There are more and more Chinese in Australia!

Friends living in Australia

May have found such a phenomenon:


Australian hot pot restaurants and milk tea shops

It has sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain in recent years,

And almost every family's business is booming!



Why is this?


The answer is obvious:


There are more and more Chinese in Australia!


Whether walking in the CBD or sitting on the train;

Whether it’s going to the mall to go shopping or attending school,

Familiar Chinese faces can be seen everywhere.


Recently, a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Once again confirmed people’s conjecture:


Chinese immigrants coming to Australia

It is indeed more and more!

1. The latest data of ABS in 2018

we all know,

Australia is a sparsely populated country.



When the population of Australia exceeded 2500 million last year,

Also celebrated the whole country:

The population of Australia is finally catching up

The population of Shanghai, China!

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), as of the end of 2018, Australia's population has increased a lot:


The population increased by 40.48,

An increase of 1.6%,

The total population has reached 2518 million people!



You know, the 1.6% increase is of great significance to Australia, which is much higher than the average level in the past 35 years. Therefore, last year can be said to be a period of rapid population growth in Australia.


And behind this rapid growth,

Maximum thrust

It is the increase in net overseas immigration.

According to statistics, in Australia’s population growth in 2018, natural growth accounted for 38.6%, while the growth brought about by net overseas immigration accounted for—



In 2018, Australia’s net overseas immigrants totaled 24.8. Although the federal government has tried to control the number of immigrants, this number is still higher than the average level over the past 35 years-14.17 people per year.


It is worth mentioning that in 2017-2018, the number of immigrants from Australia's largest source country of immigrants, the United Kingdom, decreased by 6080, while on the contrary, the number of immigrants from China increased——


4.439 million people!


(Click on the picture to view details)

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With the increase of Chinese immigrants in Australia, as of the end of 2018, the number of Australian residents born in China has reached 65.07, ranking third in Australia, second only to Australian-born residents and British-born residents.


Because of this, Mandarin has become Australia's second most spoken language!

There is no doubt that Australia is attracting more and more Chinese people...


2. A large number of Chinese wealthy pour into Australia

If more than ten years ago, you asked others:

"Which country is the most popular immigration country for China's richest people?"



They will blurt out:


"Of course it's America!"

Otherwise it is Canada or some European countries.


But now, the situation has completely changed!



Become a high-net-worth crowd

The most popular immigration destination!



In April this year, AfrAsia Bank and New World Wealth released


"Global Wealth Migration Report 2019"

Global Wealth Migration Review



Reveals the curious questions of countless people:


Which is the richest country in the world?

Where do rich people all over the world live?

And the answer in this report,

It surprised many people.


Speaking of the richest country in the world, maybe your first reaction is the United States, but what about the second?


is China!


In the ten years from 2008 to 2018, China has undergone a transformation-wealth has increased by 130%, surpassing established wealth powers such as Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and has leapt to the second place in the world.



One of the manifestations is the continuous increase in the number of Chinese billionaires;



Not only that, the number of millionaires in China has ranked second in the world, second only to the United States.



With the growth of China's wealth, the number of high-net-worth individuals in China is also increasing year by year, and people's living standards are improving rapidly.



More and more wealthy people

But withdrawing from China!


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According to statistics, in 2018, a total of 1.5 millionaires above the level of one million emigrated overseas, making them the world's largest wealthy to emigrate.


In the past 20 years, China has become a "Millionaire Manufacturing Machine", which is no secret in the world...



So, where did all these rich people go?


The answer is: Australia.


As we can see from the above picture, Australia ranks first in the world with 1.2 overseas immigrants moving in a year; it surpasses popular immigration countries such as the United States and Canada.



What's more noteworthy is that Australia has been rated as the world's most popular country for wealthy immigrants for the fourth consecutive year, especially cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth, which have become concentrated overseas immigrants.



And as ABS statistics show,

The most of them,

It is the rich man from China.


3. What do the Chinese rich people like in Australia!

So, here comes the problem:


Earthly Australia

Why can I be influenced by the rich in China,

And even the world’s richest people,

Become the most popular in the world today

Where is the immigration destination?

[Perhaps the rich people just want to save their savings to their children]


There are only two things in the world that are inevitable: one is death, and the other is taxes.


When your wealth reaches one million, you will also start to consider the issue of inheritance, and Australia has a unique advantage in this regard. Comparing the inheritance taxes of several countries, everyone will understand:



In other words, if your wealth exceeds a certain amount, nearly half of your assets will be handed in after your death, even including fixed assets such as real estate.



But in Australia,

The inheritance tax is 0,

Private and permanent property rights of land and property.


Therefore, rich people living in Australia, no matter how rich they are, have no worries, and your life savings can also benefit your children.


[Perhaps, the rich are after Australia’s "equality"]


Because, in this country, people at the bottom can live with dignity.


Australia is not a radical country. The personal heroism in those Hollywood films rarely appears in the textbooks of elementary and middle schools. People do not feel honored to be different or superior to others. There is an abnormal form of competition in this country. Seldom appear in the education system, so students do not have to live under peer pressure from an early age.

As for education, grades have never been the only criterion for evaluating students. All grades will not be written as transcripts and published to everyone like in China, nor will they be ranked, so that outstanding students will rule everything.



In the education system, people value kindness and charity, and textbooks are filled with stories of volunteers or charities. What about extracurricular activities? Australia requires students to participate in community activities, and everyone must have experience as a volunteer.


Disabled people live with dignity in Australia. At bus stations, people with disabilities still take the bus. Some people say that it is inconvenient to take a wheelchair, but Australia’s bus system has taken this into consideration for everyone.


When the bus comes, the driver will use the hydraulic system to lower the body, then get out of the car next to the door, put a wheelchair board, and help disabled friends get on the bus. Everyone will wait silently under the car.



Slowly, this is the way this country treats people with disabilities.


All the traffic lights in this country will have a tone for the blind. Even if something goes wrong, the maintenance staff will quickly repair it within 2 days; every resident of this country, for whatever reason, if they lose their jobs, get sick, or When encountering all kinds of difficulties in life, the government will provide you with help.


Although many people marched all day to protest against this and other protests, they will surely get help from the government if they encounter difficulties.



What is equality and democracy? Equality and democracy mean that everyone is safe and cared for; even new refugees are not surprised.


[Perhaps the rich people appreciate Australia’s pursuit of details]


Maybe there is no high-speed rail in Australia, but all toilets in Australia must have toilet paper and special rooms for the disabled.

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Although there are no WeChat Pay and so many supermarkets, there must be clean drinking water stations on the roadside in Australia.


Australia is a country that pursues infinite details.


In any small town, there will be tourism services. Even in remote villages, you can find brochures printed in various languages. Barbecue pits, free raining facilities and safety relief stations will be found on the beach where everyone is crowded, to ensure everyone can have fun and safety;


There are many mountain roads in Australia. Before every turn, there will be a turn-down speed reminder to ensure the safety of drivers who are not familiar with the road;



Every office building regularly conducts fire drills or escape drills every year to prevent people from being too panicked and dangerous when emergencies happen;


There are not many cameras on the roads in Australia, but what every driver will do is to subconsciously slow down and stop at an intersection without traffic lights, confirm that the surrounding area is safe, and then drive. When there is a zebra crossing ahead, they will subconsciously slow down to confirm whether there are people nearby. To cross the road


In Australia's big shopping malls, while shopping, we will also find that there are AED defibrillators hanging on the wall in a corner to prevent people from protruding heart diseases and accidents due to untimely rescue.



[Perhaps, it is this blue sky and sea that the rich people yearn for]


Sorting and recycling garbage, protecting the environment, saving resources, protecting the balance and diversity of species, and maintaining the original appearance of natural rivers and mountains... Not every government can guarantee these while pursuing economic development.


But Australia did it. The government paid for education, and the people responded.



In November 2016, the seas of Australia and New Zealand were hit by earthquakes, and rocks on the seaside were faulted. Many seabed creatures that originally belonged to the seabed surfaced. At that time, after the Australian government announced the news, many volunteers came to the seaside and would emerge from the sea. The creatures picked them up one by one, put them into buckets, and finally sent them all back to the sea.



In two weeks, the volunteers saved 20 fish and animals totaling about 40 tons. Later, a reporter asked the Australian government why it didn’t sell to restaurants at low prices, which could increase the country’s income by millions.


The Australian government stated that if we sell them all and eat them, then the ecological environment of this sea area will be changed. In twenty years, we will never see such a blue sea again.



[Perhaps, the reason why you came to Australia is the same as them...]


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No.1 Children's Education

According to a joint survey conducted by Hurun and Visas Consulting Group in Canada, more than 3/4 of the respondents said that a large part of the reason for considering immigration is the education of their children.

Australia has the world's top universities and high-quality teaching quality.

Not only that, Australian citizens can also enjoy a 12-year free education system in public schools, universities can apply for loans and scholarships, and tuition fees are much lower than overseas students.

Compared with the domestic education system, the competitive pressure for children to attend top schools in Australia is far lower than the difficulty of attending Peking University and Tsinghua University in China.

No.2 Live well, eat well, and be safe

In the eyes of the rich in China, Australia is a paradise suitable for living and working and raising children.

"Australia's air takes a 15-knife sip" is no joke!

According to the 180 national environmental performance index rankings published by Yale University, Australia ranks fifth in the world's air quality rankings, while China ranks second from the bottom!

Australian merchants even sold Australian fresh air as a commodity to China, at a price of 18.8 Australian dollars (about 100 yuan) per can.

Therefore, if you immigrate to Australia, you can breathe Australian air to your heart's content, and you will earn it if you breathe it: you can save about 3300 Australian dollars a day! Does it sound worth it!

Not only that, Australia's food safety supervision system is already very sound, and the dietary health that Chinese people pay most attention to can also be guaranteed here.

In terms of geographical location, Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, far away from the conflict in the Middle East and the refugee crisis in Europe.

No.3 The world's leading medical technology and medical benefits

Australia's medical standards have always been in a leading position in the world, and many medical research breakthroughs have been made in recent years.

Australia not only has the world's leading medical technology, but the universal medical benefits enjoyed by Australian citizens are also the envy of the whole world!

Australian citizens with Medicare can see a doctor for free, treat them for free, buy medicine at a low price...

No. 4 Political environment factors and property safety

In the survey report of Hurun Company, about 1/6 people mentioned political environment factors; 1/5 people mentioned that the immigrants wanted to protect their property.

Undoubtedly, in Australia, the property safety of wealthy Chinese people can be more reliably guaranteed.

At last,

Murong Xuecun said that if you want to be happy, money alone is not enough, you need to live in a certain civilization.

And these excellences of Australia may be the reason why it is favored by people all over the world!

– END –