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It's the ultimate.
Luban Rebirth
Recently, a Chinese rural uncle went all over the Internet,
A video of less than ten minutes,
Surprised over 1000 million foreign netizens:
It turns out that Chinese Kungfu is more than martial arts,
The skill at hand is even more sultry.
Without a nail, a drop of glue,
Just relying on wrinkled hands,
Just take a plain piece of wood,
It has become a brilliant Luban stool.
The whole body has no metal components,
It seems loose but not completely separated,
Although it can be opened and closed freely,
But I can't spell a stool without a little IQ.
When I saw the stool opened,
A crowd of netizens were stunned:
"I saw such a master for the first time in my life,
I feel I have lived for 28 years in vain",
"It's simply Lu Ban's rebirth!"
However, when some netizens praised "It can be called IKEA China",
Someone will directly popularize science online:
"Little brother, you're afraid that you are looking at IKEA!
This is a skill that China had 2500 years ago! "
Can anyone think of,
The unpretentious Chinese rural master,
Admired by countless foreign netizens,
Just show up a little trick,
All are millions of views.
At the age of 61, he was called "Grandpa Amu" by netizens.
I followed my master to learn woodworking when I was young,
Just to feed the brothers who are waiting to be fed at home.
At that time, he didn’t know what
"Choose one thing for life",
only know,
"If you don't have one, you won't be expert, if you don't, you can't"
Remember the "four nos",
Pick up a saw, a foot, a wood,
It's a lifetime.
Whenever I pick up a tool,
When I started to make strange things,
Attentive appearance,
If you enter the uninhabited territory.
It can not only create a superb Luban stool,
It can also make a Luban lock like an apple.
Soon, a few finger-long wooden strips
Leaping forward.
Seemingly simple wooden strips,
But there are mysteries everywhere,
One concave and one convex, one yin and one yang,
Everywhere demonstrates complementary symbiosis.
What’s more breathtaking is that
Grandpa Amu made it with his bare hands
A reduced version of the Expo China Pavilion.
In the “China Pavilion” with a large palm, even if the grandfather was a master carpenter who did this all his life, it took five days;
Only then did these 42 tenon-and-mortise ribs, four tenon-and-mortise columns, 4 locks, and one interlocking Chinese pavilion with tenon-and-mortise bases.
Links of wisdom,
Even today in artificial intelligence,
Still not inferior.
One by one amazing objects,
Not only grandpa’s lifetime experience,
It also contains almost lost skills:
The soul hidden in the wood-tenon and tenon.
It is the essence of Chinese furniture,
The foundation of Chinese architecture.
No matter when
Nothing is sloppy.
Every process, every component,
All have special tools.
"The world is engaged,
Can’t be inaccessible".
Grandpa has never forgotten this teaching.
The age without electricity,
A thin iron wire,
A little processing is a sharp saw.
Even drilling tools,
It is also the most traditional hand drill;
Without compasses,
You can draw a circle by holding wooden bars and nails.
Grandpa Amu, who has passed his sixtieth year,
Has long been under the knees of children and grandchildren Chenghuan,
But he is still not idle for a moment,
Own unique skills,
I want to give my grandson a unique childhood.
Peppa Pig, who is all over the Internet,
Grandpa Amu not only made the same appearance,
Still a "mechanical" version.
No batteries, no nails,
There is no tool to keep pace with the times,
It went happily.
Walking robot,
The awning boat drifting with the flow,
The little wooden horse carrying the grandson,
Advanced bubble machine,
After each wood product is formed,
Grandpa never forgets to hold the sandpaper
Smooth friction inside and out,
Then use the most traditional way to apply oil,
Not only for beauty,
It also prevents the grandson from being scratched by the thorns.
Watching the little grandson having fun,
Grandpa is full of joy,
A vote of netizens in front of the screen turned into lemon essence:
Is grandpa still missing grandchildren?
Can anyone think of,
But wooden blocks the size of bricks,
Flowers bloomed in the hands of grandpa;
Living in the countryside,
There is still a quiet place in my heart.
if we assume,
The poetry of small bridges and flowing water,
He gave his grandfather and grandson music;
The romance of bright yellow lanterns,
Self-service bird repellent,
It is the warmth he gave the villagers.
Seems to be in his hands,
There are no objects that cannot be made from wood.
This is an ordinary thing,
Just because it is the ultimate,
Then it shines in the ordinary.
When we were amazed in front of the screen,
Grandpa Amu told everyone: "There are specializations in the surgical industry, and every other line is like a mountain. You have to start from scratch when you change one industry, and a lifetime will pass quickly.Therefore, if you do a job, you must love it and be interested in it.
But interest does not mean that there is only happiness and no pain. If you can stick to the profession you identify for decades, and continue to obtain happiness from pain and a sense of accomplishment, then you are truly interested. It will also make you a great success in life. "
Grandpa Amu, who has lived in the countryside all his life,
There is no great wisdom,
Just take my own experience
Condensed into the bits and pieces of life and career:
The so-called pursuit of the ultimate,
It's never just a little bit of water, just a little taste,
But perseverance,
One day, flowers will bloom in your hands.