Guide:To put it bluntly, there are really not many people who are willing to use hard work to change their awesomeness. Perhaps many people think it is okay and willing at first, but when they really want to face it, 99% of them will evade or shrink back.


The hottest internet celebrity during this time is probably Li Ziqi.

Not to mention that she has become the number one short-video internet celebrity in China, only her influence abroad. Her videos are often played in millions, tens of millions, and foreigners like to watch her videos very much.

Today I will take you to analyze,Why does Li Ziqi become popular?What is the reason behind this?

In order to write about Li Ziqi, I checked a lot of her information. I just want to tell everyone that her success is not accidental.

I want to ask everyone, how many videos can you shoot in a year?

I flipped through my mobile phone. After a year, I only took a dozen of them. I asked my colleagues in the studio, and most of them were dozens of them.

What about the video worker? I also asked. Most of them are more than 1, and most of them are more than 2000. They were taken with mobile phones.

But I want to tell you that, excluding mobile phone lenses, from 2016 to 2017, Li Ziqi photographed himself a total of 2 footage!

This was only taken when she was not popular. At that time, there was no hope and she was going to stop shooting. When she was popular in 18 or 19, she took more shots.

With more than XNUMX pieces of material, she kept pressing the camera button XNUMX times when she was shooting.


We saw her video, the years are quiet, pastoral, is the life we ​​yearn for.

But if you look closely at his hands, you will find that they are a pair of hands that often work, with rough texture and large scars.

Some people say, what is the red part of the fingernail? Is it the latest nail art?

Let me tell you that this is not the color of the nail art, it is the blood clot left in the nail gap after being beaten or hit by gravity.

There are many scenes you can see, and the wound on her finger is vividly visible.

Many Internet celebrity bloggers once imitated Li Ziqi, and they were also working in beautiful villages, but at first glance, people who have not worked before came to play, and the appearance and posture of doing farm work were wrong.

Li Ziqi is different. I came out of the countryside. When I saw how she was doing things, I knew that it was really her life. This thing can't deceive people.

If you have watched Li Ziqi's video from the beginning to the present, you will find that she was not great at the beginning, she grew up with the video.

Lanzhou ramen is done well. She asked a teacher to teach her after a long distance, and then practiced repeatedly. Shu Embroidery also went to a teacher to learn embroidery skills. You don’t know how many times she pierced her finger...

She is a person who climbed out of the bottom, worked as a waiter, worked in a bar, and can endure hardships, and these experiences have made her.

Behind the Niubi, there are hardships you can't see.

She deserves her current fame and status.

This is all relying on her own hard work and dedication to fight back.


When GQ Magazine reported on the live broadcast industry, it once told a story.

A girl who works as an anchor has a monthly income from 3 to 5 to 20 in half a year.

One day she went to massage cupping, the cupping master said: Why is there a little black blood in the center, how long do you work a day? The girl said, 12 hours a day, never stopped.

The master said, if you continue like this, your life will be in danger.

The girl resigned when she went back: I don't need money, I'm dying. The company asked her to try again, and the girl said goodbye to the fans directly to the camera: I'm still young, I won't do it.

Think about it, this is only a monthly salary of 20 yuan, and 30 yuan for live broadcasts. Their work intensity is already so strong, and Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya are too late.

Li Jiaqi has no friends. He can stay away from home for two months. He can't let himself catch a cold, otherwise the tonsils will become inflamed and speechless.

365 days a year, he broadcasted 389 live broadcasts. In one live broadcast, he tried 380 lipsticks in one go. After the test, his mouth hurt like a fire.

Once a reporter went to interview Li Jiaqi and saw him in private that he looked prostration and haggard. He often stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning, and his eyes were hollow for a long time, so he could stick to the back of the chair without saying a word. Sit for 10 minutes.

In front of the audience, he may be radiant and radiant, but behind the invisible scenes, you have no idea how exhausted he is.

Of course he makes money, earning tens of millions a year, which is awesome, but the difficulties behind all this and the things that ordinary people can't bear will not be told to outsiders.

On the first day of the double eleven pre-sale this year, the total value of the products pre-sold by Wei Ya exceeded 10 billion.

Once there was a supplier who waited for Wei Ya. From her broadcast at XNUMX a.m. until XNUMX a.m., the other party had begun to be a little confused, and Wei Ya still maintained the state of excitement during the live broadcast, even lipstick makeup. They are kept fairly decent.

During that time, she could only sleep 4 hours a day.

When the company installed the new live broadcast room, Wei Ya only made one suggestion to make her live broadcast room bigger and install a toilet inside.

Because every time she broadcasts live, she is too busy to even go to the toilet.

Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi are very good at live broadcast, but many people can't see the hardship behind them.

We envy people who make a lot of money and are glamorous, but these things are bought by them with hardship.

It is undeniable that Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya were chosen by the times.

But they never tell the public how they climbed up step by step, never say that they had sold their house, were on the verge of bankruptcy, and worked countless times before leaving work until the early hours of the morning.

Not to mention what kind of pain they are suffering mentally and physically, how dark and low they have been, you will never know.

Behind the awesomeness, there are often hardships. Those awesome people will only let you see their strong side. As for the past sufferings, all are hidden behind them.

I met a blogger who just started a public account this year, and he quickly reached a very high position in the rankings. After receiving various advertisements, he received a lot of wealth that many people could not match in a lifetime.

So some people said that she was just lucky, she just chose the right position, but she was suitable for this originally, God appreciate the food.

However, once I went to play with her and saw the keyboard she used to write.

You can't imagine the shock I saw when I saw this keyboard. Because she often wrote, she often coded more than XNUMX words without knowing it, and the keyboard on the computer was worn out.

It can be seen that the paint has fallen off in some places, and she also used small pieces of paper to paste letters one by one, obliquely.

It takes a lot of work to make the keyboard look like this. The desk has seen the keyboards of many colleagues in our studio. After typing for a year or two, the keyboard is still like new.

And she told me that this is the third keyboard she bought, two of which had been broken before.

In addition to constantly outputting, she also goes to read a lot of books. There is a thick wall of books in her home, and various books can be seen everywhere in the living room and bedroom.

Many people think that she started doing it as soon as she wrote the official account, but what they didn’t know was that before doing the official account, she had written on Douban, Tianya, Zhihu, Toutiao and other places for ten years and was there. It is very well written and has accumulated a large number of fans.

Others asked her what her successful experience was. She just smiled and said that if she persisted, she would see hope if she worked hard.

She wouldn’t tell them how many keyboards she broke, and abolished millions of manuscripts. She wouldn’t say that she insisted on codewords when taking a drip in the hospital, where to travel or visit relatives’ homes. With a laptop.

There are many people who work silently where others can’t see her. Many people will say that she is just lucky and just gifted. But to say a very heart-warming thing, many people’s efforts are so low that they don’t have enough talent. when.

If you say she is lucky and talented, she will only smile back and say, yes, I'm really lucky, you have to cheer.

And those truths, those struggling with pain, those soaked in blood and tears, you can't see at all.

Therefore, those who just praise the luck of others will never succeed.

Martin once said: "Every strong person has lived through a period of unknown, struggling, and painful days. After that, this is your rite of passage. If you can't make it, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit."


When I was working in the education and training industry, I met a company executive.

Once I went to his company to talk to him about something. At that time, he was sharing successful experiences with the department employees.

At the conference table, he spoke happily, pointing the country with passion.

A grassroots clerk who runs from outside every day to become a supervisor within six months, a department manager within a year, and a general manager within three years. His experience is indeed a legend for the company.

The people in the audience listened carefully, like devout believers, nodding their heads from time to time, and burst into applause.

But he only spoke half of what he said. To be precise, he only spoke out the side of his own beauty: how to work hard to persevere with customers, how to deal with emergencies wisely, how to work hard and confident, etc. Neither is the most important reason for his success.

Only I know that when others are resting on weekends, he spends his spare time with customers, running business, writing copywriting, integrating resources, and even during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Because of long-term accompaniment, he suffered from stomach bleeding many times and severe stomach problems.

After long-term business driving, he got hemorrhoids and lumbar disc herniation.

I often write and plan until three or four in the morning, wash my face with cold water when sleepy, and sometimes simply sleep in the company.

Just when he shared his successful experience with his employees, he got an intravenous drip from the hospital because of stomach pain, and there were dense pinholes in his arm.

But these things are too dark and painful. He would never tell his employees that it would scare them away. He can only tell them that they must work hard, refuel, and persevere. Success is actually very simple.

There are some things that you can't take out to promote, you can only lick your wounds in a corner that no one knows, in the middle of the night.

Therefore, I rarely listen to other people's success stories, and I don't even know what success is learned. What can be said and shared without reservation is of little value.

What we know is only part of the iceberg. Those under the iceberg, those unknown, hidden in the dark corner of the painful effort, are what we want to truly understand.

Meituan’s owner Wang Xing said something I very much agree with.

Really, there are not many people who are desperately eager to succeed and are willing to use hard work to change their skills.

I have taught more than a dozen people how to write. These are people who want to eat through writing. I told them how to write, how to build a framework, how to collect materials, how to find resonance points, and also told them to write a lot and read a lot. , It takes more than ten hours every day.

But in the end, none of them were able to persist as I said.


Because according to what I said, I almost sacrificed all my entertainment time, gave up my hobbies, and devoted myself to this. This is extremely hard, extremely painful, and whether it will become a very good writer in the future. People, this is also unknown.

Unless you are extremely eager to succeed and love writing, you can stick to it.

So, to put it bluntly, there are really not many people who are willing to use hard work to change the awesomeness. Perhaps many people think it is okay and willing at first, but when they really want to face it, 99% of them will evade or shrink back.

Behind all the awesomeness in the world, there is suffering that you can't endure.

Many stories sound inspiring and beautiful, but you won’t know the painful and dark things, and you might not be willing to change them with hard work.

Lu Sihao once said that behind all the bullies is a high wall of hard work.

Therefore, many people are scared when they see these high walls, or do not recognize the high walls behind them at all. They just want to feel sorry for themselves in their mediocrity and live a life of seeing their heads at a glance.

Why are the awesome people only a minority, while the mediocre people are the majority?

To put it bluntly, there are really not many people who are willing to run against the wind, those who are willing to suffer pain and suffering, and those who are willing to go against human nature.

The bed was so comfortable, the food was delicious, the travel was more relaxing, the game was so fun, and the vibrato was so beautiful, so they fell into it and couldn't help themselves.

There are no shortcuts in the world, there is a price for being awesome. If you want one thing, then you have to change it with another thing.

Mu Xin wrote in "Su Lu Zhi Wang": The so-called abyss, going down is also a long way to go.

Although hard work, I hope you do your best to chase that kind of hot life.