Australia’s job requirements are also one of the hotspots that everyone has been discussing. As the last issue of the Orange China-Australia column, Orange will talk about factors that affect finding a job abroad, combined with interviews with working and holiday partners, for everyone Answer the relationship between personal abilities and job opportunities,Point out a general direction for everyone to work hard. You can constantly improve yourself according to this standard and become a better version of yourself.
Orange often receives a lot of messages, ask
    • What kind of work is suitable for my academic qualifications in Australia?
    • What industry can I work in?
    • In order to get a better job and future, how should I improve myself?


In fact, job opportunities abroad are the same as those in China. They are mainly affected by personal abilities and are very subjective.【Orange Formula】As follows, if you want to work in AustraliaProfessional related work can be used as reference.Seasonal or basic labor work is less affected by the [Orange Universal Formula].
I have just graduated. My English is good and my work experience is limited. What can I do in Australia?
In the formula, only the degree of preference of the visa by the employer is an objective factor (because the working holiday visa cannot work for the same employer for more than 6 months, and the stability is not high),Other factors that affect job hunting are mainly subjective factors of job applicants.After talking with many working holidaymakers in Australia, Orange has concluded the following abilities that can improve your personal competitiveness in the foreign workplace! Welcome friends to add at the end of the article!
The steps to find a job are similar to those in China. The specific requirements of each job can be prepared according to the requirements of major companies and websites when submitting your resume. Under normal circumstances, work in service industries such as farms orchards and resorts does not require much relevant work experience and academic qualifications. However, we recommend that you exercise your English proficiency, vocational skills, and discernment skills, and don’t engage in illegal work for the sake of “work”. We recommend that you do work that is beneficial to your own development on the basis of protecting your own rights and interests.
Age and gender
Since the age limit for WHV visa is 18-31 years old, everyone can actively try jobs in this age range. Sex discrimination in Australia is not serious, but it is recommended that boys perform physical tasks such as labor or meat farms. Girls may not be able to afford to do too much physical work. I suggest you do your work according to your ability.
English level
Although the working holiday visa does not require high language scores for everyone, for example, the total score of IELTS is 4.5 (no individual score requirements). However, in the foreign environment, especially when the population of Turkey and Australia is particularly heavy,Training good English listening and speaking skills can be said to be the first condition for life and integration into society.
@Leah (Australia sales expert):Practicing English well is the first!It is true that most of the hardships suffered abroad are caused by poor English. after allIn the melting pot of international culture, there must always be a language that can communicate with everyone. Failure to communicate is really a lot of inconvenience.However, there are really so many Chinese in Australia that they can speak unimpeded without English. This has pros and cons, depending on how you look at it correctly!
@小M (Housekeeping works hard for the second signing):I thinkLanguage is the biggest problem. Many farms and factories are assembly lines, and they only need simple communication without much talking.But if the English proficiency can communicate with local barrier-free, there are still many jobs to choose from.
@ECHO (farm worker):I always think it isWhat can you eat. Some people can only do simple labor work because of their poor English, butSome people just want to come to the farm to experience. This actually depends on the individual. I personally think that if English is good enough, the range of choices is really wide, as long as youdare to try. English ability is very important! !
@陈诗茵 (Work in the mining area, coordinate Tanami):In fact, I only took 4.5 for IELTS. But my spoken English pronunciation is very good, American pronunciation, so I can still bluff people when I open my mouth.
Here is why English is important in the mines? In fact, English is very important in all places. If you want to integrate, a good English level is essential. first of allThe need for safety, The mine attaches great importance to safety, always"Safety first".All safety instructions are in English, so you must be able to understand and understand.
Every two weeks before the start of the work, we have to do an English Induction to explain the various safety instructions, and then we will have to test, no less than 4 pieces of paper each time, and then we can go to work. For example, my first job at Groote Eylandt, Induction did it for 5 hours! Secondly, the people who work here areLocal.You won’t accommodate you in language just because you are a WHV or a foreigner.
I don't think that Chinese people can only do illegal work or manual labor in farms and factories. It might beMy own thoughts and vision are limited; or some people are not good at English.
[For those of you who are not satisfied with 4.5, let’s learn English with Xiaopang! 】
Ability and technology
@琳洁 (new media practitioner):only youAbility, good language and skills,You can find more types of jobs, simply because the jobs in farms and factories are mostly seasonal and more in line with the working holiday setting, but it doesn’t mean you can only do these types of jobs.
@K (Guide):You need to apply to be a tour guide in AustraliaADS Tour Guide Pass, You can apply through a travel agency before, but you need to join a tour guide association or train one after 1/7 last yearCertificate II in tourism, And then apply directly. It’s a better transition to go to a farm or a factory when I first came to Australia, but as far as I am concerned, I planned to come to Australia as a tour guide before coming, soThe purpose is clear, I will find a way to be a tour guide after a while. Because I work as a tour guide in China, only tour guides are the work I can do and can get started quickly.
@Leah:Actually speakingSkills experience problem, Even if you don’t have any skills in China, the choice is still quite single. In addition, many people in Australia require experience, so novices with zero experience can only start from the basics.
The working holiday visa was originally given to peopleExperience lifeYes, so many people work in the farm and catering industry. If you have a great skill, you can still find many different jobs, and there are more different opportunities.
You can pass some without skillsQuick training courses to master some basic skills and find a good ideal job. Australia has really cultivated many outstanding baristas!
@陈诗茵:I found this job through an agency. Mainly look at the whole during the mine interviewPersonal image and temperament, physical fitness (to work 2 hours a day for 10 consecutive weeks), and English proficiency.The mining area has very high requirements for English. If you are good at English, the chance of passing the interview is still very high. After passing the interview, you need to do various physical examinations. The money for the physical examination is paid by the intermediary, and the contract must be re-signed every time you go to a different mine.
@谭一德 (working on a farm, coordinates Australia):As long as you are capable, you can still be a white-collar worker. I'mI just want to experienceI live in a farm and factory, so a good media company in Australia asked me to join their company because of my ability. The salary was also very high, but I didn't go there and didn't want to just sit in the office and repeat the work mechanically.
Everyone chooses differently.There are a few friends I know who also have certain talents and experience, so I also found a lot of things I am interested in here, such as choreographers, photographers, models, street performers.As long as you have the heart, no matter where you go to have any job, any money is easy to make.
@波妞 (cake division, Australia):Although indeed because of visa restrictions, there are definitely not as many job options as local. But the more important thing is to lookPersonal abilities and opportunitiesRight.
I also know WHVer who works in an office clerical job. She graduated from a master's degree from a prestigious overseas school.Academic qualifications are recognized here. In most domestic universities, it is normal for 985211 to be unable to engage in jobs with relevant academic qualifications if the qualifications are not recognized here. I also know a WHVer who used to communicate with clients at the Four Seasons Hotel next to Sydney Harbour. I don’t remember the specific position, but it’s relatively senior. The working environment is good, the income is high, andPractice speaking, social and public relations skills.
@Isabella (white-collar workers, coordinates Sydney):Just work hard to submit your resume online, challenge bravely through other channels, and do what you want to do.Nothing is Impossible. Do not regret or give up!
Finally, Orange has something to say:
I have seen countless experiences and stories of WHVer in China, and everything has two sides. Although most backpackers from all over the world in Australia are engaged in agriculture, service industry, and construction related jobs. Such as farm picking, labor, factories, food packaging, animal husbandry, meat farms, etc., while in the cities are mainly concentrated in the catering service industry and retail industry.However, China's WHVer has obviously better conditions and different job opportunities. I hope that everyone will not be limited by the word "work".
First: The level of development of certain industries in China far exceeds that of Australia
  • China's Internet technology and other industries
  • China's Internet, new media, creative design and other industries
  • China's trade, e-commerce and other industries
Working holidaymakers from these industries have valuable domestic work experience, which is very rare in the relatively slow-developing Australian counterpart industry.If you have fluent English and the ability to quickly adapt to the Australian working environment, rely on their own work experience and forward-looking vision of advanced industries, as well as our Chinese nation’s as always smart and diligent,It is very competitive in the Australian job market.
Take Orange as an example, relying on the company's experience in the new media industry in Shanghai, to do new media promotion locally in Australia, instead of working in the office every day, just enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine at the harbour cafe, order a soy latte, and work remotely That's it! The monthly income of $3k is not bad, and I can still be a part-time barista on weekends, and I can insist on updating the public account of the couple. The small days are also quite fulfilling and nourishing.
There are also a few WHV programmer friends from China, I found them in AustraliaDo technical maintenance, IOS research and development, etc.,Although the proportion is not high (after all, it is very popular in China), few backpackers from other countries can do this kind of high-tech work.
Second: Strong domestic demand from Greater China
In 2015 alone, Chinese friends spent A$77 billion in Australia, and it has continued to grow in recent years. Studying abroad, buying property, traveling and shopping... The strong domestic demand from Greater China has begun to rescue Australia's declining economy. Came into being, that isA large number of companies and job opportunities serving the Chinese!
  • Immigration and study abroad-study abroad consultants, immigration consultants, intermediary agencies
  • Real estate-real estate consultant, real estate agency, legal consultation, translation
  • Tourism-travel company, tour guide, shopping guide, sales, marketing
  • Shopping-gift shop sales, luxury goods sales, warehouse management, tally
  • Media-editor, reporter, web development, photographer, post
  • Purchasing
Therefore, Chinese working holidaymakers have more choices, broader opportunities, and more wild paths!
Therefore, Orange hopes that those who have goals, capabilities, ideas and dare to do, whether at home or abroad, please think and do, be prepared, and be courageous.