The visa that netizens dubbed "one of the most difficult to apply for in the world" is the Australian working holiday visa. The second batch of this year was opened for applications on November 2.All the 25 worry-free visa clients of the company have successfully obtained appointment confirmation letters, and many of them have successfully obtained visas!

Based on past experience forecasts, the next period of Australian work travel visa application date,Will be in February-March 2020. Friends who want to apply must prepare in advance, as visa processing is becoming more and more stringent.
In 2019, the Australian Immigration Service reviewed many visa applications including working holiday visasBe stricter, past refusal history, financial proofMany factors will affect the visa result.
I would like to remind everyone to prepare carefully. For Australian tourist visas, it is best to find a professional visa agency to apply, so as not to have a history of visa refusal because of not understanding the policy, which will affect subsequent visa applications.

What is the working holiday that everyone is robbing?
Working holiday is a lifestyle of exotic experience. Compared with studying abroad, it not only saves a lot of tuition expenses, but also can legally study in Australia, work and live, and experience the lives of locals. The work and holiday visa is hailed as the most complex form of visa. It is also the lowest threshold overseas work visa.
With a working holiday visa, you can:
  • Legally work and live in Australia or study abroad for 1-2 years, meet young people from all over the world, change accommodation, dive in the Great Barrier Reef, travel around Australia by car, and explore the land you haven't stepped on.
  • Go to Australia to be a "legal citizen" and enjoy an hourly salary of more than RMB 100 per hour just like a local, for short-term training or study.
Because the number of applicants is increasing year by year, it is getting harder and harder to apply now.

What can I do with a working and holiday visa?
Working and holiday visa holders can engage in cultural exchange activities, work, travel, etc. But there are certain restrictions,
For example:
  • From the moment you get your visaEntry within one yearYes, you can stay in Australia after your first entryStay12 monthsAnd can be in AustraliaWork for 12 months;
  • You can work in Australia for a total of 12 months, but working for the same employer cannot exceed6Month, Non-renewable;
  • Longest possible4 monthsShort-term study;
  • Available within one yearmultiple round tripsChina and Australia;
  • Can be converted to student visa, work visa, etc., provided that you get a school offer or find a professional-related job (the employer is willing to sponsor)

How to apply for an Australian working holiday visa?
The application requirements are roughly as follows:
  • Hold a valid Chinese passport;
  • Be at least 18 years old when the application is submitted, but under 31 years old;
  • Sufficient funds to support working holiday in Australia (about 5000 Australian dollars);
  • Have a college degree or above, or have completed at least two years of university study;
  • Possess basic English level (there are detailed requirements below);
  • At the end of the working holiday, there are sufficient funds to purchase a return or on-going ticket
  • There is no previous record of going to Australia with a 417 visa;
  • Do not bring your children to Australia;
  • Meet the moral and health requirements (no criminal record, no history of tuberculosis and other major diseases);
  • Is a sincere visitor to Australia
In addition, you need to prepare a series of visa documents such as IELTS transcripts, notarized academic qualifications, resumes, visa application forms and relative forms to support visa eligibility. In addition, you also need to make an online appointment to obtain visa eligibility.

Visa application is so difficult,
How can I get a working holiday visa?
Applying for the Australian WHV, you will face a 2-6 month crazy period:
1. You can't get the signature amount at all, disrupting your plan to go abroad
2. I don’t know how to prepare the materials.
3. Inexplicably refused to sign, has been worried
4. Worry about personal information being leaked and money defrauded
5. Without a complete plan, I regret very much after going abroad
In response to the above problems, smart people have already prepared countermeasures!