If you are too comfortable, you will be useless

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

There is a plot in the classic movie "Shawshank's Redemption".

Bruce, who spent fifty years in the prison library, chose to hurt his inmates and continue to commit crimes in order not to be released.

Similarly, there is the life embarrassment of prisonmate Rhett, who also encountered life after he was released from prison. He could not help but report to the manager when he peeed himself, otherwise a drop of urine would not be squeezed out. He thought about going back, even thought about death.

Director Stephen King said through Reid: "The high walls in prison are really interesting. When you first went to prison, you hated the high walls around you; slowly, you got used to living in them; eventually you will I found myself having to rely on it to survive."

It is also true to boil frogs in warm water.

Warm waters and prisons are all invisible cages by your side. Perhaps at first you were full of resistance and determined to go out bravely.

But slowly you will give up resistance and feel that resistance is too tired, so let's live it and choose ease.

This is the popular term "comfort zone" in recent years.

The "comfort zone theory" of pedagogy says: people stay in a comfortable environment for a long time, and they don’t want to use their brains because of the ease of life; but if they are brought into a more sinister environment, they will experience challenges and pains, but they will change. Got mature.

Excessive ease will wipe out a person's edges and corners

Youth is something that everyone will have and will be regarded as a treasure. People at this time were full of fighting spirit, sharp-edged, and brave enough not to hit the south wall.

However, the various comfort traps of today's society can cause young people to stumble upon accidentally.

There was news some time ago that a senior graduate was expelled for cheating and sued the school.

A university student in Shanghai used his mobile phone to cheat for three consecutive exams. After being warned, he did not repent and even abused the invigilator for "nosy" and was expelled. He was not convinced, so he chose to sue the school.

Cheating is wrong, threatening to insult the teacher is a mistake plus a mistake. It is even more ridiculous to even appeal without knowing the mistake.

People say "you will be relaxed when you enter the university", but that's not the case now. The university campus is no longer a fairyland for children to eat, sleep, and fall in love.

The school does not want college students to live comfortably in four years, and will not be able to cope with the blows and sufferings of the society in the future, nor does it want to cultivate mindless walking dead.

Excessive ease will only polish the sharp edges and corners that we are born with, and polish them to be smooth and nearly perfect. So the days are always spent in the comfort zone, without challenge or passion.

The original loneliness and courage disappeared, and life was boring and boring.

Only by guarding the edges and corners, escaping from the comfortable quagmire, exploring new things, and challenging new unknowns, then no matter how old you are, you will have a hot blood in your body.

The more relaxed, the more relaxed you are

There are two uncles next to my hometown. When I was young, my brothers were both blacksmiths. At that time, the craftsmen had a good business. They visited the alleys and solicited customers. Although it was hard work, the income was considerable. The two brothers soon built small buildings in the village separately, which was quite envied by the villagers.

The times are fast, and iron strikes have almost become a thing abandoned by the times. The two uncles are useless, only planting vegetables, plus government subsidies and savings from the previous thrift, will live on.

With an easy life in front of them, the two uncles chose two completely different paths. After a year of eating, drinking, and growing vegetables, the eldest brother decided not to eat so much and wait for death.

Although comfortable, the hard work of the XNUMXs and XNUMXs was not trapped, so he went to the city to learn wholesale business with relatives.

The entrepreneurial experience has been very tortuous. From the beginning, I followed the boss to learn about wholesale, purchase prices, and purchases. Later, I got some money to rent a small shop and got up early every day.

My hair became gray when I was in my forties, and I was stressed out.

But after a few more years, the customer service stabilized, the market opened up, and the eldest brother set up a small factory. Although he was not rich and expensive, he also had a small success, and his life became rich.

However, another younger brother was very comfortable at first. Farming and playing mahjong have become two constant lines of life. Life is easy, but when you relax, you find something is wrong. The times have changed so fast that he is increasingly stretched.

But I got used to the easy life, how could I suffer all of a sudden, my brother went to work outside for a month before he came back to farm and raise himself.

The difference in their lives stems from whether they took that step back then.

Of course, it is not to say that a rich life is happiness, but when you step out of your comfort zone, you will have greater achievements, will have greater hardships, and will gain even greater gains after overcoming hardships. The happiness watered by sweat is often happier.

On the contrary, the more relaxed you are in the comfort zone, the more relaxed you will get used to. The original tribulations will become more difficult. It is easy for people to adapt to poverty, and it is difficult for people to adapt from comfort to hardship.

Once excessive comfort is developed, there will be addiction. Once addicted, it is difficult to quit for the rest of your life.

Without going out, how do you know how strong you are

Li Ning ushered in the winter of his career in Seoul in 1988. The applause of flowers faded, and the laurel crown of the once gymnastics prince overwhelmed him. For a while, people continued to criticize.

After retiring, Li Ning could have chosen to stay in the team as a coach or find a part-time official and lead a leisurely life, but the future at a glance was not what he wanted.

So, such a gymnastics prince with 106 yuan on his body broke the easy road paved in front of him, took the files to an unknown town like Sanshui, Guangdong, and started from scratch.

From decades of only being familiar with pommel horses and rings, to becoming a well-known international sportswear brand. With countless blood and tears behind him, Li Ning suddenly lost 50 yuan when he tried shoemaking for the first time. The price of 50 yuan let him know the importance of professionals.

In addition, he often worked overtime until two or three o'clock in the morning, and he didn't even know if the company was gone.

"Let's start from the beginning", this sentence is often said by Li Ning. It was this sentence that made Li Ning climb another peak on foot after falling from the altar.

The starting point of this climbing journey is called getting out of the comfort zone.

Emerson has this sentence: "Cause and effect, means and purpose, seed and fruit cannot be separated. Because the result is conceived in the cause, the end exists in the means beforehand, and the fruit is implicit in the seed. "

Life is a coin. If you live in the sun at the front, the back is full of dark bitterness. Every time you covet for ease, you are overdrawing the happiness of the second half of your life.

Like Li Ning, no one is relaxed, and no one’s life is always full of flowers, not celebrities, nor ordinary people.

The bad saying "you have to work very hard to look effortless" really makes sense.

A middle-aged crisis does not mean that there is a crisis only in middle age, but that the difficulties faced by middle-aged people are more difficult and dangerous. At this time you choose ease, and you have to work hard for the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar when you are old.

At this time, you choose ease, and you have to re-train your ability to deal with life's dilemmas when you are old.

At this time, if you choose to be comfortable, it is difficult to have the vicissitudes of mind of "walking to a poor place and watching the clouds rise" when you are old.

Getting out of the comfort zone is not an inevitable choice, but it is a better life trajectory. Drawing the circle of life a bit bigger, and looking back when you are old, there is a broader and richer content instead of the bitter hatred of "young strong and not working hard".

Going out is a gift of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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