CCTV video editor, international artist. Graduated from Communication University of China, Master of Arts. Member of Chinese Poetry Society. It has been selected into the "Chinese Cultural Talent Pool" of the China Cultural Heritage Protection Institute. He is now an academician of the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage Protection Academy of Literature, Calligraphy and Calligraphy, a Fellow of the China-Malaysian Academy of Literature and Art, a signed writer of "China Good Poetry" magazine • XNUMX contemporary brand writers, a member of the "World Chinese Literature" Writers Association, a first-class writer and poet . Member of Yenching Culture and Art Exchange Association, Poet of Oriental Lanting Poetry Club, Signed Writer of, Certified Blue V Poet of China Poetry Net, Certified Poet of China Writer Net.

Many poems have been published in the overseas edition of "People's Daily", "New Literature Magazine" (U.S.), "World Chinese Literature", "Chinese Good Poems", "China Poetry News", "Chinese Style", "Poetry China Magazine" and other paper media journals, and Some works are scattered in People's Literature and Art (Supervisor of People's Daily), "21st Century Celebrity Network", "World Chinese Culture Network", "Chinese and English Artist Online", "International United Daily News", "Overseas Literature", "Baidu Art Star", "Phoenix Net Art Sea Stereo" "Sina Literature and Art", "China Poetry Weekly", "Highlights International Poetry, Calligraphy and Calligraphy Exchange Network", "Famous Teachers, Famous Celebrities", "International Writers League", "World Chinese Column", "Chinese Writers Net", "Chinese Poetry Net" and other online platforms and micro On the platform, some works have been selected as "The Essence of Contemporary Chinese Poetry", "A Century of Modern Chinese Poetry Collection", "Chinese Contemporary Poetry Classic", "2018 Poetry Yearbook·Selected Works of Contemporary Chinese Poets", "Chinese Golden Age Cultural Celebrity Poems", "New Era Chinese Provinces and Cities" "Complete Records of Well-known Poets", "A Collection of Excellent Chinese Poetry Writers in the New Era", "World Chinese Literature" and other national-level books and essays, works are widely circulated around the world and are well received. Won "2018 Chinese Poetry Person of the Year", "New Era Chinese Outstanding Poet", "China's Top 2019 Contemporary Poets", "Seventy Chinese and Foreign Honorary Poets", "XNUMX Chinese People's Artists", "Chinese Mid-Autumn Cultural Masters" "And other honorary titles; Signed Writer Excellence Award; Potential Poet Award in the First Zuolongyouhu Cup International Poetry Competition; Global Top Ten Online Poet Award; China Red Inheritance Public Welfare Project Special Contribution Award; "Chinese Contemporary Literature Award" and " "Top Ten Outstanding Contemporary Chinese Writers (Poets)" Award.

Personal deeds have been included in the "My Past Events in China" section of the official website designated by the Communist Youth League Central Committee, which is permanently preserved as part of the national archives.


Poetry View: Sing on the moon and put your heart in the soil.

The stars are the eyes of the earth and see the beauty of the world.




Wanli Wushanyan. Lin Yu Fengdan.

The hero does not take the five more leisurely, drunk in the light and sings the flourishing age, and the world returns to peace.


The rain murmured outside the Great Wall. The mountains are covered with frost.

The wind billows and the waves crash. The lofty figure thinks about serving the country and overthrows the sky.


"Meeting Joy, Feelings of Autumn Night"


The fragrance of chrysanthemum vents the coldness of autumn, and the night fades.

The mist is light and the leaves are scattered, the soul of the moon is single.


From the red and dark, the past feelings are pale, and the shadows return.

Feelings are bound by oneself, dreams linger.


"Wuling Spring·Autumn Feelings"


Butterflies fly into dreams

Spring does not return

Clouds and shadows accompany the moon skeletal

Qiuyun is gradually flying


Youth is like a song

I will never forget

Hua Meng hurriedly paid Shui Ai

He Ri Fang Fangtai


"Wanxisha·Qiu Si"


Xiaoyue Qingfeng Ye Qishan

Flower blooming and falling drunk cicada

Xiao Yun's tears sigh and provoke Qinghan


Overlooking the banks of the secluded lotus

Heart is like a flying swallow

Sit and watch the stars for a few months


"National Day Feelings"


The rhyme of Huaxia Millennium

Passionate forever


All people singing

Leading the pilot

The common people gather together to be strong

Shaking great cause and building together

Dragon and Phoenix take off and cast dreams