Collect decisively! Melbourne's 15 most compelling free playgrounds! The city you live in is a paradise for others to vacation!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


The most worrying thing is where to go to play,


But friends living in Melbourne,

I really never worry about these problems,

Because of the city you live in,

It is a paradise for others to vacation.

Especially those community parks that are free and fun,

As many as stars,

The beauty is not lost to Disney at all,


The leisure resort that others dream of!

Today, Zhu Ma recommends 15 for everyone

Melbourne's most compelling playground.

1. Royal Park Nature Play Playground

This playground is just around the corner of Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

曾被澳大利亚景观Teachers' Association

Rated as the best playground.

Royal Park Nature Play Playground出众在于它的理念——

Help children, especially those in the inner city who have little contact with nature,

Get in touch with nature and experience the fun of unlimited adventure.

The facilities are complete,

Rock climbing, rope

Rock terrace, slide

There are shades of trees and lawns,

You can also enjoy the city silhouette of Melbourne CBD from here.

Very suitable for a family to play~

2. Jells Park playground, Wheelers Hill

The sign of this playground is a bright orange arch,

A totem pole shaped like a giant lobster raises the sign of the playground.

Looking up, it’s so spectacular~

But going in is another flavor~

There are scenic lakes and lakeside planks around this playground.

The lake is sparkling, the breeze is blowing, the sun is warm...


Very comfortable and leisurely~

In addition, the biggest highlight is a crazy twisted wooden bridge.

Children can pretend that they are walking in the earthquake~

Squiggly, high and low, very interesting~

桥下有专为孩子的Monkey Bar,

It's time to show the power of children~

Eat something when you’re tired of playing~

The intimate tables and chairs are already ready~

Address: Waverley Road, Wheelers Hill VIC

3. St Kilda Adventure Playground

If your child is tired of swinging or playing slides every time they go out,

Why not take a look at St Kilda Adventure Playground.

It is hidden in Neptune Street.

Although it is "hidden",

But this playground occupies a large area.

There are aerial ropeways, box-spring beds and a large wooden maze.

In addition, there is a huge ship and a beautifully shaped maze for children to play in the playground.

You can also bring children,

Have a BBQ picnic.

Recyclable materials are used in the construction of many facilities here,

Full of nostalgia and country style,

Make people shine.

The various entertainment facilities inside are extremely challenging,

It is especially suitable for children aged five to twelve to spend a day there.

Address: Neptune St St Kilda 3182

4. Ringwood Lake playground

The fascinating thing about Ringwood Lake playground is,


And combine children’s facilities with

The natural landscape is perfectly integrated~

While the child is playing,

I also had an intimate contact with nature.

Tall trees, whirling leaves, swaying in the wind~

It seems to be playing with the children and greet them...

The sound of wind, leaves, children’s laughter...


The heartwarming thing is,

There is also a swing specially prepared for children in wheelchairs (you need to book with the council to open).

The best part is that it’s next to Ringwood Lake with great scenery.

There are seats with shade of trees everywhere.

And the location is excellent, right next to Eastland Shopping Plaza, which is near Ringwood Railway Station.

There are also the best public toilets in Melbourne~

Address: 172 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC 3134

5. Ruffey Lake Park Adventure Playground

Ruffey Lake Park Adventure Playground is already very famous in the Chinese circle.

Not only because of the convenient location,

And this park covers an area of ​​68 hectares.

3 playgrounds

Including adventure parks suitable for younger children and older children.

The barbecue area is ample and parking is convenient.

最好的那个游乐场可从Ruffey Lake Park的东部边界.


First, let’s have a bird’s-eye view, small sand piles, long wooden bridges, undulating,

The key is that there are big tent umbrellas to cover the sun!

I'm not afraid of the sun in summer~

Children can play in the sand and build castles~


Play slide

As it is surrounded by gardens,


You can see the distant scenery by looking through the glasses,

Reality and originality.

Address: 99 Victoria St, Doncaster East VIC 3109

6. Bundoora Farm Park playspace

Bundoora Park Playspace is a fully fenced and barrier-free playground.

Located in Bundoora Park, the largest green area in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

There is a maze in this playground,

Fun things such as pony and sandpit can be found in the maze.

There are also carousels, small red tractors, hammocks, ladders,

Slides, swings, climbing nets,And Xiaoqiao and so on.

There is a small farm next to it,

There are many cute little animals inhabited,

Come and have a warm exchange with the little animals when you are tired~

It's so special~

Address: 1069 Plenty Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083

7. Fitzroy Adventure Playground

Fitzroy Adventure Playground was founded in 1974,

It is affectionately called Cubbies by the Australian Local.

Cubbies is Australia’s first adventure playground,

It was established to give children in the city a place to play.

In 2017, Cubbies built a new playscape,

Named Coal Flower,

It is the building that resembles petals in the picture below.

These petals are made of steel and rubber,

Equivalent to solar panels,

It can power various facilities in Cubbies.

Tall structure in steampunk style,

Retro fun adventure journey.


It's like an alien walking in outer space.

8. McNish Reserve

There is a big dinosaur park, and this is probably the only one in Melbourne.

A large model of Mimi Mutalong was erected in McNish Reserve,

2014 by Footscray

BiGfiSh Workshop.

Don't think it's just a decoration~

Children can climb onto Mimi.

Sliding past its tail.

Hiding in its dinosaur eggs.

You can also roar into its loudspeaker a few times.

Take your kids to explore the mystery of dinosaurs together on the weekend~

It's definitely more exciting and interesting than the story in the book~

Address: Court St, Yarraville VIC 3013

9. Atherstone Playground

Atherstone is a new residential area in Melton, northwest of Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

One of the main development projects in the new city center,

Is an amazing full-fenced adventure playground:

Bridge Road Regional Playspace.

Hey, does it look particularly good at first glance,

Feeling a little bald?

Yes, because it is a new district, there is little greenery,

It doesn’t look so "lush",

However, this does not affect its fun~

Water pump, slide sandpit

Net Wheel High Swing


Rock climbing

There are all kinds of stimulus items,

If you are courageous, children who like to challenge may wish to give it a try~

Moms must remember to cheer up the babies~

Address: Bridge Rd, Melton South VIC 3338

10. Booran Reserve playground

The anti-handle in the Melbourne playground-

Booran Reserve.

This playground is located in the Glen Huntly district.

2 years ago by the localBuilt with huge sums of money,

Cost up to 1100 million Australian dollars!

这笔巨额,也让Booran Reserve一举成为

Melbourne is the most expensive,

It is also the most fun free playground.

Australia’s first double-dome climbing net, luxurious water play area, modern urban forest corridor, super exciting double-dome climbing net...

Are its biggest highlights,

Deeply loved and obsessed by friends of all ages!

Address: Booran Reserve, 1051 Glen Huntly Rd, Glen Huntly


Maritime Cove Community Park, Port Melbourne

Address: Perce White Reserve, Port Melbourne, Victoria


Braybrook Aeroplane Park, Braybrook

Address: 139 Churchill Ave, Braybrook, Victoria 3019 12 kilometers from Melbourne city


Saltwater Crocodile Park, Point Cook

Address: 260 Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook, Victoria 3030


Ashcroft Park ('Control Tower'), Williams Landing

Address: 36 Mandrel Dr, Williams Landing, Victoria 3027


Woodlea Playground (Frontier Park), Rockbank

Address: 27 Woodlea Boulevard, Rockbank, Victoria 3335


People often say,

Australia is a paradise for the elderly and children.

Now it seems that it is indeed a well-deserved reputation!

After seeing these tall and free playgrounds,

Everyone understands in seconds!

How about it, right now is it ready to move,

Can't hold back the joy in your heart? !

Not hurry up to find a holiday,

Put down the phone and flat-screen TV, bring your kids,

Let's set off to these tall playgrounds!

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