On the last day of 2019,
You in Melbourne,
Can be with the whole city
Welcome the new year under the gorgeous fireworks.
The City of Melbourne WeChat also wishes everyone,
Happy New Year, safe and smooth!
In the last 3 days, a rest will be drawn in 2019. And on the last day of this year, the largest and most stylish Melbourne New Year fireworks in history will light up the night sky of the entire Melbourne city for you!
So, have you planned for the New Year's Eve on the evening of December 12st? Where to listen to the most high music scene, watch the most gorgeous fireworks, see off 31, welcome 2019? The answer is here, quickly develop a meaningful New Year's Eve strategy for yourself!

New Year's Eve fireworks, the city carnival

This year, Melbourne will invest 340 million dollars in this event, prepared 14 tons of fireworks, and added the latest style "Meteor".

40 revellers are expected to come to the city on New Year's Eve. Mayor Sally Capp encourages people to plan ahead, plan for possible delays, and use public transportation as much as possible.

The mayor also stated that this New Year celebration will also cooperate with the Salvation Army to raise funds during the event to support the team of heroes fighting forest fires across the country!
The New Year’s Eve activities are divided into the morning stage at 31:9 pm on the XNUMXst and the zero-point fireworks party. Plan ahead and you can run a few more venues!
Morning stage fireworks show
Yarra Park

Welcome to Yarra Park, which is close to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), with beautiful scenery and open grounds to watch exciting stage shows, outdoor movies and special fireworks shows.

The fireworks at Yarra Park at 9:30 pm became all the exciting New Year’s Eve celebrations. Instead of going out late at night, the whole family can enjoy free stage entertainment, movies and spectacular fireworks shows at 9:30 pm. It's as wit as you to be able to go home before the arrival of the large army, it is worth a try!
Live program

Map of Yarra Park

Time: December 12st, 31pm-6pm
Location: Marathon Way,
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Transportation: Train to Richmond
And Jolimont stations
Tram 48,70, 75 and 246; bus XNUMX
Footscray Park
The New Year's fireworks show held at Footscray Park by the neighboring Maribyrnong City Council at 31:9 pm on the XNUMXst, and the content of the event is almost copied and pasted with Yarra Park, so everyone can participate nearby.
Families can bring picnic supplies, enjoy free entertainment, and watch the fireworks show at 9:30 pm.
Live program
Time: 6:10pm-XNUMX:XNUMXpm
Location: Hopkins St & Irving St,
Footscray VIC 3011
Transportation: Train to Footscray Station
Four midnight fireworks viewing shows
Treasury Garden
Time: December 12st, 31pm-9am
Location: 2-18 Spring St,
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Transportation: Parliament Station
And Flinders Street Station
Tram 11, 12, 48, 70, 75, 86, 96 and 109
Flagstaff Garden
DJ Small FRY
Time: December 12st, 31pm-9am
Location: 309-311 William St,
West Melbourne VIC 3003
Transportation: Flagstaff Station
And Southern Cross Station
Trams 9, 30, 57, 58, 59, 86 and 96 are available
DJ MzRizk
Time: February 12
9 p.m.-1 a.m.
Location: Docklands Port
Transportation: Southern Cross Station
Tram 11, 30, 48, 70, 75 and 86
Kings Domain
Time: December 12st at 31 pm and 9 am
Location: Alexandra Avenue
Melbourne VIC 3004
Transportation: Flinders Street Station
Tram 1, 3, 5, 6, 16, 58, 64, 67 and 72
Four official venue maps
Bloom in 2020! 14 tons of fireworks, 40 people poured into Melbourne to watch the grandest New Year's Eve fireworks in history!
From 31 pm on the 6st, most of the roads in the city center will be closed. Public transportation is free from 6 pm until 6 am the next morning.
You who are ready to come to the city for New Year's Eve, you must prepare in advance!