. I believe that our two beautiful ladies have also added a lot to the entire stadium.
Do you think our two reporters are pretty?

Chinese living in Australia, in the Melbourne Race Festival, which is a carnival in Australia, many people have used this opportunity to merge with the cheers of the entire city; unconsciously, they may find that they have truly become the city’s A part.